All About Seskar Seal Dog

All About Seskar Seal Dog

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The Seskar Seal Canine is an extinct breed of Spitz-type canine that lived in Finland until the nineteenth century. These medium-sized canine had been used to hunt seals from the period of the stone age.

The Seskar Seal Canine had triangular prick ears and a wedge-shaped head. Additionally they had a dense, double coat that was waterproof and guarded them whereas looking seals.

Origin & Historical past

There may be a lot data on the origin of the Seskar Seal Canine. It’s mentioned that the looks of a really first Seskar Seal Canine was recorded within the Baltic Sea on the time of the stone age. In Finland, these canine flourished in locations like Ahvenanmaa, Saaristomeri, Gulf of Bothnia, and Soumenlahti. Furthermore, they had been used to look the nest caves and respiratory holes of seals.

Seskar Seal Canine is believed to originate within the stone age.

How Did The Seskar Seal Canine Grow to be Extinct?

The Seskar Seal Canine grew to become extinct within the Fifties as a consequence of a scarcity of function. In the course of the mid-Twentieth century, individuals stopped looking seals due to its rarity and preservation efforts. So, as looking seals had been not executed, breeders discovered these canine of no use. They stopped breeding these canine and what stay died out of outdated age round 1955.


Although the Seskar Seal Canine vanished from existence within the Fifties, breeders have created a brand new recreation of this breed. The brand new breed is known as ‘Seskar Canine’ and exists in Finland simply in small numbers. Nevertheless, the breed will not be acknowledged internationally as it’s not instantly descended from the Seskar Seal Canine.

Even though the brand new line of the Seskar Seal canine is totally different from it, it shares an in depth bodily and persona resemblance. In contrast to its predecessor, it doesn’t hunt seals actively and is used solely as a pet canine.

Temperament, Habits, & Persona

The Seskar Seal Canine had a pleasant and sociable temperament. They had been so used to getting hooked up to their folks that they might roam round all of them day lengthy. As they had been bred for looking, they had been educated to smell and find the seals’ nest caves excellently.

The Seskar Seal Canine knew the way to behave with their individuals and strangers. Their sort and delicate persona made them glorious companions for each looking and lengthy journeys.

Was Seskar Seal Canine Good With Kids?

Sure, the Seskar Seal Canine was comparatively good with youngsters due to their affectionate and pleasant nature. These canine acted light round children of all ages. They might typically play and lay across the toddlers to maintain each events entertained. Although they had been looking canine, they fitted as household canine completely.

Some Lesser-Recognized Details

  • The Seskar Seal Canine was also referred to as Seiskari, Seiskarinhyljekoira, and Seskar Canine.
  • This breed is known as after the island of Seskar, an island within the Gulf of Finland and likewise the a part of Russia.
Seskar Seal Dogs in Malta grew to become extinct within the mid-Twentieth century.


The Seskar Seal Canine was discovered within the following colours:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Brown and White


The peak of the Seskar Seal Canine ranged someplace between 18-21 inches (46-53 cm) whereas they weighed about 26.9-45 kilos (12.2-20.4 kg).


On common, a mom Seskar Seal Canine used to offer beginning to 2-6 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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