Feltcave Felt Cat Mouse Toy – 4 Handmade Wool Mice for Indoor Cats and Kittens



Price: $9.99
(as of Sep 20,2021 22:37:22 UTC – Details)

4-Pack of 100% handmade, felted wool mouse. Our mouse toy is made by hand by our Nepalese artisans and does not contain catnip or any un-natural chemical.
MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY MERINO WOOL THAT CATS LOVE ­– Cats go crazy for the natural oils, or lanolin, in merino wool. That’s why we have chosen to use no catnip in our felt mice – we want to maximize your cat’s merino wool experience. Not all cats respond to catnip toys, but most love felted wool.
PACK OF 4 CAT TOYS – A cat toy pack of 4 organic felted mice, each about 3 inches long. This bundle of cute cat toys is a great way to get indoor cats to exercise through play.
MADE WITH LOVE – Our felt toys are hand-made with attention to detail by our Nepalese artisans, and our mouse toys make the perfect gift for your cat.
NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Completely made by hand with wool only. All dyes are non-toxic.
THE Feltcave QUALITY – Just like with any other Feltcave product, you can be sure that this mouse is a pet toy of the best quality. Our felted mice contain only pure wool with non-toxic dyes, which means these cute cat toys are safe, healthy and biodegradable.


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