How ozone remedy helps canine and cats

How ozone remedy helps canine and cats



How ozone therapy helps dogs and cats

Modern, efficient and protected, ozone remedy is being utilized in veterinary drugs for every part from ear infections to most cancers.

Ozone remedy may sound like one thing new, but it surely has been round for over a century, at the very least with regards to human healthcare. Extra lately, nevertheless, it was additionally launched to the veterinary world, the place it’s being efficiently used to assist deal with a variety of circumstances in canine and cats. On this article, I’ll talk about what ozone remedy is, and the way it works, and have a look at how it may be utilized in companion animals.

Ozone remedy 101

This distinctive modality has been confirmed efficient for treating viruses, fungi and micro organism, in addition to irritation and broken tissues, and basic well being points. Ozone remedy and hyperbaric therapies convey simply soluble oxygen to affected areas of the physique – for instance, you will have examine NFL gamers utilizing these therapies to heal their accidents sooner.

To create ozone, pure medical grade oxygen is flowed by way of a glass tube, the place a low voltage electrical present is utilized. (Odd air can’t be used as a result of it’s 20% nitrogen.) This briefly splits the oxygen molecule (O2), creating O1 atoms. These atoms type triplets – O3 or ozone. As soon as within the physique, O3 molecules break again down into O2 and O1, each of which supply quite a lot of therapeutic results. Ozone could be very unstable and final about half-hour, so it have to be made recent each time; it can’t be saved and used later.

Ozone remedy is protected and acts in a number of methods:

  • It decreases irritation.
  • It prompts the immune system by stimulating cytokine manufacturing. Cytokines reminiscent of interleukin and interferons create constructive immune stimulation.
  • Ozone inactivates micro organism, fungi, viruses and yeast. Wholesome cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating, which ozone doesn’t penetrate. However micro organism and viruses haven’t any such coating, thus the O1 molecule penetrates and kills the invaders. Take into account continual otitis (ear infections), which frequently have a number of micro organism, yeast and typically fungus — the efficacy of ozone remedy in these instances is superb.

How is ozone administered? 

There are a number of methods to make use of ozone in each people and animals, making it simple so as to add to conventional therapies, or to be used in acute or continual instances. Listed below are just a few examples:

  1. Intravenous fluids could be ozonated and run into the physique intravenously. This methodology can be utilized for Lyme illness, septicemia, liver, kidney infections and extra.
  2. Ozone could also be percolated by way of olive oil and utilized in an incubator as an inhalant. That is nice for higher and decrease respiratory infections. (Ozone fuel can not be used straight for inhalation as this can be very drying and aggravating.)
  3. Ozone could also be injected into the joints for infections or utilized in prolotherapy for tendons and ligaments.
  4. Ozonated olive oil (or different oils) can be utilized topically for wounds – and even for the eyes.
  5. Ozone could also be used as a urinary insufflation for continual urinary infections.
  6. It might be infused rectally for quite a lot of gastrointestinal points, and for GI tumors!
  7. It may be injected straight right into a tumor.
  8. Injecting ozone straight into the bloodstream as a fuel is controversial, however I personally know physicians and veterinarians who do it. Ozone dissolves so rapidly into O1 and O2 that no fuel emboli are shaped.

Ozonated olive oil enormously helps cats with extreme stomatitis, and canine with continual periodontitis.

Ozone remedy in motion

Folks usually report that they see elevated vitality of their companion animals following an ozone remedy remedy. At my observe, we regularly make ozone water for purchasers to take dwelling to allow them to soak their animals’ contaminated toes with it, and/or have their canine or cats drink it. We routinely flush ears with ozonated saline, and I ship the animal dwelling with ozonated olive oil to be put within the ears as a follow-up. Ozonated olive oil additionally enormously helps cats with extreme stomatitis, and canine with continual peridontitis. And ozone remedy is nearly all the time utilized in my observe for most cancers (see sidebar at proper).

The draw back of ozone remedy is that not many veterinarians provide it but, neither is it “authorised” by the FDA for medical use. Nonetheless, I’ve seen it assist many animals which can be severely sick and/or have been given no different hope, so hopefully this can change. Ozone remedy provides the veterinarian a possibility to make use of one thing very pure and sustainable, that may cut back and probably forestall the overuse of antibiotics and medicines. To seek for a veterinarian educated in ozone remedy, go to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Affiliation web site at


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