Can Cats Eat Bananas? – Vet Explains Pets

Can Cats Eat Bananas? – Vet Explains Pets

Cats simply can nonetheless your coronary heart. We attempt our hardest to maintain them protected and wholesome and glad. So when the chance arises to deal with your cat to some ‘human meals’, it’s a nice concept to verify on the protection of these meals first. How about bananas? They’re wholesome for many of us to eat. So can cats eat bananas?

Dr. Jess explains the reply on this article:

Let’s Speak Cats:

Cats, also called felines, are small mammals which are a preferred selection in home pets. There are tens and tens of various cat breeds within the U.S. and world-wide.

Not solely are there domesticated cats, however there are farm cats which are primarily used for looking rodents, in addition to feral cats that aren’t tamed, the precise reverse of a domesticated home cat.

Some domesticated cats are bred to be present cats and enter into exhibits to compete with different cats of the identical breed over their conformation, or how intently they’re constructed like how the breed was supposed.

Cats are natural-born hunters, chasing and looking prey corresponding to mice, rats, and different small rodents.

Cats, being mammals, have fur, produce milk and nurse their infants, have sharp pointed enamel and retractable claws to assist search out their prey and to guard themselves.

A wholesome cat must be on a routine eating, consuming, urinating, and defecating schedule.

Their claws additionally assist them climb.

Cats are fairly quick and nimble.

They’re playful and curious.

Cats can vary in measurement and form, with most cats weighing between 10 – 15 kilos as wholesome energetic adults. After all there are at all times outliers to each ends of this spectrum.

Cats can dwell as much as 20+ years previous if very fortunate – bear in mind the previous adage… cats have 9 lives! ?

brown tabby cat with smirk on face

What Do Cats Eat?

This can be a exhausting query to reply as a result of every cat goes to be so completely different from the subsequent.

Let’s begin with this – cats are carnivores, which means that they eat meat. That is nice information since they’re pure born hunters!

That being mentioned, most cats favor meat, or meat-flavored meals and cat treats.

A cat’s weight loss program can embody many issues. It will depend on your cat’s taste preferences, their medical situations, their stage of life, and your residing scenario and your preferences too.

Most cats that I’ve seen in apply, eat a number of business cats meals, together with moist and dry meals.

Dry kibble is right for cats that haven’t any drawback chewing their meals. There’s the additional advantage that the feel of the dry kibble helps to preserve the enamel clear.

Moist meals is softer and simpler to eat and likewise has a a lot greater moisture content material than dry kibble does. The additional water content material in moist meals will assist to preserve your cat hydrated.

Some shoppers get their cat’s meals by means of brick and mortar shops like PetsMart or Petco, others order on-line by means of shops like Chewy like me, and others buy business feed that wants a prescription from a veterinarian due to particular medical considerations.

Cats want a full and balanced weight loss program.

Whichever meals you select to your cat, whether or not it’s a business meals or one other protein supply, recent meat or store-bought kibble, it must have the AAFCO label indicating the weight loss program is full and balanced to your cat’s life stage.

AAFCO accredited meals have gone by means of testing and compliance to ensure that the weight loss program is protected and wholesome to your pet.

Verify that label small print!  Search for the AAFCO assertion that reads “full and balanced vitamin for cats primarily based on AAFCO feeding trials” on the label. 

The AAFCO (American Affiliation of Feed Management Officers), checks pet feeds to see the dietary make-up within the meals that you’re serving to your pet. 

Some meals “meet the requirement” that the AAFCO units forth throughout their testing, however they haven’t truly been examined by the AAFCO. 

Watch out of the tough language, because it may imply an enormous distinction to your cat!

In case your cat’s business meals is the one meals that you’re providing to your cat or kitten, ensure that it’s “full and balanced”, which means that your feline pal is not going to must be supplemented with something as a result of the meals you might be giving them has all of the every day dietary necessities vital for correct development, growth, and every day administration. 

