All About Celtic Hounds – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy, Photos and Facts

All About Celtic Hounds – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy, Photos and Facts


Celtic Hounds sometimes called the Greyhound, is an extinct historical Irish sighthound breed that lived in Europe all through the seventeenth and 18th centuries. These large-sized sighthounds have been used as battle companions for troopers and in addition to hunt each massive and small recreation.

The Celtic Hound was a short-coated canine with lengthy legs, medium-sized tail and a small head with pricked ears. Additionally, that they had an extended and slim physique with darkish spots on their physique.

Origin & Historical past

Based on the Irish legends, the Celtic Hounds originated in Gaelic Eire within the seventeenth century. They turned well-liked after the Celtic tribes began utilizing them for looking functions. Afterward, the Celtic troops started rearing them as battle canines.

Celtic Hound are discovered within the Celtic jewellery designs and historical work.

The existence of the Celtic Hounds could be discovered within the Celtic jewellery designs and work which date again to the 1600s. In wars, they helped the troopers by dragging and carrying them by their troopers. Likewise, they served as excellent watchdogs and looking allies due to their robust looking intuition.

How Did Celtic Hounds Obtained Extinct?

The Celtic Hounds turned extinct someplace between the late 18th century and early nineteenth century. They ceased to exist resulting from lack of conservative measures to guard them. As they have been utilized in wars, a big portion of this breed died in battles.

Hunters began bringing new looking breeds to Europe within the early 2000s after which the Celtic Hounds have been barely utilized by the Irish folks. Therefore, this began the downfall of this breed and the folks didn’t concentrate on preserving them. Subsequently, it vanished and now stays solely in myths and legends.

Temperament, Conduct, and Persona

The Celtic Hound was a peaceful, light and obedient breed that thrived on affection. Though they have been aloof and shy to strangers, they have been playful and lovable as soon as they obtained together with folks.

Celtic Hounds have been sort, light, and affectionate canines.
PC: Shioban O’Shea

The Celtic Hounds possessed a tolerant nature with light conduct. In the event that they obtained bored being round their grasp, they might simply transfer to a different place and lay down quite than growling or scratching. As they have been used as battle and looking canines, they have been very disciplined.

Had been Celtic Hounds Youngster-Pleasant?

Sure, the Celtic Hounds have been extraordinarily child-friendly canine breed and cherished being round children. Furthermore, they might rapidly adapt with the youngsters even when not introduced up collectively. The sort and even mood of the extinct Irish breed made them completely dependable for kids.


  • Although the Celtic Hound is an extinct breed, it’s sometimes called the favored Greyhound.
  • It’s thought of the ancestor of the Scottish Deerhound, Greyhound, and Irish Wolfhound.
  • Based on Irish mythology, they’re additionally believed to guard and information the misplaced souls within the different world or Heaven.
A portray of a Celtic Hound chasing a hare.


The Celtic Hounds have been discovered within the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • Brindle
  • Blue
  • Crimson


Peak: Celtic Hounds used to face tall round 68-76 cm (27-30 inches).

Weight: The best weight of the Celtic Hound ranged someplace between 25-38 kg (55-83 kilos).


On common, a mom Celtic Hound offers beginning to 4-12 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds to Celtic Hounds

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