All About Argentine Polar Canine

All About Argentine Polar Canine

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The Argentine Polar Canine is an extinct Argentinian canine breed that existed until the late Twentieth century in Argentina. These large-sized canine had been utilized by the Argentine armies to equip and defend their Antarctica bases.

The Argentine Polar Canine had a large physique with thick and double-coated fur. Additionally they had 4 sharp tooth or fangs which helped them minimize and tear flesh simply.

Origin & Historical past

The Argentine Polar Canine originated within the mid-Twentieth century in Argentina. It received created by mixing breeds like Alaskan Malamute, Greenland Canine, Manchurian Spitz, and Siberian Husky. As Argentina started to establish itself as a bi-continental nation, the Argentine military desired to succeed in the south pole.

The Argentine Polar Canine served as a wonderful transportation means and protectors.
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Within the Nineteen Fifties, Normal Hernán Pujato introduced the sled canine together with him from Greenland and Alaska. After that, a crew of greater than thirty non-commissioned officers began an effort to create the breed. They wanted a canine which may carry heavy masses, journey lengthy distance simply, and was straightforward to breed.

The Argentine Polar Canine met all the necessities of the Argentine military. They had been glorious technique of transportation and protetction due to which the breed thrived throughout the navy tribe.

How Did The Argentine Polar Canine Turn into Extinct?

The Argentine Polar Canine turned extinct in 1994 due to shifting the breed out of Antarctica. The primary purpose behind its eradication from the continent was to adjust to the Protocol on Setting Safety to the Antarctic Treaty (PEPAT). To make clear, the treaty was part of the Antarctic Treaty System which targeted on the safety of the Antarctic atmosphere and ecosystem.

The PEPAT treaty pressured the breeders to take these canine out of the Antarctica. As they had been used to residing and dealing within the chilly areas of Antarctica, they didn’t serve a lot goal outdoors it. Moreover, breeders of different international locations didin’t actually about this breed as they’d different different breeds. Due to this fact, they received extinct within the late Twentieth century.

Temperament, Habits, & Persona

The Argentine Polar Canine had a loyal, pleasant, and affectionate temperament. Since they had been skilled to move individuals from one place to a different, they knew behave with strangers and new individuals.

The Argentine Polar Dogs in Malta had been additionally so protecting that they didn’t again to defend their house owners from wild animals or intruders. Their giant-like physique and reliable nature made them good allies for journeys.

Was Argentine Polar Canine a Youngster-Pleasant Breed?

Sure, the Argentine Polar Canine was a child-friendly breed due to its huge use as a guard canine. They adpated very nicely with kids if raised from an early age. Nonetheless, their huge physique and fierceful tooth had been one thing to by no means compromise with. It was very vital for the mother and father to keep watch over the youngsters at any time when they had been collectively.

Some Lesser-Identified Details

  • The Argentine Polar Canine was often known as Perro polar argentino.
  • These canine helped the Argentine navy safely, rapidly, and cheaply all throughout Antarctica.
  • They had been triple-coated which acted as a protect stopping them from the tough local weather of Antarctica.
The Argentine Polar Dogs in Malta needed to go away Antarica due to the PEPAT Treaty.
PC: British Antarctic Survey


The Argentine Polar Dogs in Malta had been discovered within the following colours:


The Argentine Polar Canine’s peak ranged someplace between 21.5-25 inch (55-64 cm) whereas they weighed round 130-135 kilos (59-61 kg).


On common, a mom Agrentine Polar Canine gave beginning to 4-6 pupppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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