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Did you know that 35% of cats are dehydrated ?
There is a huge rise of pets dying from kidney disease. If you want to help your pet live longer, there is an easy, affordable solution : a water fountain!


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A 100% natural pet care solution for just 29.99€

The automatic pet water fountain is delivered to your home, with a filter, USB cable and instructions manual.
It can be set up and working within minutes to start taking better care of your pet, right away.

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If you’ve been a pet owner for long, you have surely noticed that your special animal is not too found of old bawls of old, smelly water. Can you blame them?
 (I wouldn’t personally drink from a 48-hour-old glass!).  Just like us, freshness is important to pets. Then you understand that having fresh and continuously renewed water is key to daily hydration.  

Whether you are a cat or a dog owner, a water fountain is a must-have at home. You might not have noticed that your fur friend is not drinking enough, but can you say for sure that they don’t suffer from any bladder or kidney problem? 

We put our pets through stress daily: entire day left alone at home, visitors, noises, changes… Our pets deserve the best!

Better hydrated, healthier pets

Your pet will need a few days to get acquainted to his new water fountain. Make sure you take him to it and place it in a calm corner, so he feels at ease to play with it and get all the water he requires.  Cats tend to be difficult when it comes to drinking water, and it often seems that they don’t drink enough. Water plays a key role in maintaining your cat’s health, and you should be aware of the signs of dehydration.

The roles of water in your pet’s health and well-being :

An easy fix to a growing pets’health concern

Vets are witnessing an alarming rate of cats dying from dehydration and kidney problems. Kidney failure symptoms in cats include difficulties to walk, body smell, dull eyes, bowels seizures, incontinence, bladder pain and mowing, blindness, restlessness, refusal to eat or drink, constant pacing or running away.

The solution? An automatic water fountain for cat or dog, A preventive solution to guarantee proper daily hydration

Only today for just  29.99 € you can now take the best care of your pet,  in no time or extra effort

