Super Bird Creations Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy for Birds

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If there’s one thing birds love, that is exploring. Hanging and hidden bright-colored objects naturally attract their attention and curiosity. Placed in a series of levels This foraging wall toy will trigger their Instinct to shred, bite, and chew. This toy can provide a pleasurable experience for your pet bird and will boost their physical and mental health through play and exercise. super bird creations designed this fun and stimulating sea grass foraging wall toy for large size birds: a fun woven sea grass wall to be hung inside your Parrots cage to encourage moving and exploration in a playful environment. Decorated with natural pod cups, a waffle ball stuffer, colorful wooden slats and an array of gears, This pink, green, purple, orange, Yellow, Red, and blue set of chewing and foraging toys can have tasty treats tucked inside. this large size bird toy is ideal for African greys, Alexandrines, s, eclectic, small cockatoos, and Mini macaws. It is easily attached to your bird’s cage with its blue plastic bumpy links, ready to be shredded, and chewed in an energy-boosting playtime session.
FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE BIRDS – The Seagrass Foraging Wall bird toy by Super Bird Creations is the perfect size for Ringnecks, Medium Conures, Quakers, Caiques, Pionus, Senegals, Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws and similarly sized pet birds.
DESIGN FEATURES – The Seagrass Foraging Wall bird toy is crafted with the finest quality seagrass, pod cups and plastic bird toy parts. Utilizing a diverse selection of stimulating materials, colors, textures and shapes make Super Bird Creations toys of maximum interest to pet birds.
ENRICHMENT BENEFITS – The Seagrass Foraging Wall bird toy is designed to not only entertain but also to satisfy birds natural instincts to chew and forage. Foraging devices require a bird to work to find food, hiding favorite bird treats inside the pod cups will encourage this important behavior.
RELIEVES BOREDOM – Properly designed bird toys are more than “just toys”. Super Bird Creations parrot toys are “Playthings with a Purpose” that help to ward off boredom, depression, aggression and destructive behaviors in parrots by stimulating physical activity, curiosity and mental engagement.
BIRD SAFE COMPONENTS & DESIGN – Recommended by avian professionals worldwide, our products are expertly designed to maximize the safety and enrichment benefits to pet parrots. Bird owners can be confident that only the finest toy components are used. Proudly assembled in the USA since 1992.


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