VavoPaw Bird Chewing Toy, Parrot Colorful Knots Chew Toys Wooden Block Bird Parrot Bite Toys for Small and Medium Parrots & Birds



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Product Description

Add Spices to Your Little Birds’ Life

Respect Their Instincts, Satisfy Their Desires

Birds like to flap their wings, and jump from one place to another every day. Or they also indulge in the pleasure of nibbling and nesting. This toy not only meets their natural demands but also exercises the strength of the beak during chewing to keep it fit.

Build Entertainment Space, Release Excess Energy

Your birds will concentrate on fluttering around this colorful toy, jumping and climbing ladders or perching on them when tired of playing. They focus their energies on these attractive enough toys without damaging your other home furniture.

Always be Active, Always be Robust

Flying, jumping, chewing, exercises never stop! This toy makes your birds maintain a positive and active living state all the time, keeping their physiology & mentality in best status.

Product Highlights

Unique bitting string toy
Exclusive tearable paper roll
Colorful block ladder structure
Safe materials, friendly to birds
Suspension design
Item dimension: 10.9” x 4.9” / 27.8cm x 12.6cm
Package included: 1 x Bird Chewing Toy

Tear Paper, Extra Fun

String the extra paper roll between the building blocks, what an ingenious design! Your bird will tear and bite the paper with its powerful beak, and then build up its love nest. Fulfill their natural desire while gainning infinite joy.

Tips: Please tear a bit off the end of the paper roll to make it easier for your bird to peck and tear.

Climb Ladder, Happy Game

The blocks of all shapes and sizes, strung together by cotton ropes, are just like a colorful multiple-story ladder. Your bird will not be able to take its eyes off the toy, beginning the jumping, climbing and exploring game. Provide the necessary exercise space to keep your bird’s body and mind happy.

Tips: The cotton rope can satisfy your bird’s interest in untying knots. Please put back the blocks and tie the knots again to prevent the toy from falling apart.

Play Freely, Refuse Damage

The toy is exquisitely handcrafted and all parts are made of natural materials, which ensures excellent bite resistance and high durability. You can create a free and safe movement space for your birds to roam without fear of causing any damages to them. Suitable for most of small and medium birds, such as budgerigars, parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, and other birds of similar size.

Paper+Rattan Ball & Bin+Wooden Block+Metal
Paper+Rattan Ball+Metal Rope

Entertainment & Interaction

Multiple Colors / Shapes

DIY Toy, 3 Pieces for Multiple Birds, Metal Bell
Multiple Playing Ways, 10 Rattan Balls for Multiple Birds
Upgraded Telescopic Rod, Adjustable Length, 3 Interchangeable Toys
Automatic Rise & Fall, Adjustable Length, Detachable Feather, One-button Control
Strong Suction Cup, Hollow Balls with Catnip & Bell, Exchangeable Feather & Ball
Strong Suction Cup, Double Transparent Bins with Catnip & Bell, Scratch An Itch

Perfect Size: The size is 10.9″(27.8 cm) x 4.9″(12.6 cm). It’s suitable for medium and small birds. It is suggested for budgies, parakeets, cockatoos and other birds with similar size.
Fun for Your Parrot: Our parrot chew toys contain colored wooden blocks, which attract your parrot to chew, help your parrot jump and climb, chew and peck to keep beak fit & sharp.
Safe & Reliable: Our chew toys are made of soft cotton ropes & natural colored blocks, it instantly attract your bird’s attention, bite resistant and ultra-safe to use.
Kindly Note: If your bird breaks the rope knot, please thread the block back and tie a knot again.


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