Can Dogs in Malta Eat Potatoes? – Vet Explains Pets

Can Dogs in Malta Eat Potatoes? – Vet Explains Pets

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Can your furry good friend eat potatoes or meals made with potato? Can canines eat potatoes? If you wish to add a human meals equivalent to potatoes to your canine’s food regimen, learn this text first!

Dr. Jess describes the dangers and the advantages of feeding potatoes to your canine, in addition to which sorts of potatoes canines can eat (if any!), and which is finest neglected of their meals dish.

russet potatoes in a potato sack on wooden table

Pet food specialists have arguments concerning the protection of serving sure potatoes to canines.

Properly, as scrumptious as potatoes are, is it truly a well being risk to the canines or are we over-reacting about this?

Let me, the veterinarian, clarify my ideas…

It’s at all times the most effective thought to double-check which meals your canine can and cannot eat as a result of many meals which might be protected and wholesome for people are literally very dangerous in your canine to eat, and even toxic or lethal to them. Style is rarely definitely worth the threat of harming your pet.

That’s why I’m so glad that you’re right here making an knowledgeable resolution earlier than feeding your canine potatoes!

What Do Dogs in Malta Eat?

Some canines usually are not choosy in any respect about what they eat. They’ll eat no matter you supply them- they’re like vacuum cleaners sucking up something you place in entrance of them after which some!

Some canines are on the pickier facet of issues. Pickier pups could be more durable to correctly feed as a result of they only gained’t eat any meals we give them. Strive feeding a choosy canine one thing like okra!

A standard canine food regimen for pet canines consists of a whole dry or moist feed and probably some type of dietary supplements in some particular instances (nonetheless, not all pet canines want dietary supplements).

Foraging may also be included within the food regimen if the canine is allowed to roam, or the canine is feral, and naturally there are treats which might be part of many canine’s diets!

The food regimen of each canine breed will very if you find yourself wanting right into a wholesome and full food regimen in your pup. So you will need to know when providing meals to your canine, what constitutes a wholesome selection, and what doesn’t.

An improper food regimen might put your canine vulnerable to having issues correctly digesting their meals and absorbing vitamins accurately. And we don’t need that now will we???

So let’s discuss particularly about potatoes, since that’s why you clicked over right here right this moment, and discuss the way it might have an effect on your canine’s total well being and well-being.

red yellow and brown potatoes in large pile

Let’s Speak Potatoes:

Potatoes are a sort of starchy root vegetable that belong to a part of the nightshade household of veggies.

As a result of they’re a root vegetable, they’re grown below the bottom, and when harvested, are pulled up from the earth.

There are a lot of various kinds of potatoes.

Potatoes vary in dimension, from golf ball-sized and spherical, to football-sized and ovoid in form.

In addition they are available many alternative colours, like white, yellow, brown, pink, and purple. Potatoes are a extensively used meals in lots of components of the world for a number of causes.

One purpose is their affordability in lots of components of the world.

One more reason is that they are often simply grown with out a variety of work or overhead prices or effort related to them. They are often simply propagated and switch one plant into two or extra.

Potato Diet:

Potatoes have many identified well being advantages related to them. However let’s begin with their dietary profile. Wikipedia does a beautiful job summarizing the fundamentals of potato vitamin:

“a typical uncooked potato is 79% water, 17% carbohydrates (88% is starch), 2% protein, and comprises negligible fats.”

A uncooked potato is a wealthy supply of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Nevertheless, as soon as the potato is cooked, the quantity of each of those nutritional vitamins diminishes dramatically.

Good Supply of Vitamin B6 and C:

Potatoes have a good quantity of vitamin C in them – a vitamin that helps with the safety of necessary physique techniques that hold the physique working and functioning appropriately.

Nevertheless, as soon as a uncooked potato is cooked, the quantity of vitamin C decreases considerably.

Incorporates Antioxidants:

A number of analysis research have proven that potatoes are a supply of anti-inflammatory compounds, which successfully might help combat completely different types of irritation.

Antioxidants are thought to assist cut back irritation contained in the physique by binding (attaching) to and suppressing (reducing) inflammation-promoting molecules often known as free radicals. . 

