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Did you know that 35% of cats are dehydrated ?
There is a huge rise of pets dying from kidney disease. If you want to help your pet live longer, there is an easy, affordable solution : a water fountain!


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A 100% natural pet care solution for just 29.99€

The automatic pet water fountain is delivered to your home, with a filter, USB cable and instructions manual.
It can be set up and working within minutes to start taking better care of your pet, right away.

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If you’ve been a pet owner for long, you have surely noticed that your special animal is not too found of old bawls of old, smelly water. Can you blame them?
 (I wouldn’t personally drink from a 48-hour-old glass!).  Just like us, freshness is important to pets. Then you understand that having fresh and continuously renewed water is key to daily hydration.  

Whether you are a cat or a dog owner, a water fountain is a must-have at home. You might not have noticed that your fur friend is not drinking enough, but can you say for sure that they don’t suffer from any bladder or kidney problem? 

We put our pets through stress daily: entire day left alone at home, visitors, noises, changes… Our pets deserve the best!

Better hydrated, healthier pets

Your pet will need a few days to get acquainted to his new water fountain. Make sure you take him to it and place it in a calm corner, so he feels at ease to play with it and get all the water he requires.  Cats tend to be difficult when it comes to drinking water, and it often seems that they don’t drink enough. Water plays a key role in maintaining your cat’s health, and you should be aware of the signs of dehydration.

The roles of water in your pet’s health and well-being :

An easy fix to a growing pets’health concern

Vets are witnessing an alarming rate of cats dying from dehydration and kidney problems. Kidney failure symptoms in cats include difficulties to walk, body smell, dull eyes, bowels seizures, incontinence, bladder pain and mowing, blindness, restlessness, refusal to eat or drink, constant pacing or running away.

The solution? An automatic water fountain for cat or dog, A preventive solution to guarantee proper daily hydration

Only today for just  29.99 € you can now take the best care of your pet,  in no time or extra effort

