Can I clicker practice my cat?

Can I clicker practice my cat?

Can I clicker train my cat?

Opposite to what many individuals suppose, clicker coaching isn’t only for canines. Learn on to find out how you should use this efficient coaching software along with your cat.

Cats are sometimes thought-about untrainable – however nothing might be farther from the reality. Not solely are cats way more sociable than many individuals used to suppose, they may also be simply educated. One standard and efficient manner to do that is with clicker coaching.

What’s clicker coaching and why does it work?

Clicker coaching is a constructive reinforcement technique primarily based on behavioral psychology. Marking fascinating habits with a sound, normally a click on, communicates to the cat that she is doing one thing you need her to.

So as to start, you want two issues:

  1. Clicker: a plastic button that makes a clicking sound when pressed.
  2. Reinforcer (reward): whereas cats have particular person preferences, the commonest reinforcer is a meals deal with. For people who aren’t food-motivated, pleasant actions reminiscent of play with a particular toy, or petting in a favourite spot, can be utilized.

Know that the sound of the clicker will imply nothing to your cat until it’s paired with the reinforcer. After repeatedly and instantly following up the clicker with the reinforcer (be it a deal with, toy or pet), the cat will start to affiliate the sound with the reward.

To start coaching your cat, decide a habits you’d like her to do. As quickly as she does the habits, click on and comply with instantly with a meals deal with or different reward. Begin with behaviors cats do naturally, reminiscent of sitting or taking a look at you. As soon as your cat understands what the clicker means, you may transfer on to shaping different behaviors (extra on these beneath), and even tips reminiscent of a excessive 5.

Why clicker practice cats?

“Cats are very smart creatures that want far more stimulation than folks suppose,” says Samantha Martin, proprietor of The Superb Acro-Cats, a troupe of rescue cats who carry out tips. Along with offering psychological stimulation, clicker coaching can even assist resolve behavioral issues.

“Clicker coaching can be utilized in numerous methods for cat coaching,” says feline behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett, CCBC. She makes use of it for:

    • Biting
    • Aggression
    • Consideration-getting habits
    • Extreme meowing

“The one state of affairs by which I don’t use it’s with litter field coaching, as a result of I don’t need to disturb the cat at that second.”

“I take advantage of clicker coaching fairly incessantly with my shoppers,” provides Dr. Marci L. Koski, a licensed feline habits and coaching guide. “It may be an exquisite type of cognitive enrichment, a software for habits modification, and is solely quite a lot of enjoyable!” Dr. Koski recommends clicker coaching to encourage cats to:

    • Scratch on applicable surfaces
    • Use different perches as an alternative of getting up on counter tops and desk
    • Scale back door-darting habits
    • Reward calm or quiet habits and assist cats address demanding conditions.

“Clicker coaching can even assist educate your cat to take part in low-stress dealing with procedures reminiscent of nail-trimming and giving drugs,” provides Dr. Koski.

Suggestions for fulfillment

  1. Don’t depart meals out on your cat 24/7. Not solely is that this unhealthy, however a full cat isn’t going to be occupied with working for her meals and shall be much less conscious of clicker coaching.
  2. Prepare your cat earlier than mealtimes. That is particularly helpful if he isn’t treat-motivated. Clicker coaching at these occasions will encourage him to work for his dinner.
  3. Break coaching time into quick classes of 5 to 10 minutes every.
  4. Begin with easy behaviors and transfer progressively to extra complicated ones. “In case your cat turns into annoyed whereas studying one thing new, return to a better habits or trick so that you finish on a constructive be aware,” recommends Samantha
  5. Tailor your coaching to your cat’s persona. “If he’s excessive power, you might need to educate him lengthy jumps and excessive jumps,” suggests Samantha. “With much less energetic cats, you may work on ‘excessive 5’ and ‘sit fairly’.”

A very powerful tip of all? Clicker coaching ought to be enjoyable for each you and your cat!

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