5 Myths About Managing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

5 Myths About Managing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Separation anxiousness in canines might be tough to deal with, but I’ve learn over & over once more that there’s one magical tip that may treatment it in a single day. Sadly it’s not that straightforward. Similar to treating any type of anxiousness downside the answer is just not fairly so easy, and it usually includes a number of strategies for an prolonged time period.

Should you’re making an attempt to deal with your individual canine’s anxiousness take a look at the methods I had success with when treating my canine, and the extra hyperlinks on the finish of this publish — they’ll provide you with actionable ideas to assist handle the habits. As you may see they depend on a number of totally different strategies and a number of repetition; anxiousness might be moderately complicated to deal with, and it gained’t go away in a single day.

As for the myths surrounding remedy choices the next strategies aren’t utterly false (effectively the one about it being a section is absolute rubbish), however they’re not essentially full both. Used on their very own they’re not usually sufficient to deal with a canine with reasonable or extreme anxiousness. In relation to managing separation anxiousness in your canine there are not any in a single day cures.

Right here’s 5 myths about managing separation anxiousness in canines, and why they’re not at all times assured to work. And if you happen to’re searching for some recommendation on treating your individual canine’s anxiousness take a look at the hyperlinks on the finish of this text — they’ll provide you with a greater understanding of the way to handle anxiousness in your canine, and actionable ideas to make use of.

A Second Canine Will Remedy Your Canine’s Nervousness

The parable about getting a second canine to assist deal with a canine’s separation anxiousness is a fairly pervasive one. And I perceive why — taken on it’s personal it looks as if it could assist. In idea getting a second canine makes good sense; your new canine will assist preserve your present one firm, proper? However sadly it doesn’t typically work out that means. Nevertheless it’s not assured to work; getting a second dog is not a cure for separation anxiousness.

In case your present canine has separation anxiousness it might be tempting to get one other canine to assist them really feel much less lonely whenever you’re gone. The issue is canines with separation anxiousness aren’t affected by loneliness — they’re affected by anxiousness when their proprietor leaves.

Canine which have separation anxiousness are anxious once they’re away from their proprietor(s), and whereas the addition of one other could assist them really feel much less lonely it’s no assure that it’s going to ease their anxiousness. They get anxious when their proprietor leaves, no matter what number of different animals you’ve in the home.

Different pets may carry some consolation to your anxious canine, however they gained’t treatment their separation anxiousness. If you get one other canine as a result of yours has separation anxiousness one in every of three issues will occur:

  1. Your present canine will nonetheless have separation anxiousness whenever you depart.
  2. Your present canine will educate your new canine that stressing out whenever you depart is “regular.”
  3. Your present canine will likely be much less anxious with their new buddy round.

The issue is there’s no solution to assure that the third choice will occur. One other canine may make your canine much less lonely, but it surely’s not prone to treatment your canines anxiousness whenever you’re away.

And don’t overlook that canines be taught from each other, so there’s a chance that your present canine will educate your new canine that being anxious whenever you depart is “regular.” That is very true if the second canine you’re contemplating is a extremely impressionable pet. Within the worst case situation you could find yourself with two canines with separation anxiousness.

Getting a second canine is usually a nice alternative, but it surely’s an enormous dedication. Do it for the suitable causes. Don’t get a second canine only for the sake of your present canine — get a second canine since you need one.

5 Misconceptions About Canine Separation Anxiety

Getting a second canine is nice when achieved for the suitable causes, but it surely’s not a great choice if you happen to’re simply hoping it’ll treatment your canine’s separation anxiousness. Canine with separation anxiousness once they’re away from their house owners — the addition of one other canine is just not assured to assist.

Crate Coaching Will Remedy It

Crate coaching isn’t a foul thought on it’s personal, however in the case of treating separation anxiousness it’s not a assured treatment. All of it is dependent upon how your canine feels about their crate to start with.

In case your canine has separation anxiousness, utilizing a crate is smart if you might have considered trying assist preserve them protected whilst you’re away, however earlier than you do it’s essential to verify they’re comfy with it. For many canines that takes a little bit of time. In case your canine isn’t a fan of their crate to start with they’re not going to take pleasure in (or really feel protected) being left in it whenever you depart.

Does your canine really feel protected of their crate, or do they keep away from it as a lot as attainable? In case your canine doesn’t really feel protected of their crate to start with placing them in there whenever you depart could make their anxiousness worse. Not solely will they nonetheless have anxiousness since you’ve left — they’ll even have anxiousness as a result of they really feel trapped in an area the place they don’t really feel protected.

If you wish to crate your canine whenever you depart you’ll must work on getting them utterly comfy with it first. Encourage your canine to make use of their crate by exhibiting them that the crate isn’t a spot to be fearful of — it’s one the place good issues occur. Should you’re not aware of this course of crate training games are an incredible assist.

Should you work on getting your canine utterly comfy with their crate it may be an enormous assist with anxiousness. All of it is dependent upon whether or not or not the consolation the crate supplies outweighs the anxiousness they really feel whenever you go to work.

