5 Tips to make your dog tired + BONUS – Nature de Chien

5 Tips to make your dog tired + BONUS – Nature de Chien

How many masters end up with destruction problems in their homes? Or defilement problems? Problems with barking? How many dogs end up in a transport cage to avoid damage?

And yes, our dogs are bored and sometimes not stimulated enough. They are not tired enough and that’s why they can have trouble settling down!

They live at our pace. They wake up and sleep at the same time we do, and spend their day waiting for us. Even a ball lying around is not stimulating enough, and no amount of play will satisfy all their needs for stimulation. Remember that for a dog to feel good, he needs regular physical activity, but also mental activity. He must be able to use his head as much as his body. I can already see owners laughing and saying “no, but mine is too stupid!”… Indeed, if you have not allowed your dog to be mentally stimulated during his life, he will be less curious, and will not necessarily try to understand what is proposed to him… But whose fault is that?

Here are 5 tips to make your dog tired.

1- Walk him daily‍

Whether you have a garden or not, daily walking is mandatory. It allows the dog to expend his energy by sniffing the smells of the world around him. The dog lives in a world of smells and allowing him to smell naturally expends his energy. The sense of smell being his most developed sense, this will really please him and fulfill his mental and physical needs.

A dog that does not go out enough often becomes unmanageable for the owners (destruction in the house and/or in the garden, untimely barking, uncleanliness, disobedience, etc).

‍2- Discover new places

This ties in with the first point. Indeed, your dog will not only physically discover a new environment and thus be much more stimulated; but in addition he will inevitably discover new smells. Have you ever noticed that when you change walks, your dog stays longer with his nose on the ground? That he really takes his time on each blade of grass? Well, enjoy it and let him do it. He’ll be happy and tired when the walk is over!

3- Teach him new things

Learning helps to create or strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog. All dogs and all owners can learn. It is another way to stimulate your dog and therefore to tire him. What do you want to teach him? A trick? Medical training? A new behavior? Everything can be learned.

4- Buy new games

Dogs often have the same toys all their lives. However, like children, their tastes can change throughout their lives. Don’t hesitate to buy him new toys. Toys that he doesn’t know, intelligence and/or stimulation toys like a digging mat.

5- Expand your social circle

If you need social contacts, so does your dog. The dog is a social being. This is part of the needs of his species. Expanding his social circle means making him meet other dogs, other humans but also other species when possible.

Obviously, like us humans, the need for interaction with others may vary depending on whether your dog is introverted or extroverted. Your dog will also have these limits. He doesn’t have to get along with everyone.


Keeping your dog occupied on a daily basis is essential for his well-being (and yours). At Canidelite, we are used to say “a tired dog is a dog that is easy to train”.

BUT, did you know that trying to spend your dog physically, by throwing the ball repeatedly, for example, is clearly not a good idea? Why not?

Simply because by trying to tire your dog physically, you are making him tough! And, throwing the ball reinforces his predatory instinct, encouraging him to chase cats, bikes, etc. We are not against ball games, but not thrown stupidly!

But then, how to spend his dog intelligently, to tire him in the right way and thus facilitate his education?

This FREE TRAINING offers you 10 games to set up with your dog. You will find a tutorial to make your own digging mat, or a recipe for your Kong, but also games to teach your dog to spot certain smells or colors, etc. In short, a whole program!

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