All About Blue Lacy – The Texas Breed As They Say

All About Blue Lacy – The Texas Breed As They Say

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Common Info

Canine Identify Blue Lacy
Different Names Lacy Canine
Scientific Identify Canis lupus familiaris
Breed Sort Purebred
Group Working
Breed For Herding Hogs
Extinct No
Nation of Origin United States of America (USA)

Bodily And Dimension

Dimension Medium
Min Life Span 12
Max Life Span 16
Min Perfect Weight for male 16
Max Perfect Weight for male 20
Min Perfect Weight for feminine 11
Max Perfect Weight for male 20


Clever Rank
Affection Stage
Social Wants
Watchdog Capability


Temperament Courageous, Protecting, Laborious-working
Prey Drive Yes
Combating Canine No


Stranger Pleasant Low
Baby Pleasant Medium
Cat Pleasant Low
Canine Pleasant Low
Workplace Pleasant Low
Condominium Pleasant Low
Senior Residents Pleasant Low
Service Canine Low
Search and Rescue Canine Low
Biting Potential Low

The Blue Lacy is a medium-sized working canine breed that can also be recognized by the identify Lacy canine. It’s a very energetic canine breed with excessive exercise degree and temperament that’s loving, sensible, and extremely alert. It’s got a robust and highly effective physique that’s coated with a brief and easy coat.

Because the Blue Lacy is a working canine breed, it’s not fitted to residence life. They want an area to carry out their common bodily actions. This canine breed wants an skilled canine proprietor who’s energetic and is aware of the best way to deal with them. For the first-time canine proprietor, it’s not in any respect appropriate.

Origin and Historical past

The Blue Lacy was originated in Texas someplace within the Nineteen Fifties. They had been bred by 4 brothers referred to as Lacy’s brother who is believed to have used English Shepherd, Grayhound, and different scenthounds to make this breed. It was initially bred to herd the free-roaming Hogs and in addition drive them to the markets.

Is Blue Lacy Baby Pleasant?

With children, the Blue Lacy may be very pleasant and easygoing. They are often trusted with youngsters as they’re mild and loving in nature. They’ll even tolerate the tough habits of small children.

Nonetheless, shut supervision is required when each your child and the canine are collectively so no accidents happen whereas each are enjoying.

Temperament, Character, and Conduct

Temperament: The temperament of the Blue Lacy is daring, courageous, and extremely energetic. They’ve a excessive exercise degree and should be concerned in bodily actions usually for his or her wholesome physique and thoughts. This breed makes a wonderful watchdog as it’s extremely alert to the actions within the surrounding.

Character: The persona of the Blue Lacy is calm, candy, and constant. With its household, it’s a very loving and delicate canine breed that enjoys spending time with its folks. They’re protecting of their folks and are usually not afraid to defend them if it comes right down to it.

Conduct: The Blue Lacy is a really energetic breed with a excessive degree of standard bodily in addition to psychological actions necessities. If they aren’t given something to do, they may get bored and change into damaging. Due to this fact, it is vitally vital that you simply contain your canine in numerous actions in addition to canines sports activities.


`Coaching Blue Lacy will be fairly difficult for an inexperienced canine proprietor. They’re sensible and are fast at catching new instructions and methods simply. Nonetheless, they want a agency, constant, and skilled canine proprietor that is aware of the best way to deal with its exercise necessities.


  • The Blue Lacy is known as after the Lacy brothers named Frank, Ewin, Harry, and George.
  • In 2005, the Blue Lacy was decleard because the official state canine of Texas.

Well being Points

The Blue Lacy is thought to be a match and wholesome canine breed basically. Nonetheless, it nonetheless may get few genetic well being points.

  • Pores and skin Allergic reactions: The Blue Lacy is vulnerable to pores and skin allergy symptoms from sure meals, parasites, dirts, and grasses. It might probably trigger itichiness and an infection on the pores and skin, so if there’s any patches or redness seen in your canine’s pores and skin, take him to a vet.
  • Coloration Dilution Alopecia: It’s a situation that could be a genetic well being drawback which causes hair loss and go away patches within the physique elements. This situation is tough to deal with however will be lowered or managed through the use of shampoos, ointments, and different remedies really useful by your veterinarian.


The Blue Lacy comes within the following colours:

  • Tri-Coloured
  • Mild Silver
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Crimson
  • Rust
  • Darkish Charcoal


Peak: The typical top of the Blue Lacy is between 18-21 inches.

Weight: The typical weight of the feminine Blue Lacy is between 25-45 kilos and the male is between 35-50 kilos.


The typical worth of the Blue Lacy pet is between 400-600 USD.

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