3 Reasons Why Fleas Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

3 Reasons Why Fleas Are So Hard To Get Rid Of


What’s the very first thing that involves thoughts while you hear the phrase fleas? For me it’s creepy little bloodsucking freaks that infest your own home and are not possible to eliminate. I say that as a result of I’ve handled fleas a few instances, and it’s no enjoyable in any respect — and to prime all of it off they’re notoriously arduous to eliminate.

When my canine bought fleas a couple of years again I panicked. After 20 years of proudly owning pets I’d by no means needed to cope with them earlier than. I went to the shop, purchased a bunch of merchandise and started working. After every therapy I’d let loose a sigh of reduction, and but a couple of days (or weeks) later the fleas can be again.

After studying a bit bit extra about their life cycle I began to know why they generally tend to maintain coming again, and easy methods to successfully eliminate them. Right here’s 3 the reason why fleas are so arduous to eliminate, and what to do if you happen to discover fleas in your canine.

Fleas Can Lay As much as 50 Eggs Per Day

Fleas are so arduous to eliminate as a result of they reproduce (lay eggs) like loopy. An grownup feminine flea lays 20-30 eggs on common per day, however they will lay as much as 50. So in the case of eliminating fleas simply treating for the adults isn’t sufficient — you additionally have to deal with the setting to eliminate all these eggs they left behind.

With the intention to lay eggs a flea should have entry to meals, and within the case of fleas meaning the blood of their host. Flea eggs have a rounded oval form with a clean floor. Once they’re first laid they’re wet and sticky, however they shortly dry out. And since fleas solely lay eggs on their host (often our pets) these eggs find yourself falling off in all places.

That is why fleas are notoriously arduous to eliminate. We deal with our pets for grownup fleas once we see them, however neglect about all these eggs they’ve left behind. And after a pair weeks these eggs hatch and the method begins yet again.

When you might have fleas in your house it is advisable to eliminate them in any respect life phases, together with their eggs. Flea eggs fall off their hosts, main them to get caught in carpets, in cracks and crevices, in pet beds and beneath furnishings. That is why repeated vacuuming and cleansing your flooring is critical when eliminating fleas in your house — particularly in areas the place your canine hangs out rather a lot.

Cat fleas are extremely reproductive. A single wholesome feminine produces a median of 20-30 eggs per day, roughly one egg an hour. – How Many Eggs Do Fleas Lay?

There Are 4 Levels within the Flea Life Cycle

One more reason fleas are arduous to eliminate is because of their life cycle, and that cycle occurs with out us even noticing. We use remedies which can be efficient for killing grownup fleas, however these remedies don’t essentially work on the opposite 3 phases of their life cycle.

Fleas have 4 phases of their life cycle — egg, larva, pupa and grownup. The egg stage lasts wherever from 2 days to 2 weeks. The larva stage develops over a couple of weeks by consuming “flea dust” (grownup flea poop) and different natural materials it finds within the setting. The pupa stage, usually known as the cocoon stage, lasts for a pair days to a few weeks. If the setting isn’t proper for the pupa to emerge as an grownup the cocoon can shield the growing flea for months or years in sure cases.

As talked about above a feminine flea can lay as much as 50 eggs per day, so it’s essential to repeatedly clear and vacuum your flooring when making an attempt to eliminate fleas. If any eggs get left behind they will hatch into grownup fleas, and your infestation can begin yet again.

If you happen to neglect to deal with the pet’s setting (the premises), you’ll miss greater than 90% of the growing flea inhabitants — the eggs, larvae and pupae. – Ridding Your Home of Fleas, College of Kentucky

Not All Flea Therapies Work The Similar

In relation to selecting a flea therapy you might have a ton of choices. There’s prescription medicines, IGRs (insect development regulators), sprays, foggers, collars and spot on remedies. And whereas having all these choices is nice it does make the method of making an attempt to decide on the fitting one complicated to say the least.

I’m not right here to inform you what therapy to make use of to eliminate fleas, however I’m right here to inform you that the overwhelming majority of them don’t disrupt the flea life cycle utterly. IGRs for instance will kill grownup fleas, eggs and larva, however they don’t impact the pupa stage. These pupa can hatch, and some weeks after utilizing an IGR chances are you’ll discover fleas beginning to present up once more. That doesn’t imply IGRs and different flea remedies are ineffective as a result of they don’t kill fleas in any respect phases of the life cycle — it simply means you’ll additionally need to deal with your setting with one thing that works on pupa.

So how do you deal with the setting? Numerous cleansing and vacuuming. It sounds easy I do know, however it’s efficient at selecting up all these nasty little eggs, larva & pupa these fleas have left behind. As quickly as you’ve handled your canine for fleas it’s time to begin cleansing your flooring, focusing closely on the areas the place your canine spends a whole lot of time.

Why Fleas Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

When eliminating fleas keep in mind to deal with your canine and the setting. Many flea remedies solely deal with eliminating grownup fleas slightly than disrupting them in any respect phases of their life cycle.

Tips on how to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are so arduous to eliminate as a result of we are inclined to solely deal with eliminating the adults. To get rid of fleas it is advisable to deal with your pet and the setting. So meaning discovering a therapy to your canine that kills grownup fleas, after which eliminating all of the eggs, larva & pupa they left behind.

One of the simplest ways to eliminate fleas is to choose a therapy to your pet to eradicate grownup fleas, after which work on treating the setting. And in most cases that may be carried out with a bit elbow grease. If you happen to vacuum sufficient and clear the areas the place your pet likes to hang around you won’t need to deal with your private home with any extra remedies.

After treating your canine for fleas, constant vacuuming will assist eradicate all these eggs, larva & pupa they’ve left behind. Give attention to areas the place your canine spends a whole lot of time such because the sofa or their mattress. Vacuum beneath furnishings as properly since a whole lot of larvae and eggs will be discovered on the base of furnishings. You’ll additionally need to wash any bedding or blankets your canine has come into contact with in sizzling, soapy water.

After we had fleas I vacuumed thrice a day for a pair weeks. Flea eggs can take 2-3 days to hatch, so constantly vacuuming for a few days will assist be sure that you’re eliminating fleas in any respect phases of life.

As a result of pupa can lay dormant for months it’s essential to repeatedly deal with the setting. Repeated vacuuming is beneficial to take away flea eggs out of your carpets & flooring. Be certain that to empty your vacuum instantly afterwards and take it exterior — these eggs can hatch whereas inside your vacuum bag


You probably have fleas in your house you might have my permission to freak out a bit. I do know I did. However don’t fret an excessive amount of — you possibly can eliminate them so long as you keep in mind to deal with your private home in addition to treating your canine.

If you happen to spot fleas in your canine do not forget that solely a small proportion are in your canine at any given time. The eggs, larvae, and pupa are literally discovered on the bottom, usually embedded in carpet and different locations the place your canine spends a whole lot of time.

As a substitute of simply specializing in the seen fleas it is advisable to eradicate all these little nasty eggs, larvae & pupa they left behind. If you happen to’re solely killing grownup fleas it’s only a matter of time earlier than all of the eggs hatch into a complete new infestation.

Why fleas are so hard to get rid of

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