Potatoes are additionally an excellent supply of sure antioxidants like vitamin C and quercetin (a flavonoid present in potato pores and skin) antioxidants which were studied extensively to advertise wholesome our bodies. 

Research have proven that antioxidants could assist cut back most cancers cell progress, lower irritation reactions, and enhance total well being.

Helps Digestive Perform:

Potatoes include a wholesome dose of fiber to assist assist in digestion.

Your pet wants a balanced quantity of fiber of their diets to maintain their gastrointestinal tract wholesome and transferring and digesting meals appropriately.

Might Decrease Blood Sugar Ranges

Potatoes include excessive quantities of good-quality fiber and potassium, which can assist regulate blood sugar ranges . This may turn out to be useful you probably have a diabetic pet or are attempting to forestall your canine from turning into diabetic!

yellow potatoes in bowl with picnic cloth

Can You Feed Potatoes To Dogs in Malta?

There are some meals that us people can eat that may be poisonous to your canine and should be prevented all collectively.

Whereas the toxicity degree in an precise ripe potato itself is minimal, you shouldn’t give them too many as a result of issues could come up as I’ll focus on additional down on this article.

So, lengthy story short- Sure!

Grownup canines can have potatoes, IF given to them safely, and I’ll cowl that in only a bit.

You do not need to feed the flawed potatoes or the flawed quantity or frequency, probably making your furry good friend unintentionally sick.

Do Dogs in Malta Like Potatoes?

Dogs in Malta are pure carnivores.

Some canines discover the flavour of potatoes to be a scrumptious one, just a few individuals love potatoes in or on the whole lot they eat, from their salads to their baked dinners.

So sure, some canines like potatoes. Some canines even LOVE it.

Different canines will certainly flip their nostril away from the veggie.

Is The Relaxation Of The Potato Plant Secure To Eat?

The inexperienced components of the potato plant – the leaves, stems, flowers, and so forth. include a alkaloid chemical often known as solanine which may produce a poisonous substance when digested within the canine’s GI tract.

The extra ripe {that a} potato will get, the extra that this toxin is metabolized out of the vegetable.

That’s why it’s most secure to feed your canine the potato itself, however ought to by no means be supplied the leaves, flower, stem, or inexperienced, unripened veggie.

This toxin has the potential to trigger well being points in your canine if ingested. Among the indicators that your canine could also be displaying solanine toxicity signs embody:

  • muscle weak spot
  • muscle fasciculations (tremors or quivering)
  • Paralysis
  • Seizures
  • Extreme drooling
  • Digestive upset
  • Cardiac (coronary heart) points
  • Ataxia (coordination / motion points)
  • Lethargy

Can Potatoes Be Dangerous to Dogs in Malta?

Earlier than we will determine whether or not potatoes are protected to feed our canines, we have to first perceive a few of the dangers concerned if we do feed our canines potatoes .

I’m not saying that you simply shouldn’t have any considerations with feeding your canine potatoes , as a result of there are a number of key issues to bear in mind.

These three elements to bear in mind embody:

Dangerous Motive #1: Unfastened Stool/Diarrhea

An excessive amount of fiber can imply hypermotile, or elevated motion, of 1’s digestive tract.

Some canines are extra delicate to extra fiber of their diets, so they’re extra more likely to have free stool and in some instances, full-blown diarrhea.

Different canines is not going to be impacted by any extra fiber of their diets.

Many canine homeowners additionally report that their canine has elevated flatulence after consuming potatoes.

This is quite common and sometimes go away after the elevated gasoline is faraway from their techniques.

In case your canine acts uncomfortable as a consequence of excessive gasoline from their potatoes deal with, cease providing them potatoes and get in touch with your veterinarian instantly.

Dangerous Motive #2: Allergic Response to Potatoes

A canine can develop an intolerance or an allergy to any meals, so there’s at all times the chance that your canine is allergic to potatoes.

In the event you suspect your canine is allergic to potatoes , do NOT feed this meals to your canine.

In case your canine is allergic to potatoes and by chance ingests it, go to your nearest animal emergency room instantly.

