Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Are you the proud mother or father of an Australian Shepherd who’s seeking to be taught extra or are you serious about getting an Australian Shepherd? Study the information about this breed right here.

Fast Info In regards to the Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd jumping after frisbee.

Australian Shepherds are good for outdoorsy sorts. Images ©Anna-av | Getty Pictures.

  • Weight: 50 – 65 kilos | male
    40 – 55 kilos | feminine
  • Top: 20 – 23 inches | male
    18 – 21 inches | feminine

Australian Shepherds are vigorous, well-proportioned and rustic canine — somewhat longer than tall. Their barely domed heads and medium-length muzzles are about the identical size, with almond-shaped eyes that may be blue, brown or amber. Their ears are triangular and set excessive, their chests are deep and their tails are straight and naturally brief. They’ve a weather-resistant coat with a average texture, creating somewhat little bit of a mane. Their hair is brief and comfortable across the head, ears and entrance legs. Australian Shepherds may be present in black, blue merle, pink merle, solid-red or pink with white and/or tan markings. Total, Australian Shepherds have sturdy, sq., balanced frames.

Australian Shepherd Traits

  • Easygoing
  • Playful and puppy-like
  • Daring and dependable
  • Protecting
  • Clever
  • Simple to coach

Who Will get Alongside With Australian Shepherds?

  • Singles
  • Ranchers
  • Outdoorsy sorts
  • Households

What Are Australian Shepherds Prefer to Stay With?

What’s the Australian Shepherd temperament like? Australian Shepherds are loyal, reliable, easygoing companions. In relation to their love of play, they by no means actually outgrow the pet stage. For that reason they’re wonderful with kids — and the extra energetic, the higher. However they’ve a delicate nature that forestalls their play from ever getting tough. They’re additionally wanting to work: Give them a job they usually’ll get it completed with a great deal of vitality to spare.

Australian Shepherds could be a little standoffish at first. Given time, nonetheless, they may turn out to be snug with new folks and are available out of their shells. They’ve wonderful guarding instincts and a robust sense of loyalty to their households. Australian Shepherds will bark when strangers method the home, they usually’ll typically run a couple of laps round the home for good measure.

What to Know About Australian Shepherds:

Like most herding breeds, Australian Shepherds have a robust work ethic. They love having a job to do. Left alone indoors for too lengthy, they will go somewhat batty. For that reason, they don’t seem to be actually fitted to flats. Take them out to work within the discipline or for a long term within the woods — the exercise and psychological stimulation will lead to a really comfortable Australian Shepherd.

Some Australian Shepherds retain sturdy working-dog genes. This makes them extra wanting to be within the discipline and fewer keen to hang around with the household. These canine are extra inclined to herd folks and nip at heels to maintain everybody shifting, however with correct coaching these quirks may be labored out.

A wholesome Australian Shepherd can stay so long as 15 years. Frequent well being points embody hip dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism. Australian Shepherds don’t shed excessively and solely want occasional brushing.

Australian Shepherd Historical past

The Australian Shepherd we all know at this time was developed primarily within the U.S. In actual fact, this breed has no actual connection to Australia. Originating within the Basque area between Spain and France as a working canine and sheepherder, the breed drew the identify “Australian Shepherd” as a result of most of the Basque shepherds got here from Australia. Australian Shepherds turned extra widespread within the mid-twentieth century, favorites of ranchers and cowboys for his or her distinctive herding abilities, however didn’t enter the AKC Stud E book till 1991.

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