All About Terceira Mastiff – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

All About Terceira Mastiff – Origin, Extinction, Behavior, Puppy and Facts

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The Terceira Mastiff is an extinct Molosser breed from Portugal that represented the Dogo sort of canines. These medium-sized canines have been used and standard as combating canines.

The Terceira Mastiff had a musuclar physique with slidely broad chest, sturdy legs, and thick neck. They have been additionally standard for his or her innately quick tail which appeared like a corkscrew.

Origin & Historical past

The Terceira Mastiff originated on the island of Terceira, the Azores positioned in Portugal. It descended from the native combating breeds comparable to Bloodhound, Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux, English, and Spanish Mastiffs. Furthermore, a well-known legend about this breed says that it was favored and utilized by the pirates of that area. It didn’t take so lengthy to flourish as a combating canine.

The Terceira Mastiff originated and flourished as combating canines in Portugal.

Within the Eighties, a veterinarian named Dr. Jose Leite Pacheco tried to make an ordinary for this breed. He supposed to make the title ‘rabo torto‘ because the breed’s official title throughout the FCI. The title he tried to present the breed translated to ‘curled or twisted tail’. Nevertheless, FCI by no means accepted because it was already an endangered species at the moment.

How Did Terceira Mastiff Turn into Extinct?

The Terceira Mastiffs have been already on the verge of disappearance within the early twentieth century. Their numbers saved declining and it practically turned extinct earlier than the Nineteen Fifties. After realizing its rarity, breeders began a breeding program with the assistance of the Portuguese authorities in 1960.

Regardless of the efforts, the Portuguese authorities and breeders received in a disagreement which induced the revive venture to fail. After that, just a few farmers and breed fanciers owned these canines. However that wasn’t adequate sufficient and it was declared extinct within the Seventies.

Temperament, Habits, & Persona

The Terceira Mastiff had a protecting, loyal, and calm temperament. As they have been combating canines, they possessed a brave and courageous character. Nonetheless, in addition they have been wonderful household canines as they beloved being round their individuals.

Was Terceira Mastiff Good With Kids?

Sure, the Terceira Mastiff was actually good with kids of all ages. Their loyal and affectionate nature made them appropriate allies for teenagers. Plus, their sturdy and muscular physique additionally suited them as the youngsters’s safety.

The one factor to contemplate was the combating intuition as they might present it whereas playfighting. Due to this fact, it was essential to keep watch over the canines although they have been trustful.


  • The Terceira Mastiff was also called Cão de Fila da Terceira, Rabo Torto, and Fila da Terceira.
  • It’s the ancestor to the Saint Miguel Cattle Canine (Cão Fila de São Miguel) and Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff).
  • The purple, black, and brindle coated canines of this breed have been normally thought-about impure.
Terceira Mastiff turned extinct across the Seventies.


The Terceira Mastiff was discovered within the following two colours:


The Terceira Mastiff weighed round 65-90 kilos (29-41 kg) whereas they stood someplace between 18-22 inches (46-56 cm).


On common, a mom Terceira Mastiff canine used to present beginning to 4-10 puppies at a time.

Comparable Canine Breeds

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