Palm Dog Wamiz 2021: ultimate reward for dog-actors, Yoann Latouche tells us everything – Nature de Chien

Palm Dog Wamiz 2021: ultimate reward for dog-actors, Yoann Latouche tells us everything – Nature de Chien

Hero dogs have their trophies. Military dogs have their medals. And the dogs stars of the big screen, who rewards them for their acting which always arouses a lot of emotions in the audience? For more than 20 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been committed to rewarding each year the most deserving dog among the selected films. The Palm Dog Wamiz awarded in 2019 to Brandy for the film Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino made a big impression on the Croisette. When an animal steals the show from international celebrities, we can only be interested in the subject!

Director Quentin Tarantino

What is the Palm Dog Wamiz?

The Palm Dog Wamiz is one of the prizes awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. This name reminds you vaguely of another award? The Golden Palm!

In 2001, Toby Rose, one of the most famous film journalists in the world, decided to highlight the merit of dogs, which often contribute as much to the success of a work as humans. You probably remember Uggie from the movie The Artist? Jean Dujardin was unforgettable in his role, but the film’s dog brought a touch of sweetness and sensitivity to this nostalgic masterpiece. Uggie’s acting has been recognized many times since the film’s release, but it was winning the Palm Dog in 2011 that launched his career as a star dog.

Director Quentin Tarantino

This parody of the Palme d’Or award recognizes the most incredible canine performance on the big screen. It celebrates the union between man and his most faithful companion: the dog.

A jury of film professionals chooses the best canine performer from all the films in competition. The prize is well and truly deserved!

The event is organized with the collaboration of Yoann Latouche’s animal communication agency. These dog and cat lovers do everything they can to make the star animals feel at home on the red carpet.

This year again, rendez-vous on the beach of the Grand Hotel in Cannes on Friday, July 16th for the ceremony of the Palm Dog Wamiz collar. A moment rich in emotions that will consecrate for the 21st consecutive year the dog actor of his generation. On this occasion, it is in fact all dogs that are celebrated for the services they render daily to man. A beautiful proof of love in short!

Who could succeed Brandy for the Palm Dog 2021?

In 2019, Brandy received the famous Palm Dog for her acting with Quentin Tarantino. The director didn’t hide his pride in winning the award, which recognizes hours and hours of work and hand-in-paw collaboration between humans and dogs.

In 2020, the health crisis forced the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival to opt for a digital version of the Palm Dog Wamiz. The selection was made among the winners of the previous years. A tribute was thus paid to Uggie, the dog from The Artist, who died in 2015. This doggy, well known to the general public, whether or not he was a movie fan, was able to play the photographers’ game better than anyone else. A true icon of the 7th art!

And this year, the best canine interpreter will be… ? The selections of the festival are known, but from there to be able to establish prognoses on the results! As always, the jury will pay particular attention to the complicity that unites the animal and its partner on stage, to the point of making it seem as if it were not a film, but real life. Isn’t that what makes a production unforgettable?

To be among the first to discover the name of the winner, go to Cannes!

Are there any other awards given to animals during the Cannes Film Festival?

There are two other awards that are part of the Palm Dog Award related to the animal world during the Cannes Film Festival.

The Palm Dog Manitarian award recognizes an artist who has developed a strong bond between humans and dogs. This award recognizes the caring relationship with animals and the understanding of the needs of dogs in the film world. It is impossible to make a film with animals in the same way that one would shoot scenes with humans only. The well-being, the management of fatigue and the listening to the fears and apprehensions of the dog are at the heart of the work of the filming and directing team.

Off camera, the Special Jury Prize is awarded to the security dogs who fight against terrorism and do an exceptional job every year to guarantee the peace and quiet within the event.

The Cannes Film Festival does not forget anyone and knows how to put animals in the spotlight better than any other festival.

Why does the Palm Dog Wamiz count as much as the Palme d’Or for a producer?

Animal welfare is a concern for all sectors of activity and the film industry takes the subject very seriously. Trust, patience and complicity are required to establish a lasting relationship between a film crew and a dog.

A true mascot of the film, he or she often steals the show from the biggest names in cinema, notwithstanding Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio who were eclipsed by Brandy in 2019!

By celebrating the most representative dog-actor of the big screen, the Festival places the animal on an equal footing with man. After all, the dog’s role in a film usually counts as much as the actors’!

On the red carpet, when the actor-dogs proudly walk alongside their two-legged counterparts, the audience has eyes only for them. How can you not be in awe of a dog that can understand and perform scenes to perfection even though this behavior is not natural for him?

Movies with dogs value the close collaboration between humans and animals for an exceptional result. Are you also one of those people who care more about the dog than the hero? Dogs in movies are so endearing that they leave a lasting impression.

To see for yourself how dogs have become a major part of the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, come to the Palm Dog Wamiz award ceremony on Friday, July 16! A day full of bite awaits you!

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