rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles – Adjustable Large Pet SUV Barriers Universal-Fit, Heavy-Duty Wire Mesh Dog Car Guard, SUV Pet Car Gate for Vehicles, Safety Car Divider for Dogs



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Do you come across following troubles when driving?
▲The dog jumps into the front seat, blocking your views and brings potential car accident risk?
▲Can’t focus on driving because of worrying about the dog’s safety when it stays at the passenger’s seat?
▲Distressed with the scratches and paw prints of the dog?

Rabbitgoo Pet Car Barrier Help You Deal With Them!
1. Keep your pet safely in place in the cargo area, preventing it from going to the front seat or distracting the driver during car travels.
2. No more worries about the tidiness of the car upholstery.
3. The sturdy pet barrier can withstand the dog’s pulling and grabbing, for long-lasting use.

Quality Matters:
✔Durable&Sturdy Materials: high-quality steel with wire mesh, rust-proof material,adjustable straps and side panels
✔Universal Fit: Suitable for most cars, suv, vehicles, with the width ranging from 35.8” to 61.4”and the height from 15.9” to 21.8″
✔More Details: easy to install and remove, portable to fold up and store anywhere

▲▲▲Dog Car Barrier Installation Instruction:

1.>Remove the Screw and Nut to loosen the Fixed Plate and disassemble the barrier;
2.>Measure your car and re-assemble the barrier. Each Side Screen requires 1 Screw, 1 Nut, and 2 Fixed Plates to be secured to the Main Screen;
3.>Extend or adjusted both Side Screens as needed to customize a proper fit. ***Please kindly note that this barrier is designed to be used on the Back Headrests only;
4.>Install the barrier to the headrests. ***It’s strongly recommended to have two people doing it together.
5.>Secure the barrier with two Straps. Tighten both straps by tying through the grips;
6.>Further Secure the straps using the attached Hook and Loop Fastener.

► Universal Fit, & Fully Adjustable ◄: 1x Main Panel measures Length 35.8” and Height 15.9” + 2x side panels measures Length 16.5” and Height 11.8” = Can be extended to a full length of 61.4″. Easily adjust to fit most SUVs, vans, jeeps & hatchbacks, large enough to secure the back cargo area and to keep your dog out of the front seat area
► Upgraded Design for Added Security ◄: Unlike the common knob design which can break easily, we improve the design for a more secured result – you can attach the side-panels onto the large main panel with 2 sets of nuts, screws and fixed plates provided. Additional hook-and-loop fasteners provided for extra security. The see-through design eliminates blind spots for the driver
► Tool-Less Installation ◄: Simply mount the barrier tightly to the back headrests using 2 thick Nylon Straps with Metal Grips, without any tool necessary. Adjust freely to fit your backseat area. Quick to remove and store [Please see Instruction comes with the package, we recommend two people doing together – Let us know if you need help with installation]
► Durable Wire Net For Large Dogs ◄: Tired of other flimsy dog barriers that keep falling down when dogs push? This sturdy mesh barrier is constructed out of premium-quality steel which can hold up nicely when your dog paws at it. Smooth steel surface won’t scratch your car interior or hurt your dog. Durable and rust-proof material for long-lasting use.


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