Be very involved in case your cat meals doesn’t describe the above verbiage.

Cats can get every part that they want from their AAFCO-approved kibble or canned meals as a result of they’re full and balanced.

There are a couple of components that must be averted in a cat’s meals. 

Milk has been misrepresented as a wholesome snack for our feline associates.  The reality is that they could just like the style however many kittens and cats can’t deal with the milk, resulting in an upset digestive system. 

Additionally keep away from uncooked meat components (together with fish and egg components) except accredited by your veterinarian beforehand, as these selections could also be harboring dangerous micro organism or parasites.

Ensure you discuss to your veterinarian earlier than beginning or altering your cat’s weight loss program program!

Additionally notice, that cats want recent meals, freed from bugs and different pests, and recent, clear water.

Let’s Speak Bananas…

Bananas are a very talked-about fruit due to their delicate tasty taste, stunning yellow exterior peel which makes it straightforward to pack as a snack, and its many makes use of in cooking, particularly in desserts.

“A banana is an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by a number of sorts of huge herbaceous flowering vegetation within the genus Musa. In some international locations, bananas used for cooking could also be known as “plantains”, distinguishing them from dessert bananas. The fruit is variable in measurement, shade, and firmness, however is normally elongated and curved, with smooth flesh wealthy in starch coated with a rind, which can be inexperienced, yellow, purple, purple, or brown when ripe. ”

Banana Diet:

Similar to with some other fruit, bananas have their dietary worth…. in addition to some issues to be weary of!

Bananas have many dietary advantages in addition to tasty advantages.


Bananas comprise antioxidants that will assist to forestall cell injury that dangerous free radicals could cause. These antioxidants may help with issues like stopping sure cancers and ailments.

Sugar Ranges:

With how tasty they style, it shouldn’t come as any shock that bananas comprise fairly a little bit of sugar, however not as a lot sugar as another fruit selections comprise.

An excessive amount of sugar could cause well being considerations corresponding to weight problems or diabetes in your cat, so watch out.

Filled with Nutritional vitamins and Minerals!

Bananas comprise nutritional vitamins A B1, B6, and C, which support in sustaining the cat’s immune system, eye sight, reproductive system, and physique development whereas they’re younger.

Bananas additionally come full of important minerals corresponding to calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron, which strengthen bones and tissues all through the feline pal’s physique techniques.

Potassium helps regulate fluid steadiness, nerve signaling, and aids in muscle operate.

Extra on the Significance of Vitamin C:

Bananas comprise vitamin C. Keep in mind that cats have the necessity vitamin C as a result of it is among the main elements serving to their immune techniques in stopping ailments and maintaining their immune system robust.

Are Bananas Dangerous to Cats?

Sure, they are often.

Keep in mind that an excessive amount of banana fed to your furry buddy may give them uncomfortable side effects like an upset abdomen, fuel, bloating, and diarrhea.

This may result in a large number of issues together with issues like dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that might impart a visit to the veterinary clinic to your vet to repair.

The greater sugar content material in bananas may result in some fairly massive well being considerations as nicely.

Not solely does extra sugar go away your cat vulnerable to weight acquire and weight problems, but additionally diabetes and gastrointestinal (digestive) upset as a result of sugar-overload of their techniques.

Can Cats Eat Banana Peels?

One other problem is the peel…….

No, your cat can’t eat the peel with their banana items.

Don’t be stunned in case your feline doesn’t eat the peel both, as a result of it’s not tasty to a cat and releases a powerful repulsive odor that cats can scent.

The peel is way much less tasty (and has much less sugar content material in addition!) to your kitty than the smooth fruit of the banana inside it.

The peel can be very exhausting to your cat to digest as a result of their carnivorous digestive tract shouldn’t be set as much as digest one thing so fibrous as a banana peel.

Medical & Well being Considerations of Feeding Banana to Cats:

Are there any circumstances when banana may be unhealthy to your pet?

