All About Sakhalin Husky/Karafuto-Ken – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

All About Sakhalin Husky/Karafuto-Ken – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

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The Sakhalin Husky, also referred to as Karafuto-Ken is a purebred canine having a life expectancy of 12-14 years. They have been used for sleds and cart pulling due to its harsh snowy local weather tolerating energy.

Sakhalin Husky is a big dimension canines and each female and male have totally different dimension.Due to their giant stature and superb stamina they give the impression of being very engaging.

Origin & Historical past

Sakhalin Husky was originated in Russia and Japan. Sakhalin Husky was initially bred by Nivkh, the indigenous folks of Sakhalin. In 2011 solely 2 purebreds of 12 years have been left Hana and her brother Kuma.

As soon as, Sakhalin Husky was additionally a premier army canine breed. Moreover pulling carts and sleds they have been additionally a very good household companion and constant to there homeowners. 

Sakhalin Husky dragging Sledge.
Sakhalin Husky have been used as Sledge Canine in Chilly Areas of Japan and Russia.

How Did The Sakhalin husky Turn out to be Extinct

Not one of the research and report can be found for the rationale of the extinction of Sakhalin Husky. However one of many motive is perhaps that they have been utilized in WWII and later declared as not appropriate for battle due to their salmon craving behavior.

Temperament, Conduct, Persona

In case you are on the lookout for a Loyal canine Sakhalin Husky is an effective possibility. They’ve very lively, laborious working, unbiased temperament .

These energetic canines has a really pleasant conduct and  likes being round folks or different animals.

Sakhalin Husky are sometimes good-natured with folks. They’re playful, and lightweight on their toes.

Was Sakhalin husky Good With Youngsters

After all, this very pleasant, loyal canines are kid-friendly. Although they’re energetic they won’t hurt your baby or any of the member of the family.


British Royal Navy officer Robert Falcon Scott was additionally the proprietor of those loyal canine Sakhalin Husky.

Sakhalin Husky want intensive bodily stimulation each single day.


Sakhalin Husky are present in following colours:


These very clever canines are large-sized having a peak ranged between 22-25 inches (57-64 cm) of males and 21.5-24 inch (55-62 cm) of females whereas they weighed about 22-25 inches (57-64 cm) male and 21.5-24 inch (55-62 cm)feminine.


Mom Sakhalin Husky can provide start to 1-7 little Sakhalin husky at a time.

Sakhalin Husky Puppies
Sakhalin Husky Puppies have been very Cute,

Comparable Canine Breeds

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