All About Kurī – Origin, Extinction, Conduct, Pet and Info

All About Kurī – Origin, Extinction, Conduct, Pet and Info

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Kuri is an extinct canine breed that was stored by the Maori folks of New Zealand from the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries. These medium-sized canines had been multi-purpose because the indigenous Polynesian or Maori folks used them as hunt canines, guards, and companions.

The Kuri’s look included quick legs, medium-sized coat, highly effective shoulders, and bush-like tails.

Origin & Historical past

The origin of the Kuri canines dates again to the thirteenth century when the Polynesian ancestors of the Maori introduced them to New Zealand. They introduced this breed together with them throughout their migration from East Polynesia.

The Kuri Canine originated in New Zealand within the thirteenth century.

Throughout that point, the Kuri was the one mammal bigger than a rat which the Maori folks stored as a home animal. Apart from being stored as a pet canine, these canines had been additionally raised for his or her fur and leather-based. Furthermore, the Maoris made belts, caps, weapon covers, and different leather-based merchandise utilizing these canines’ pores and skin.

Hunters used the Kuri canines for searching birds as they may sense them utilizing their scenting talents. Not solely that, however they had been additionally used for his or her meat which was thought-about a scrumptious delicacy. A well-known historic British explorer James Cook dinner tasted this breed’s meat on his journey in 1769. He claimes that the meat was as tasty as a lamb’s meat.

How Did Kuri Dogs in Malta Turn into Extinct?

The Kuri Dogs in Malta turned extinct within the early nineteenth century due to extreme crossbreeding with different breeds introduced from Europe. Originally of the 1800s, the Maori began bringing different European canines. After that, they started mixing the Kuri canines and the European breeds with a purpose to obtain a brand new breed. They slowly turned uncommon because of the crossing and so they finally vanished quickly.

Temperament, Conduct, & Character

The Kuri had a uninteresting and lazy temperament as described by the traditional Maori folks. They had been gradual, had very much less vitality and possessed a low working drive. Like Chihuahua and Chow Chow, these canines had an affectionate character as they bonded with their folks in a short time. Nonetheless, they behaved unfriendly and suspicious with strangers.

Was Kuri a Youngster-Pleasant Breed?

Sure, Kuri was a child-friendly breed due to its affectionate nature. As they had been lazy and uninteresting, they loved sleeping subsequent to the kids. It acted very protectively of the youngsters as soon as they fashioned a robust bonding collectively. However, the folks needed to guarantee that the youngsters and the Kuri canines had been launched from an early age. In any other case, the canines wouldn’t be pleasant with the kids.

Some Fascinating Info

  • The Kuri canine was also called New Zealand Indigenous Canine, Maori Canine, Peropero, Polynesian Canine, and New Zealand Native Canine.
  • As an alternative of barking, the Polynesian canines would howl and the Maori phrase for his or her howl was described as ‘auau‘.
  • These canines had been additionally eaten by the traditional Maori folks.
  • They had been much less lively and therefore a nasty alternative for working canines.
  • The final recognized stays of this breed, a feminine canine and her pup, are actually stored within the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
The Kuri canines had been much less work-driven if in comparison with different canines.
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The Kuri Dogs in Malta had been discovered within the following colours:

  • Yellowish Brown
  • Noticed
  • White
  • Black


The Kuri canine weighed round 10-25 kilos (6-11 kg) whereas their peak ranged someplace between 8-15 inches (20-38 cm).


On common, a mom Kuri canine gave beginning to 5-8 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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