They reviewed the Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™ for you

85 reviews for Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™

    Improved my kitty's life instantly
    For those that have motor issues, take out the white spinning part and clean it! I was cleaning regularly so when it stopped I was mad but WonderCreature support showed me you can easily clean that part. Also, use a single coffee filter set flat across, works better than the bulky filters.Original review:So my old cat started only drinking water from the dripping tub faucet and refused to drink from the bowl like she has for 16 years. This product has revolutionized her drinking! She loves it and the health benefits showed after a few days that she was much more hydrated now. Recommend getting your cat a fountain like this. This one seems to be working great, only had it two weeks, but so far its great. I use bottled drinking water and the filter is still in good condition, probably needs a change every month 4 weeks if you use filtered/distilled water, sooner if you use tap water. It makes a soft pleasant bubbling noise, like a creek, and is quite soothing. The LED is blue and also nice, it turns red if the pump is blocked or the water is out. The parts seem quality, the basin is hard plastic and the bowl is stainless steel, I think I would have preferred this same product with less plastic parts and more ceramic, copper, and steel, but then it would three times the price. Overall really great!!
    Kiana Berkman
    If you are tired of turning on the faucet for your "I must have fresh water" cat...
    This is the product for you. During the Xmas break, I was forced into quarantine, having to stay away for 7 days until I was able to test (negative, ty God)... But in this time, I realized that my cat who always followed me to every sink and faucet in the house was going to have a hard time. My husband is not an indulger of said cat. Anyway, I had been thinking about getting a fountain for some time but had only looked in pet stores where they were super expensive and not at all practical... I found this one on Amazon and took a leap of faith. Its been about a month since and to say my cat no longer needs to follow me is an understatement. She no longer meows non-stop at me for water. The next challange is how to overcome the incessant staring contest, when she wants wet food. Our other cats have learned this behavior from her too. Just imagine a staring contest with 4 cats... and you are always the one that breaks down :pEase of Use-checkSet up-checkEasy to refill-checkNo problems to report on day 30!
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    I Thought This Might Be a Nightmare to Clean—BUT NO!!!!!
    I was hesitant to buy another fountain for my cats because the first was a @#$% to clean!! I looked at the Wonder Creature fountain and it said it was easy, so I took a chance and ordered it. When it came, I put it together. I use distilled water, but with the filters you can likely use tap water as well. I put it in my bedroom because Pookie sleeps with me. She initially looked at it as though trying to figure out what it was, but she is a water cat and likes to put her paws in it. So in went the paw...ah, it's water! She took couple licks, liked it, and the love affair began.When I first cleaned it, I looked at a Youtube video of a 14 year old cleaning her Wonder Creature fountain—and it looked easy! I gave it go, and guess what??? It IS EASY!! I was done in less than 10 minutes and the fountain was up and running again.The blue light that tells you the fountain is running well and not getting low colored my bedroom, but after 3 nights, I don't notice it any more. I will say Pookie played with the water a little too much ONE TIME, and it tipped over. The blue light went red letting me know there was a problem the moment I walked into the room, but I refilled it and all was right with the world again.Would I get another? Yes, if I had a second cat. There is a water bowl downstairs for when she goes in and out of the house. She likes the Wonder Creature, and that's good enough for me.Thanks for making a NO-HASSLE fountain, Wonder Creature!!
    Its ok. *EDITED*
    *UPDATE 10/7/2020*The company reached out to me after I left my review. they were very courteous and obviously wanted to right the problem! I was informed that my purchase had a 100% money back guarantee which I had no idea! Not only did they send me a full refund but they also sent me a replacement pump PLUS some filters for my fountain. I am waiting on the pump and filters to arrive but I have high hopes that the problem will be solved after this. Just for the simple fact that they reached out to solve the problem I plan to be a long time customer. Support small businesses!!! ♥I bought this back in April as we were planning to adopt a kitten through a rescue I work with. We started using it in August after we adopted the kitten. Today (Sept 30th) it stopped working. I have cleaned the motor (the two small pieces that come apart), I have regularly changed the filter and rinsed out the bowl, kept water in it so that it didn't run on empty. We got a month out of it. Now I will admit it was great during that month! It run super quiet, was absolutely nothing to assemble it, but it sucks that it has already died, definitely not what I was expecting.Sincerely, a dissatisfied customer....
    One person found this helpful
    So Amazing!
    I had a similar fountain I bought on Amazon that simply did not match up to this product. First, it comes with cleaning brushes and directions on how to disassemble the pump in order to properly clean in all the tiny cracks and crevices - PLEASE DO THIS AT *LEAST* ONCE A MONTH!!! (or more if you have more than one cat) I cannot stress the importance of cleaning *inside* the pump and all its pieces, which I'll explain in more detail below.Here are my thoughts:*Assembly: Easy to assemble but I could see where it might be a little less straightforward for someone who hadn't already used a similar product before or is not familiar with assembling items. For this, I would say the instructions are sufficient for guiding through set up.*Cleaning: So easy with the two brushes included!!! You simply remove the two top pieces, dump the tank's water, pull the pump and light out, take off the pump's two covers and pull out the tiny fan. (Pro tip: make sure to do this over a closed drain so you don't lose any pieces.) I recommend filling a sink with soapy, hot water and putting all the pieces and tank in to soak while you pull each component out to scrub and rinse.*Noise: So extremely quiet you can barely hear it, even with the flower adapter! **BUT** only when that tank is very full. As the water level lowers the fountain does get noisier. If you find water trickling/bubbling noises soothing, this shouldn't bother you as the noise is that of water trickling and not of a motor or machine. If you're like me, I find water features' sounds distracting and annoying, but not to worry, just fill it back up once it gets beyond your comfort level. If your main concern is the fountain being quiet at all times, this won't be the product for you. I'm not confident a product exists that would.*Appearance: The overall display of this fountain is very nice and appears more expensive than what it is. The light feature and how the light comes up through the metal top's holes makes the lighting such a neat addition to the overall product. I've been calling it my cat's 'little spaceship.' The quality of the pieces and overall product up close does give away the price point a bit more. Mainly the pump's components more than anything. For example, one of the covers you pop onto the pump has give and will click when pushed on it. At first I thought I hadn't clicked it onto the pump in the correct position, so I verified with the instructions. Once verified, I then thought maybe I just wasn't pushing it in hard enough for it to click all the way, but eventually realized it just had a little more give once clicked into place. I was concerned during the initial assembly but after 3 weeks of use, I do not see any evidence that this has compromised its functionality or integrity.Filters: This is my only dislike of this product. The filters have four compartments which each have it's filtering piece inside. In my other, similar fountain the filtering pieces filled the entire pocket in which they resided. This product has only a small square within each of the four pockets leaving space on either side of the filter open. I'm pretty sure, however, other filters for fountains will work in place of the ones provided with the product.*Overall: A product I can highly recommend for the price point aesthetically, functionally and for the bang for buck.
    Philip Pomfret
    Best product I have ever bought
    I don't normally write product reviews but being that I got a free one for sharing my thoughts I decided to share them. This is my second water fountain. The first one is still in use and is working perfectly. I use this one for my two rabbits, it is used outside in my rabbit hutch and works perfectly and the rabbits are very happy with it. For months I used a usb phone power charger as I didn't have an outside power supply. The pump ran for 24 hours plus with no problem. I swapped the usb charger every day with a recharged one. The point I am making is that these fountains use very little power. After a few months I ran an extension cord to the fountain as I was going away for a few days. The small usb chargers work well but only last for 1 day before they need to be re-charged. I change the water every few days but I'm sure it will last a week with no problem. I change the filter every other water fill, they are washable I think but they are inexpensive so for me it is simply better to use a new one. The unit comes with brushes to clean the pump as needed. It is a simple job to do and doesn't need it doing very often at all. My second unit (the free one) I decided to use it indoors for my cat, let me tell you he is the most picky cat there is on food and drink. He will only drink out of a running kitchen faucet, a water bowl on the floor he won't go near, so I decided to try this water fountain and it works for him, he drinks, no more running the faucet and waiting for my cat to drink, he loves the fountain water. I now use my usb chargers on this one, no unsightly cords to the outlet, switch chargers every day, works great. Anyway, bottom line is, this is a truly great product, the very best ever.
    5 people found this helpful
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The number 1 natural solution for pet owners looking for a way to care for their fur friends

The automatic water fountain provides 2.4 liters of constantly running and fresh water. The filters ensure that your animal will drink no bacteria or toxin, and get the proper amount of needed water for healthy organs.

Made from high-quality plastic and designed especially for small and middle size dogs and cats, the water fountain functions with charcoal and ion exchange resin filter for optimal water quality.

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  1. Insert the filter and fill with fresh tap water
  2. Plug the water fountain via the USB cable
  3. Place it in a quiet place, out of sight and far from traffic to allow your pet to get acquainted and drink in peace

Enjoy the company of a happy, well-hydrated, and healthy pet!

With the automatic cat water fountain:

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!

1 Water foutain = better life expectancy

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!


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