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Did you know that 35% of cats are dehydrated ?
There is a huge rise of pets dying from kidney disease. If you want to help your pet live longer, there is an easy, affordable solution : a water fountain!


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A 100% natural pet care solution for just 29.99€

The automatic pet water fountain is delivered to your home, with a filter, USB cable and instructions manual.
It can be set up and working within minutes to start taking better care of your pet, right away.

Happy and Healthy
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If you’ve been a pet owner for long, you have surely noticed that your special animal is not too found of old bawls of old, smelly water. Can you blame them?
 (I wouldn’t personally drink from a 48-hour-old glass!).  Just like us, freshness is important to pets. Then you understand that having fresh and continuously renewed water is key to daily hydration.  

Whether you are a cat or a dog owner, a water fountain is a must-have at home. You might not have noticed that your fur friend is not drinking enough, but can you say for sure that they don’t suffer from any bladder or kidney problem? 

We put our pets through stress daily: entire day left alone at home, visitors, noises, changes… Our pets deserve the best!

Better hydrated, healthier pets

Your pet will need a few days to get acquainted to his new water fountain. Make sure you take him to it and place it in a calm corner, so he feels at ease to play with it and get all the water he requires.  Cats tend to be difficult when it comes to drinking water, and it often seems that they don’t drink enough. Water plays a key role in maintaining your cat’s health, and you should be aware of the signs of dehydration.

The roles of water in your pet’s health and well-being :

An easy fix to a growing pets’health concern

Vets are witnessing an alarming rate of cats dying from dehydration and kidney problems. Kidney failure symptoms in cats include difficulties to walk, body smell, dull eyes, bowels seizures, incontinence, bladder pain and mowing, blindness, restlessness, refusal to eat or drink, constant pacing or running away.

The solution? An automatic water fountain for cat or dog, A preventive solution to guarantee proper daily hydration

Only today for just  29.99 € you can now take the best care of your pet,  in no time or extra effort

