All About English White Terrier

All About English White Terrier

The English White Terrier is an extinct Terrier breed of canine that existed in Britain within the nineteenth century. They have been small-to-medium in measurement and have been used as present canine.

The looks of the English White Terrier included skinny legs, medium-size tail, straight ears, and lengthy snouts.

Origin & Historical past

The origin of the English White Terrier dates again to the nineteenth century in Britain. They resulted from the efforts of among the canine fanciers who wished to develop a small pricked-ear model of the white working terrier. Furthermore, some theories declare that this breed originated unintentionally whereas making an attempt to breed the Manchester Terriers.

The English White Terrier originated in Britain within the nineteenth century.
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Individuals additionally imagine that the English White Terriers got here into existence by crossing the Fox Terriers with Whippets or Italian Greyhounds. Because the breed began gaining plenty of recognition within the nineteenth century, The Kennel Membership formally acknowledged it in 1874.

Although the English White Terriers have been first bred for searching functions, the British individuals quickly found that these canine didn’t for the job correctly. They couldn’t even do good at searching rodents and different small rodents. Due to this fact, they began utilizing these canine as present canine as an alternative of searching canine.

How Did the English White Terrier Go Extinct?

The English White Terrier turned extinct within the early twentieth century due to the well being issues the breed possessed. Many of the canine have been utilizing an inbreeding technique which induced them to born deaf by start. Not solely deafness, however additionally they had different well being issues like nervousness which was initially declining the breed’s quantity.

Even if the English White Terriers had genetic deafness by way of inbreeding, individuals stored on breeding them. This led to genetically unhealthy canine resulting from which individuals didn’t contemplate proudly owning them a lot. Furthermore, farmers additionally began utilizing different working canine over them. Therefore, they regularly turned uncommon and went extinct within the 1900s.

Temperament, Conduct, & Character

The English White Terriers had loyal, affectionate, and loving temperament. Though they killed rats and different rodents, a few of these canine additionally had a mild character. They have been calm and relaxed canine compared to different Terrier breeds. A few of them additionally skilled nervousness and quick tempers resulting from unhealthy inbreeding.

Because the English White Terriers lacked intelligence, they have been tough to coach. Nevertheless, this might have additionally been due to their deafness that they couldn’t perceive the instructions. Most of them have been type of lazy and most well-liked sleeping or being pet fairly than working outdoor.

Was English White Terrier A Little one-Pleasant Breed?

Sure, the English White Terrier was a child-friendly breed due to its calm and affectionate nature. They beloved being laying with kids and being pet on their lap. However as most of them have been deaf, they might act unusually as a result of they wouldn’t perceive be hearken to something. Therefore, they might be good companions for teenagers of all ages.

Some Fascinating Information

  • The English White Terrier was often known as White English Terrier, Outdated English Terrier, Outdated English White Terrier, and Outdated White Terrier.
  • This breed helped in creating the Bull Terrier by crossing with Outdated English Bulldog.
  • Although they have been acknowledged in 1874, it’s mentioned that they existed thirty years earlier.
The English White Teriier had genetic deafness resulting from inbreeding.
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The English White Terrier was present in solely white coloration which might be recognized by the breed’s identify itself.


The English White Terrier weighed about 8-35 kilos (4-16 kg) whereas their top ranged someplace between 10-15 inches (25-38 cm).


On common, a mom English White Terrier gave start to 3-5 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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