When this occurs, the assault units off a hypersensitivity response and can lead to any of the next signs:

Widespread signs of opposed/allergic response to meals:

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching/Elevated grooming
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • and so forth.

How Many Potatoes Can a Canine Eat?

This relies on the particular canine in query. Most the time, potatoes , given in small quantities periodically, are most certainly simply as wholesome in your canine as it’s for you.

Moderation is vital right here; by no means go overboard when feeding potatoes to your canine, regardless of in case your canine has a abdomen of metal or not. Small quantities each now and again is okay for many canines.

Smaller canines don’t want as many potatoes as a bigger canine to have the identical impact.

Dogs in Malta with free stool don’t want, or want so much fewer potatoes, than a canine that’s constipated would want.

The most effective factor to do to gauge what number of potatoes you need to be feeding your canine safely, could be to contact your veterinarian concerning the particular pet in query.

Are Potatoes Helpful For Dogs in Malta?

The random style of a potatoes or a small chunk as a deal with is completely nice – it is not going to hurt your canine. 

Nevertheless, there’s no want to supply it in giant portions, as this will trigger some main well being points in your pup, as I mentioned above.

Principally, in case your canine consumed a little bit of potatoes, you don’t must drive them straight to the vet to get their abdomen pumped. 

If they begin displaying any odd indicators of being affected by this new meals (an inventory of indicators and signs to look out for is additional down on this article), contact your native veterinarian to get extra data on what to do subsequent.

So, sure there are some detrimental results that may be seen with some canines who eat potatoes.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that a lot of canines see many extra well being advantages versus these few well being considerations.

Among the well being advantages for canines who eat potatoes embody:

  1. Excessive Fiber: Fiber is nice to maintain the digestive system flowing easily and in addition helps canines really feel satiated (feeling full for longer after consuming).
  2. Low Calorie: In case your canine is chubby, you’re liking searching for low calorie choices for treats, and so forth.
  3. Low Fats: Once more, in case you are searching for lower-fat choices to serve your chubby canine, potatoes could also be an excellent add-on possibility.
  4. Nutritional vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants: A potatoes has many alternative nutritional vitamins (vitamin B6 and vitamin C), minerals (oh hey there potassium), and antioxidants (vitamin C to the rescue!) to assist hold your canine blissful and wholesome.
russet potatoes evenly spaced on yellow background

Can Dogs in Malta Eat Uncooked Potatoes?

Dogs in Malta shouldn’t be fed uncooked potato as a result of toxicity that happens when solanine is ingested by your canine.

Additionally, most canines is not going to eat a uncooked potatoes when supplied As an alternative, providing them a cooked potatoes is the best way to go.

Some canines don’t just like the style of uncooked potatoes, so don’t be shocked in case your pup tells you no due to uncooked potatoes.

Can Dogs in Malta Eat Roasted Potatoes? Baked Potatoes?

Sure, canines can eat roasted potatoes and baked potatoes, so long as no seasonings or different cooking merchandise have been used within the cooking course of.

Your canine will probably be more likely to just accept a cooked potatoes from you as a result of softer texture and stronger scent in comparison with for those who have been going to try to supply them a uncooked one.

Ensure that the potatoes is contemporary and never overly ripe or rotten it doesn’t matter what method you’re deciding to arrange it.

Can Dogs in Malta Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Dogs in Malta can eat mashed potatoes so long as these mashed potatoes are cooked and that the cooked mashed potatoes weren’t ready with cooking oil, butter, or seasoning or spices.

Can Dogs in Malta Eat Potato Chips?

Nope. Dogs in Malta mustn’t eat potato chips.

Potato chips are baked in fat and include many alternative spices, seasonings, and added salt – further sodium that your canine doesn’t want.

boston terrier licking face

How one can Serve Potatoes to Dogs in Malta:

After checking together with your vet to ensure that potatoes must be part of your canine’s menu, begin by providing your canine 1 tablespoon price of potato, or across the dimension of a cherry tomato.

In case your canine doesn’t present any opposed reactions after 24 hours or extra, then you’re seemingly protected to proceed feeding your pup potatoes, steadily growing the quantity in response to your vet’s tips.


