Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


  • Loyal and protecting nature
  • Vast chest and durable stance
  • Uncommon dewclaw
  • Power
  • Reliability
  • Lifespan: 12 to fifteen years

Supreme Human Companion

  • House owners who can deal with a powerful, strong canine
  • Households (younger kids supervised)
  • These looking for a guard canine
  • Athletes or very energetic folks

What They Are Wish to Stay With

Alapahas are definitely bulldogs at coronary heart. They’re at all times sport for play or work and make diligent guard canine. Alapahas are extra severe than a number of the different, extra comical bully breeds, however they in some way appear to be laughing on the world. They’re very energetic canine, extra just like the energetic American Bulldog than the extra lackadaisical English Bulldog. House owners of Alapahas should be ready to train them rigorously and, ideally, contain them in a sport akin to weight pulling.

You’ll save time on grooming because the Alapaha solely wants an occasional brush and bathtub. Coaching an Alapaha can be normally a fast job, as they’re clever and wanting to please. These canine are wonderful with kids, however supervision with small children is really helpful due to their energy.

Issues You Ought to Know

It’s crucial early on to determine a human alpha, as these canine will take over if not put of their correct place within the pack. They like to be led by a powerful chief. The Alapaha’s ability at guarding and defending is probably unmatched, however this trait can develop into irritating. If an Alapaha is guarding all the pieces within the family, even the cat, coaching shall be wanted to reduce the tendency.

The Alapaha has a small gene pool, which ends up in some well being issues akin to entropion (inversion of the eyelids) and deafness. Nonetheless, the members of the ABBA (Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Affiliation) are cautious to forestall issues from inbreeding.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Historical past

The Alapaha is descended from the English bulldogs that have been dropped at America from Britain within the 18th century and the American Bulldog which developed right here. The primary Alapahas have been recognized in Georgia within the nineteenth century. The breed was then referred to as the “plantation canine” and was stored for its guarding potential. Buck Lane led a motion to avoid wasting the plantation canine; his pet, Otto, was the primary of this sort. (Certainly, these canine are typically known as Ottos.) It grew to become a breed in 1986.

At present, Alapahas are a uncommon breed. They don’t seem to be acknowledged by the AKC however are acknowledged by different registries.

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