All About Hawaiian Poi Canine

All About Hawaiian Poi Canine

The Hawaiian Poi Canine was a small-sized Pariah canine breed that existed in Hawaii within the nineteenth century. These canines had been thought-about a religious protector of youngsters and had been additionally a supply of meals for the Hawaiians.

The Hawaiian Dogs in Malta had a small, lengthy, and low physique with a short-length coat. That they had quick legs together with a flat and huge head due to their vegetarian weight loss program.

Origin & Historical past

The origin of the Hawaiian Poi Canine is believed to have occurred someplace between 300 A.D. and 800 A.D. The very first poi canines had been dropped at the Hawaiian lands by the Polynesian settlers throughout their first migration in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Poi Dogs in Malta had been an vital a part of the Hawaiian tribes’ lives. Feminine Hawaiian natives used to maintain the canines and pet them with their kids. Furthermore, they had been thought-about to the protector of youngsters from the traditional occasions. Every time a toddler was born to the tribe, the toddler can be gifted a pet of this breed.

The Hawaiian Poi Canine had been dropped at Hawaii by the Polynesian settlers.

If the kid died in a really early age, the canine can be killed after which burried collectively. Nonetheless, the kid outlived the canine, the kid would get to put on a necklace fabricated from the canine’s enamel. The idea behind this was the canine, which was meant to be the child’s protector, would defend the child even after its demise.

In addition to getting used as a kids’s savior, the Hawaiian Poi Canine was additionally a scrumptious meat delicacy. It was quite common for the canines to sleep with children one evening and be eaten by the household the next day. As a result of they had been additionally saved for consuming, they had been solely fed Poi, a granular pasted ready through the use of the taro root.

How Did The Hawaiian Poi Canine Go Extinct?

The Hawaiian Poi Dogs in Malta grew to become extinct across the early nineteenth century on account of crossing with different breeds. Folks beginning mixing them with different Hawaiian canines after which the breed was now not pure. As a result of they grew to become unpure, the Hawaiians misplaced curiosity on this breed they usually turned uncommon very quickly.

Although breeders began a breeding program someplace within the 1800s to recreate the pure model of this breed, they by no means truly succeeded. After twelve years of unsuccessful makes an attempt, they declared this system a failure and discontinued it. After that, it was too lengthy till they completely vanished from existence.

Temperament, Conduct, & Character

The temperament of the Hawaiian Poi Canine included playful, clumsy, and playful. They weren’t so energetic, uninteresting, and lazy due to their vegeterian weight loss program which was Poi. These sluggish and unintelligent canines would additionally typically behave like hogs (additionally eaten by historical Hawaiins) and sometimes run and be of their packs.

Was Hawaiian Poi Canine Good With Kids?

Sure, the Hawaiian Poi Canine was extraordinarily good with kids. Since they had been bred and saved as kids’s protector, they had been very a lot aware of children. They cherished sleeping and being round kids all day lengthy. Nonetheless, they had been so sluggish that they couldn’t catch the meals the youngsters would throw at them.

The Hawaiian Poi Dogs in Malta weren’t so energetic to bark and defend the youngsters towards strangers. Due to this fact, it was by no means a super alternative to go away the toddlers together with the canines.

Some Lesser-Recognized Info

  • The Hawaiian Poi Canine was also referred to as Poi Canine, Hawaiian Canine, ʻĪlio Mākuʻe, Native Hawaiian Canine, Hawaiian Islanders’ Canine, and Ilio.
  • The breed’s cranium construction modified all through their existence due to being fed solely Poi.
  • As these canines had been fats and lazy, they’d not often bark.
  • This breed served each as kids’s protector and their meals.
  • They received their identify due to the Poi meals they had been fed.
The Hawaiian Poi Dogs in Malta had been lazy and sluggish due to their vegeterian weight loss program.


The Hawaiian Poi Canine was discovered within the following colours:

  • Brown
  • Brown with White Markings


The Hawaiian Poi Canine used to weigh about 15-35 kilos (6-16 kg) whereas their peak ranged someplace round 13-16 inches (33-41 cm).


On common, a mom Hawaiian Poi Canine gave delivery to 5-7 puppies at a time.

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