Suction Cup Dog Toy, Pet Molar Bite Toy Suction Cup Tug Toy for Dogs Fit for Small/ Large Dogs Tug of War Toy



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The benefits of buying dog toys:
Dogs often take destructive measures to alleviate stress, reluctance, and loneliness.
To reduce the damage to the sofa, shoes, books, and other things, you can give them toys.
In the meantime, the interactive games can build trust between people and pets.


1. Made of high-quality TPR materials, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless.
2. Your naughty and lively dog will like to kill boring time. This toy can relieve their anxiety, boredom and destructive behavior.
3. Tooth cleaner and molar function are combined into one to effectively clean the teeth and improve the dog’s oral health

Dog toy suction cup are only suitable for use on smooth surfaces
such as glass, wood or ceramic tiles. If there is insufficient suction,
please check whether it is due to rough ground or deformation of the suction cup base.

🐩 【Teeth Clean Toy】Combining suction tug toy, teeth cleaner and molar function all in one to help your pet keep their teeth freshen and gums healthy, when the dog bites it, the serration inside can clean the food residue in the teeth, reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease, improve the dog’s oral health
🐩【 High Quality Materials】 This tug of war dog toy is made of high-quality TPR materials. (including a ball, suction cup and rope). which is bite-resistant indestructible and environment friendly. can bear extremely strong bite force of a large dogs, the powerful suction and super-tough ropes can limit your dog to play in a fixed range.This toy will amuse your dog for hours
🐩【Relieve Anxiety in Dogs】: playing with this suction pet tug toy regularly will relive dog’s anxiety and boredom, when they are at home by themselves, it can preventing destroy from furniture and clothes. The bright appearance is very attractive to dogs and will not be discarded. When the ball is thrown to the ground, it will bounce high inspire pets to instinctively follow the ball to train your pet’s ability to move around
🐩【Powerful Suction Cup】The pet chew ball toy is equipped with a powerful suction cups , which Can be stuck on any clean surface, your dog can pull and chew on the floor and will not be easily pulled apart, It has been tested on all types of dogs (from puppies to large dogs) and no one can resist a quick pull. It can make the dog more interactive with the toy and enhance the dog’s interest
🐩【Multifutional Interactive Toy】The dog toy interactive is a multifunctional toy, your pet can not only play by itself, but also with you. You can play with your pets in the yard, home, park or river bank with dragging war dog toys, And to encourage the dog to do more exercise and prevent them from becoming fat and have a healthy body


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