They reviewed the Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™ for you

85 reviews for Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™

    She uses it!
    Love this. My elder cat who was adopted at an advanced age only drank from a sink in his previous life. I tried other fountains but the buzzing sounds turned him off. Then he trained my newest rescue to drink from sink before his passing so I assumed this was just how it would be. She would drink from a bowl if I sat her in front of it but never on her own. Due to her starting to advance in age I was worried she’d soon not be able to jump up on the sink and I came across this fountain on amazon. Reviews said no motor noise so I have it a shot. I have it on a short shelf next to sink base and she walks right up standing on her back feet and drinks water on her own! Sometimes she wants me in there too. I guess to watch her back while drinking as that’s a vulnerable time in the wild? She’s a Manx cat ( no tail, genetic ) and she is very fussy but she drinks so much more water now as is evident by the increased clumps in her litter. Now this fountain does make water fountain sounds, the dripping water. I can hear it from other rooms. Not a bother but worth mentioning, especially as the level get lower. Also it has a handy blue light that turns red when level is very low. This blue light lights up the bathroom at night pretty well! I actually partially close the door from master bath to my bedroom as it seems overly bright in there and I like a dark room to sleep in. Overall I’m thrilled with this purchase and have already recommended it to family and friends.
    The cats are drinking more water now
    I bought this for one of my cats who would snub her nose at her water bowl and ask for a faucet to drip instead. As soon as I set this up, she started drinking from it, and she now does not ask for faucets to be turned on for her. We since got two kittens. They are in a different room (with a water bowl) at night, but the first thing they do in the morning is run to the water fountain. They much prefer the fountain to their water bowls. Cleaning the fountain isn't difficult, even for someone like myself that does not like cleaning. I watch their video about cleaning to make sure I get in all the hidden spots. The noise isn't bad. It gets louder when the water level is lower, so I just fill it back up if the noise is bothering me. I'm sensitive to sounds, so it probably is really quiet to most people. The only thing I do not like is that there is no access to the water if the power goes out. I make sure there are always water bowls available too so the cats are never without water.
    Joseph Smith
    Quiet, efficient, cats love it!
    I got this to replace another brand whose proprietary replacement filters were too expensive. This fountain uses the same standard filters available for other brands on Amazon.Pluses:+ stable connection of power cord to the fountain, so the cats can't accidentally unplug it while playing+ large reservoir+ three different options for water flow+ a water well to hold a shallow amount of water on top before it drains down and filters through the pump again+ indicator light when the water is lowMinuses:- Really only one: the reservoir is not detachable, so you can't bring it to the sink to refill the water without unplugging it. This is minor though. It's easy enough to refill the reservoir in place using another container of some sort to add water from the top.The cats love it, and drink a lot more water now. This should keep their kidneys and digestion healthy. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.
    Terri Christiansen
    Cool idea
    I rescue abandoned feral kittens. Some get adopted, some i end up with. Right now I have 6 cats. One is mine. He is 17 and super finicky about clean water. He refused to drink out of the same bowl that the teenage cats and younger kittens use. Which meant I was changing out water several times a day, and I'm getting too old to bend a million times per day. So I got this.It has made my life so much easier.The teenage cats and kittens liked it right away, but my much older Lex Luther had to be trained to use it. I had to set his water bowl right beside it, and then let him get used to the sound of running water. The machine itself is very quiet. All you hear is the water falling from the fountain. Now Lex is a happy camper again. I use a glass to refill it usually once a day, and I'm done. I clean the whole thing once a week and change filters every 2 weeks. Thank you inventors!I waited to write the review until I had owned it for a few months, to be sure it would keep working. It's still working, I'm still loving it.
    This is my second cat fountain so it was easy for me to out together, it also came already partly put together for you so def simple. I love that it turns off and blinks red when it's needing a fill (that's how my old one gave out) also I had no idea the pump could or needed to be pulled apart and cleaned and I have well water so lots of mineral build up. Bottom line is it works cats love it. I got tired of turning the faucet on and waiting for my cat (Bubbles) to finally get her fill of water every hour or so lol. I think she would rather die that's drink from any kind of standing water. Bowl or cup, out of the question. So if you have a finicky feline, this is the best choice. She was standing right next to me and waiting patiently for me to fill it and turn it on then she was drinking out of it and giving me thank purs and rubs at the same time. 🙂
    I finally saw my cat drink
    Got a rescue cat who had been feral for a bit, he would not drink water. I took to feeding wet food and adding warm water. It took about 10 days, but he started drinking from the fountain. The water has to be fresh, I wash it out every couple of days as that slimy feel builds up and I see him sniff and reject it, so I know to change it. Its almost silent, the blue light is kind of nice, like a nightlight. I keep it in my living room, away from his food. Lost two cats to kidney disease, so this was important to me that he drinks. Still a tad fussy, but getting there. For the price, can't beat it. Bought one for 3 times the price, minus the mat and brushes, returning it. This is identical. And it has an auto shut off if it runs dry. Love that.Update: after 3 weeks, my cat is drinking so much more, again important to wash it and add fresh water every other day seems to be good enough, change filter every 2 weeks. His coat is so much silkier . Very happy with this purchase.
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The number 1 natural solution for pet owners looking for a way to care for their fur friends

The automatic water fountain provides 2.4 liters of constantly running and fresh water. The filters ensure that your animal will drink no bacteria or toxin, and get the proper amount of needed water for healthy organs.

Made from high-quality plastic and designed especially for small and middle size dogs and cats, the water fountain functions with charcoal and ion exchange resin filter for optimal water quality.

Recommended By:

  1. Insert the filter and fill with fresh tap water
  2. Plug the water fountain via the USB cable
  3. Place it in a quiet place, out of sight and far from traffic to allow your pet to get acquainted and drink in peace

Enjoy the company of a happy, well-hydrated, and healthy pet!

With the automatic cat water fountain:

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!

1 Water foutain = better life expectancy

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!


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A 100% automatic pet care solution for just 36,99€



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