HACHIKITTY Elevated Dog Bed Large Size, Raised Dog Bed Outdoor Use, Portable Dog Cot Large Dogs



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HACHIKITTY raised dog bed uses durable high-quality Teslin fabric, the Teslin surface is quick-drying, breathable and dissipates heat quickly. Upgrade Strong frame and sturdy fabric last a long time and the replacement cover will come soon, cleaning can be easier and maximize the use of the elevated dog bed. Absolutely designing for helping the elevated dog bed stable and safely for your dog to rest on – Durable sleeping surface supports your dogs comfortably. This is a four-season dog bed. Use this dog cot in hot summer to keep your four-legged friends cool, clean and stay away from bugs. In winter, you can put a warm dog mat on the dog cot to make it super comfortable. KEEP HEALTHY PET LIFE ALL YEAR ROUND! This dog cot will be a nice present for your four-legged loved one in all seasons. The portable elevated dog bed is easy to assemble and disassemble, too. If you want to have a picnic or a camp with your four-legged friends, you can take this elevated dog bed with you. The raised dog bed’s foot tube have PVC tubes. They can protect your floors from scratches and keeps the bed from sliding, providing more comfortable sleeping environment for dogs, improving your friends sleep quality and helping them feel security
UPGRADE FRAME & MESH: Upgrade Strong frame design, the middle rail support is stronger than the simple model. High-quality Teslin fabric is durable and breathable. The sleeping surface supports the dog well and has superior load-bearing capacity, you can use it for a longer time under the normal maintenance
SUMMER & WINTER DOG BED: The elevated dog bed uses high quality teslin fabric, waterproof and dissipates heat quickly on a hot day. In the cold winter, with a warm dog mat or dog blanket, you can easily create a warm and comfortable space for your four-legged friends
OUTDOORS & INDOORS USE: This outdoor dog bed is easy to assemble and disassemble, JOINT SPLICING, no need for screw installation. You can transport it easily and replace the Teslin mesh as needed. NOTICE: The dog bed must be installed in the order specified in the instructions
3 SIZES AVAILABLE: The 35 x 25 x 8” (Frame) bed for pets up to 40lb, the 43 x 31 x 8” (Frame) bed for pets up to 65lb, the 49 x 35 x 8” (Frame) bed for pets up to 140lb. The product comes with an installation instructions. Please contact us if there is anything unclear


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