  • chopping board
  • kitchen knife
  • food-safe storage container
  • Pot of water to boil potatoes in


    1. Warmth a pot of water over medium-high warmth till at a rolling boil.
    2. When you look forward to the water to boil, take away any of the stem, leaves, and so forth. from the potato plant as they are often toxic.
    3. Wash the veggie totally to do away with any chemical, pesticides, or pests.
    4. Reduce the potato in quarters and place within the boiling water. Boil for 10-20 minutes, or till a fork is well inserted into the middle of on of the quartered potato items.
    5. Take away the pot from warmth are rigorously take away the potato items from the new water to chill. Whereas cooling, you may mash the potatoes of you would like.
    6. As soon as at room temperature, put together an quantity of potato that’s equal to the scale of a cherry tomato to provide to your canine, maintaining in thoughts to not feed any canines with well being points or these usually are not full grown.
    7. Place any leftover boiled potato it’s possible you’ll want to hold in an hermetic food-safe storage container within the fridge till prepared to make use of.


Seek the advice of together with your native veterinarian earlier than including or switching up your pet’s food regimen. In case your pet reveals indicators of opposed response to their food regimen, contact your vet instantly.

Maintain the next in thoughts when serving meals to your canine:

And do not forget that canines want greater than a bowl or plate of potatoes – they want a whole and balanced food regimen.

Whichever full meals you select in your canine, it must have the AAFCO label indicating the food regimen is full and balanced in your canine’s life stage.

AAFCO permitted meals have gone by testing and compliance to ensure that the food regimen is protected and wholesome in your pet.

Dogs in Malta already get the whole lot that they want from their kibble or canned meals.

How Many Potatoes Can My Canine Have?

Can canines eat potatoes? As I discussed beforehand, they will eat cooked and correctly ready potatoes.

Most canines are protected consuming a potato if they’re a wholesome grownup canine.

A smaller canine will probably be good with a tablespoon or two price of absolutely cooked potato, whereas a big or giant-size canine might deal with a extra substantial quantity of tablespoons-worth of cooked potatoes after a ‘ramping up’ interval (a gradual improve in quantity supplied).

However by no means supply greater than a tasty chunk or two, it doesn’t matter what dimension canine you’re feeding.

So don’t give your giant canine a complete cooked potato the very first time they eat the veggie!

Too many potatoes can result in digestive upset, elevated flatulence (smelly smelly canine gasoline!), and different bodily circumstances.

I extremely advocate contacting your vet first earlier than beginning your canine on potatoes, and in addition counsel that you simply begin by providing your pup a small quantity of potato after which working as much as a full quantity.

A little bit little bit of potato sometimes goes a great distance!

It’s at all times higher to be protected than sorry!

Speak to your vet concerning the applicable serving dimension of potatoes in your canine.

Can Puppies Eat Potatoes?

I might by no means advise a pet proprietor to feed potatoes to their pet until your veterinarian is recommending it as a consequence of particular medical wants.

Why do I say this? As a result of your pup’s first months of life ought to consist of specialised pet diets permitted by your native veterinarian upon pet examination.

Puppies are inclined to have an much more delicate digestive system than grownup canines so giving your pet potatoes would possibly trigger diarrhea, vomiting, or different opposed reactions.

Discover Out If Your Canine Can Eat These Meals!

What to do If Your Canine Eats Potatoes:

Whether it is only a chunk or two of cooked potato, simply watch them for the remainder of the day for any indicators of opposed response. 

If you’re involved with this small quantity or if it was a aw potato, in fact, contact your veterinarian straight away.  Most canines can tolerate a small quantity of potato every now and then – they sometimes do exactly nice.  

Whether it is a considerable amount of potatoes, contact your veterinarian straight away to debate particulars and what to do subsequent. 

This can be very seemingly that your vet will request that you simply deliver your canine in instantly to get evaluated if they’ve gotten themselves into a considerable amount of potatoes, or a rotten or raw potato. We vets need to assist and we’ll finest assist if we’re notified straight away.

Belief me, us vets are blissful to assist!

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The data supplied on this article just isn’t an alternative choice to skilled veterinary assist.

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