Coppthinktu Bird Toys, Parrot Toys with Bells, Parrots Cage Chewing Toy with Colorful Wood Beads, Multicolored Wooden Block Bite Toys for Macaw African Grey Cockatoo and a Variety of Amazon Parrots



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Product Description



Why is this the most special gift for your parrot?

As the parrot grows, its mouth will become sharp, and if it is not controlled, it will affect its appetite. At this time it needs a chewing small bird toy that can grind

its mouth. In addition, parrots spend most of their life playing and grooming their feathers. And our bird chew toys for parrots are versatile. It can enhance your

parrot’s appetite, it can give your parrot the meticulous companionship, and it can also groom its feathers. This is the most special gift for your parrot.



Package include

1 x Parrot chew toy


Weight: 0.81 pounds (not bulky)

Size: 14.2 * 4.7 inches (perfect size)

Application: small and medium-sized birds

(Please make a purchase decision according to the size)

Coppthinktu Means Professional and Reliable

Providing customers with reliable products is our top priority. If you like our products, please support us. If there is anything unhappy, please tell us first. We are always responsible for our products.


1. Please allow a 0.5-1in difference due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

3. If your parrot is a little scared to see this colorful toy at first, you can hang the toy out of the cage for a few days and give your parrot some time to adapt to this novel toy.

4. Before you buy it, please measure the size of your parrot cage to make sure the bird toy can fit in the cage. I believe your parrot will love these colorful bird toys. Hope you and your birds have a great time.







Reduce Boredom and Destructiveness

The colorful combination quickly attracts your parrot, keeps your parrot playing, and is no longer boring and anxious. Suitable for your love bird to climb, bite and chew. Maintain a full day of entertainment and physical exercise.

100% Safe and Durable

Made of 100% natural wood blocks, durable, safe and non-toxic. Hand-woven sepak takraw is suitable for light chewing. And bird toys dyed with food coloring are reliable and reassuring.

Special Bell Design

The special bell design adds more fun for you to interact with your feather friends. You can lightly ring the bell to quickly attract your birds to join the fun interactive game. This makes your bird more interested in playing. You can also just observe its daily activities on the sidelines.







Strong Hook

The powerful hook is easy to install and use. You don’t have to worry about it falling off and ruining your parrot’s happy time.

Entertainment & Decoration

Bird toys can be easily hung in a variety of bird cages, small branches, corridors and rooms. At the same time to meet the needs of entertainment and decoration.

Enhance the Appetite of the Parrot

When a parrot chews bird cage toys, the wooden block rubs its mouth, making its mouth shape better and increasing appetite.

[GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF PARROTS] 14.2” X 4.7” bird toys suitable for a variety of Amazon parrots. Bird chewing toys are suitable for a variety of birds such as bird macaw, African grey cockatoo, Eclectus budgies, parakeet, cockatiel, conure lovebirds, Alexander etc.
[SPECIAL DESIGN] This fun snowflake shape will make your parrot focus on this novel bird toy for hours. There is no shredded paper and leaves, which means that there is no danger of accidental swallowing. Our well-made macaw bird toys are the perfect companion for every parrot and the ideal pursuit of every owner.
[REDUCE BOREDOM AND ANXIETY] Scientific color combinations can quickly attract parrots, and multicolored wooden block bite toys make your parrots no longer boring and anxious. You just shake the bell gently to guide your parrot into a fun game, she will feel happy and relaxed. This valuable bird toy provides all-day entertainment!
[LESS HURT & WELL BEAK TRIMMED] Parrots need some toys to chew during their growth to make their mouth shape better, otherwise, this will affect their appetite. So this conure bird toy is the ideal choice. We provide 24 hours online and 100% satisfied service. If you have any questions, please contact us first. 100 risk-free purchases! Add to cart now!


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