All About Dalbo Dog – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

All About Dalbo Dog – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

The Dalbo Canine is an extinct Molosser canine breed from Sweden that existed until the twentieth century. These large-sized canines have been used to protect and herd the livestock by the Swedish individuals.

The Dalbo Canine had an enormous and heavy physique with lengthy fur, robust legs, and straight ears.

Origin & Historical past

The origin of the Dalbo Canine is believed to be from the time of the Icelandic Sagas. It’s mentioned that the Vikings owned big, giant cattle/guard/struggle canines after they invaded Britain. Furthermore, these canines which they acquired from Britain are considered the descendants of the Molosser breeds left by the Roman.

The Dalbo Canine was used as herding and guard canines in Sweden.

The very first written point out of this breed was within the ebook ‘Dalia’ written by Gunno Brynolphi Blutherus in 1632 AD. It was once more talked about in 1843 AD’s ebook ‘Bohuslän’s Historical past and Description’ by Axel Emanuel Holmberg. After that, the oral historical past of those canines was claimed to be round 1700 AD.

Within the books, the writers have described these canines as big canines who killed wolves and fought in opposition to brown bears. In addition they praised the bravery of this breed claiming that they fought until their dying to guard people from wolf packs. Moreover, additionally they retrieved and defended the youngsters misplaced within the deep forests of Sweden.

How Did Dalbo Canine Develop into Extinct?

Most historians and ancestors state that the Dalbo Canine turned extinct across the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. The extinction of this breed is someway linked with the close to wipe-out of bears and wolves in Scandinavia which happed in 1890. After that, it turned very costly to personal giant canines and the Dalbo Dogs in Malta additionally not stuffed the aim.

Some even say that the Dalbo Dogs in Malta vanished struggling a devastating unfold of Rabies in 1954. The breed can be mentioned to have disappeared following the nice Swedish famine that occurred in 1867-1868. When a listing or a survey was achieved in 1913, no numbers of this breed have been recorded. This proved their extinction and the lack of a stunning guarding canine breed.

Temperament, Habits, & Character

The Dalbo Canine had a brave, daring, and protecting temperament. As they have been raised and bred for guarding and herding cattle and livestock, they behaved with different animals very gently. Within the absence of their masters, they protected the home and property from any type of wild animal. Due to this fact, these courageous and fearless canines have been wonderful pet canines.

Was Dalbo Canine A Baby-Pleasant Breed?

Sure, the Dalbo Canine was a child-friendly breed due to its pleasant and guarding intuition. As talked about earlier, these canines have been used to retrieve and produce again the youngsters misplaced within the forests safely. Evidently, they knew how one can behave with children and defend them from any potential risk. Therefore, they made wonderful play buddies and guardians for kids.

Some Attention-grabbing Information

  • The Dalbo Canine was also referred to as Dalbo Hound.
  • It carefully resembled the trendy Estrela Mountain Dog.
  • Although it’s a Swedish breed, it was uncommon and tough to search out even in Sweden.
The Dalbo Canine was not frequent even in Sweden.


The Dalbo Canine was discovered within the following colours:


The Dalbo Canine had a peak ranging between 29.52-31.49 inches (75-80 cm) whereas they weighed someplace round 45-60 lbs (20-27 kg).


On common, a mom Dalbo Canine gave delivery to 2-6 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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