They reviewed the Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™ for you

85 reviews for Automatic PETFOUNTAIN™

    Luan Santos
    Great customer service + unique fountain on the market
    We bought this fountain for our cat and unfortunately after a month the pump broke. I contacted wonder creature's customer service and they were very quick in replying and I got a new pump within a couple of days.The new pump works and our cat is happy again so I highly recommend their fountain. It is understandable that some parts can be faulty and I appreciate that they do their best to address customer problems.Also, another plus is that this fountain is the only one that lets you know when the water level is low. I have tested this and can confirm that the pump will stop (and blink red) if the water level is too low (the pump must be fully covered by water in my experience). Another reason why I chose this fountain is because of the stainless steel plate which is more hygienic and very easy to clean.
    19 people found this helpful
    Quiet, Cat & Kittens Love It, Plus Great Customer Service
    After fostering then adopting two kittens, we wanted a better solution for getting fresher water to our cat and new kittens. We had tried other fountains in years gone by, but the motor noise/humming was annoying.The motor in this unit from Wonder Creature is quiet! It's in my office, near my desk, and where the cat/kittens spend a lot of time. We're using the "flower", upon which i added our own small ceramic cat. That bit can be turned to adjust the water flow. Its height is such that you do not hear water splashing (or it could be turned so that you can) unless the hooligans, i mean kittens, are splashing it. Without the flower, the water simply bubbles quietly, directly into the metal pan. It's simple to clean and refill.All 3 felines took to it immediately and are consuming far more water, important for their health. We fill the fountain with filtered water because the water in our area is not great. We change out the water every other day, though we could wait longer if one of the kittens stopped putting kibbles in the top water pan. (Future chef?) Between that and the fountain's internal filters, even we would drink from the fountain! (Tho' that could be unfair to the felines.)On a separate note, we found out that the vendor provides wonderful service. Anyone can have a bad day and forget to put a component in the package. Within hours of reporting this - and on a holiday weekend - we had an email verifying our correct address, and the company immediately shipped the missing component. Other vendors may sell the same unit with a different logo slapped upon it. This vendor stood behind the product with alacrity.IN SUMMARY: Amazing customer service, quiet motor, easy to maintain, cats are drinking more.
    2 people found this helpful
    Lisa Boehm
    My cats LOVED this fountain, however after less than a month of use the pump no longer produces enough power to push the water up through the fountain. Huge disappointment. I cleaned the pump and changed the filters after 2 weeks. A week later stopped working.4/2/20: The company was QUICK to send a new motor. I replaced it and now the fountain runs like it's supposed to. I've had zero issues with the fountain. My cats LOVE it. As soon as I placed it on the floor they were drinking out of it. Thank you for your communication and great customer service!!
    6 people found this helpful
    C. Slasor
    Literally A Life Saver For My Kitty
    I can't praise this cat fountain highly enough. I have 2 cats. Leia is an older cat who has always been happy drinking out of bowls, but Sammy is a 2 year old cat who always preferred to jump up on the bathroom counter and have us run him water out of the faucet. All was fine until Sammy got sick and lost his balance. He's mostly recovered but hasn't been able to jump up onto the counters due to his "wobbles". Then he started throwing up, just every few days at first and then once or twice every day.A trip to the vet revealed he was severely constipated, probably from not drinking enough (any?) water, so $430 and one cat enema later, we decided we'd better do something about the water situation. We had had a cat fountain years before and we knew some cats like them and some don't, but I figured if it was what it took to get Sammy to drink then it was worth a try. After reading reviews and studying things I selected this cat fountain.I am happy to report that it was a wonderful choice! Sammy loves drinking out of it (Leia ignores it, as expected), it is completely silent unless the water is running low, the little window in the front shows me how much to pour in when refilling it, and I love the blue night light. I haven't had to clean it yet but as easy as it was to assemble I doubt it'll be a problem to clean.So Sammy still wobbles a bit (hopefully that will clear up with time since the vet has no clue what the problem is) but at least he's drinking again, eating well, and no throwing up. All is well again.........
    9 people found this helpful
    A water fountain that cats love
    Purchased this model for my two cats at home. The design is better than the previous model I bought from the same company, Wonder Creature. The fountain is compact and quiet. It features a light inside the base which illuminates a nice blue light that is soothing. This new model also has an auto-shutoff when the water level gets below a certain point, which is a great feature to help expand the life of the pump. This fountain also comes with a cute placemat, that was a nice surprise inside the box. It's good quality too, I'm using it underneath our fountain at home. :)The only downside is I wish it had a switch to turn off the light like the previous model did. Not a big deal though, I like the light, especially at night. I assume it doesn't take too much energy, it's a really small bulb. Just the right size.Overall it's a really nice fountain and your cats will thank you! This company makes quality products that feel durable and meant to last. It also keeps the cats entertained as they watch the constant water flow haha
    3 people found this helpful
    Encourages cats to drink more water
    I have 6 adult cats and their vet told me that I needed to encourage them to drink more water. I told her I have multiple water bowls and I see them drink from time to time. She suggested a fountain because the moving water would be better than the still water which they sometimes put their paw in to stir it. After studying several brands and their features, I selected the Wonder Creature brand fountain. It has a viewing window to see the water level, auto shut off if the water gets too low to protect the pump, and a large charcoal filter, plus a blue LED which flashes red if the water level is low. It has a medium size round footprint and comes with a round plastic mat. The only sound is the water trickling into the stainless lid. It is easy to clean and the brushes are included. I can definitely tell more water is being consumed when I clean their litter boxes! My vet is happy, I'm happy and hopefully the cats are too. Also, it comes with a one year warranty which is longer than other brands plus all the great features.
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The number 1 natural solution for pet owners looking for a way to care for their fur friends

The automatic water fountain provides 2.4 liters of constantly running and fresh water. The filters ensure that your animal will drink no bacteria or toxin, and get the proper amount of needed water for healthy organs.

Made from high-quality plastic and designed especially for small and middle size dogs and cats, the water fountain functions with charcoal and ion exchange resin filter for optimal water quality.

Recommended By:

  1. Insert the filter and fill with fresh tap water
  2. Plug the water fountain via the USB cable
  3. Place it in a quiet place, out of sight and far from traffic to allow your pet to get acquainted and drink in peace

Enjoy the company of a happy, well-hydrated, and healthy pet!

With the automatic cat water fountain:

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!

1 Water foutain = better life expectancy

Act now to make sure your pet stays hydrated all year long!


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