Train Will Remedy It

Whereas it’s true that train can assist reduce down on some harmful behaviors, on it’s personal it will not be sufficient to treatment separation anxiousness. Now I’m not one to say you shouldn’t give your canine extra train — almost all canines would profit from extra bodily exercise. However what I’m saying is that train alone isn’t at all times going to be sufficient to treatment all circumstances of separation anxiousness.

Train is thought to assist reduce down on anxiousness in people and canines alike, but it surely’s normally paired with extra remedy strategies. Train can assist together with your canine’s anxiousness, but it surely may not be sufficient on it’s personal.

Most of us go to work within the morning, and for a lot of canines which means we depart with out giving our canines an opportunity to burn off any power (this may be particularly troublesome for younger, energetic canines). Earlier than leaving for work within the morning take your canine for a fast stroll or jog, or slot in a fast sport of tug or fetch.

Giving your canine some further train earlier than you permit is nice, and there aren’t any downsides to it — however alone it will not be sufficient to maintain them calm as you’re leaving.

If giving your canine extra train doesn’t work to your canine give them one thing to do as you’re leaving. If you’re preparing for work within the morning does your canine begin to get anxious? In that case hand them a Kong full of treats that you just’ve frozen in a single day. I favor utilizing Kongs as a result of they’re indestructible (for my canine a minimum of), and I really feel comfy leaving my canine with it.

Stuffed Kongs work so effectively as a result of they provide your canine one thing to do whilst you’re leaving, taking the main target off of you. They’re mentally stimulating, and since they take awhile to get by they work wonders in the case of holding a canine’s consideration.

5 Myths About Managing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Giving your canine extra train is nice, however alone it will not be sufficient to deal with separation anxiousness. In case your canine will get loads of train however nonetheless will get anxious whenever you depart strive giving them one thing to do as you’re leaving. Utilizing a stuffed Kong or one thing else that retains them busy for awhile can take the eye off of you as you’re strolling out the door.

It’s Gone Perpetually As soon as You Handle It

There’s a typical false impression that after you discover a solution to manage canine separation anxiety it’s cured without end. Nicely that’s not precisely true. Sadly it could creep up again once more with out correct upkeep.

My canine Carter’s separation anxiousness was effectively beneath management till we moved into a brand new house. That stress made it come again nearly instantly. If I had identified that was a chance I most likely would have caught the indicators of his anxiousness creeping again up earlier, however because it was I didn’t discover till it had gotten fairly unhealthy.

Adjustments in dwelling conditions, or any further stressors reminiscent of a brand new schedule, may cause your canine’s separation anxiousness to return again. That’s the unhealthy information. The excellent news is that because you already know the indicators of tension in your canine you may catch them earlier the second time round. And customarily talking the sooner you handle their anxiousness the better it’s to deal with.

I’m not saying that your canine’s assured to start out appearing anxious once more whenever you depart — but it surely’s essential to know that it could occur. It doesn’t imply you failed the primary time round, it simply signifies that one thing has triggered your canine’s anxiousness once more.

You may assist your canine by working towards the identical strategies you used efficiently the primary time round, and utilizing them everytime you see that your canine’s beginning to get anxious once more.

It’s Only a Section They’ll Develop Out Of

It’s true that our canine’s have totally different phases of their lives, reminiscent of equal of the rebellious teenage years, however separation anxiousness itself isn’t a section. It’s an issue that may impact any canine — no matter age or breed.

For many canines separation anxiousness is progressive, and it’ll proceed to worsen over time. Should you’re capable of intervene early we will cease the habits earlier than it will get that severe.

Canine separation anxiousness is a behavioral downside that doesn’t simply go away on it’s personal, it’s one that may worsen over time with out administration. It’s not a section, and your canine is not going to merely develop out of it. Like anxiousness issues in people your canine’s separation anxiousness could also be triggered by one thing particular, but it surely’s not a section. People don’t simply get up at some point with out anxiousness as a result of they reached a sure age, and our canine’s don’t both.

To forestall your canine’s anxiousness from getting worse you’ll must handle it. That features utilizing desensitization and counter conditioning — strategies that change your canine’s unfavorable affiliation with you leaving right into a extra constructive one. It takes time, and it takes a number of effort, however it could and must be managed. It’s not one thing they’ll develop out of.


Separation anxiousness in canines might be difficult to handle, and it’s a heartbreaking habits to see our canine’s undergo. That’s the unhealthy information.

The excellent news is there are methods to help manage it. They take time, and so they take a number of repetition — however it may be achieved. Don’t get discouraged if one single piece of recommendation like those talked about above don’t work to your canine straight away. Treating separation anxiousness depends on totally different strategies, and never all of them work effectively for each single canine.

Sources For Managing Your Canine’s Separation Nervousness

In case your canine has separation anxiousness I like to recommend trying out the next articles. They clarify the habits intimately, and so they give sensible recommendation and strategies for managing it.

For canines with extreme circumstances of separation anxiousness I recommend reaching out to knowledgeable coach or behaviorist for assist. It may be a posh habits to handle, so don’t hesitate to succeed in out for assist if you happen to’re unable to handle it by yourself.

5 Misconceptions About Canine Separation Axniety

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