Sure, a few of the widespread points seen with feeding bananas to cats embody:

  • Pesticides: Bananas ought to at all times be washed to verify they’re freed from any pesticides or chemical compounds that might be dangerous to cats.
  • Parasites: Bananas must be checked over for parasites that may result in potential parasite issues along with your cat.
  • Acidity: Bananas comprise pure acids in them. Subsequently, an excessive amount of banana means your cat is getting numerous pointless extra acid – not a good suggestion to your cat’s well being!
  • Overly Ripened: Keep away from rotten vegetables and fruit that may trigger diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset.
  • Child Kitties: Kittens have a extra delicate digestive system than their grownup counterparts do, and subsequently you shouldn’t give your rabbit pal any fruits or greens.

How To Feed Banana To Your Cat:

First off, it is best to at all times buy high-quality bananas to your cat from a good meals supply.

All vegetables and fruit might want to have a visible inspection finished to just be sure you are giving your pet a ripe, wholesome meals to eat.

Subsequent, you have to to take away the peel and any defects from the banana. Then reduce, slice, chop, or cube up the banana in order that your cat can safely eat it.

They’ll want meals in a small bite-sized piece at first. When first introducing your cat to banana, you wish to see how they do after giving them one small piece!

Meals must be introduced in a shallow clear dish that isn’t simply tipped over.

Contemporary water ought to at all times be obtainable in a shallow dish that may’t be simply tipped over. This water dish must be washed and cleaned every day.

Any meals left in your cat’s dish that isn’t eaten up will begin to get previous and change into unsafe to your cat to eat, if they’ll even contact it in any respect.

This might result in some main well being points, in addition to a smelly dish and a bug drawback – stuff you undoubtedly don’t wish to cope with.

So, it is rather vital to clear out any meals that your cat leaves behind in a well timed method.


  • chopping board
  • kitchen produce knife


    1. Verify your banana for indicators of parasites or irregularities. If there are considerations along with your fruit, don’t feed it to your pet.
    2. Peel the banana peel away and discard the peel. Reduce the banana into small 1/2″ thick slices, items, or bites.
    3. Take away any remaining banana that has been within the meals bowl or dish for longer than 12-24 hours.
    4. Monitor for indicators of GI upset or opposed response.


Contact your veterinarian earlier than altering components of your pet’s weight loss program. Cease the feeding of banana instantly and call your veterinarian if any indicators of in poor health well being seem.

Serving Measurement of Banana To Feed Your Cat:

First step to focus in on is the serving measurement that you’re giving your fur child.

Relying in your cat’s measurement, the typical banana portion must be as much as one 1/2″ slice or ‘coin’ of banana per serving.

When first introducing your cat to banana, supply one small piece of banana and wait no less than 24 hours to see if any opposed reactions happen earlier than providing your pet extra of the fruit.

They need to solely be fed banana as much as as soon as per week at most, and never each day or any two days in a row. Work as much as this frequency and quantity nonetheless!

Keep in mind that banana must be restricted to a particular deal with solely due to potential digestive and different assorted well being issues.

Moderation is essential on the subject of feeding bananas to your cat!

bananas and banana slices in a wood bowl

Frequent Indicators of Opposed Response:

  • lethargy
  • diarrhea/free stool
  • anorexia
  • extreme or elevated itching/scratching/licking of pores and skin or paws


Can cats eat bananas?

Sure, they’ll in very small quantities.

Nonetheless, most cats is not going to eat bananas as a result of style, texture, and the scent that they’ll detect coming off from the banana peel.

If you’ll supply your cat a bit of banana, just be sure you have learn by means of this text to know precisely easy methods to do it, in addition to contacting your veterinarian to ensure that that’s the proper selection to your pet earlier than altering up their weight loss program.

Lastly, watch your pet for any opposed results from this new deal with and report it to your native veterinarian instantly if any are noticed.

veterinarian signature

The data offered on this article shouldn’t be an alternative choice to skilled veterinary assist.

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