Comfort Zone vs. Feliway: Which Pheromone Is Best For Your Cat?

Comfort Zone vs. Feliway: Which Pheromone Is Best For Your Cat?

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You like your cat. What you might not love is their behavioral points. One approach to presumably handle some behavioral points is using a synthetic pheromone product. What are these merchandise and do they work? Dr. Jess will break down two of the preferred of those merchandise, Consolation Zone vs Feliway beneath:

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What Are These Cat Merchandise?

These merchandise are diffusers, sprays, liquids, and wipes used to assist handle sure behaviors in some cats.

What are These Merchandise Used For?

These merchandise are used to handle behavioral issues in cats.

From urine marking to elevated cat-to-cat aggression, Consolation Zone and Feliway merchandise can be utilized to ease sure behavioral points in some cats.

These merchandise comprise a manufactured pheromone to attempt to calm the pet’s habits.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are produced naturally by your cat.

These naturally-produced pheromones are chemical markers used to create a way of safety and tranquility in your cat. They will mark boundaries and improve boding, each needed communications in your cat’s world.

There are a number of varieties of pheromones that cats give off, together with:

  • F3: Feline Facial Pheromone: (attempt saying that 5 instances quick!?!) These are the chemical compounds launched that give off the sense of consolation and rest.
  • Cat-Appeasing Hormone: This chemical is produced by mom cats to assist her and her child kittens reside in concord and bond.
  • Feline Interdigital Semiochemical Hormone: I’ll allow you to guess what that is after I let you know the meanings of all these large phrases. The breakdown: Inter = ‘inside‘, Digital = ‘toes‘, Semiochemical = ‘pheromone‘. Yep, you bought it, this can be a pheromone coming from the within of the toes, so coming from between the toes and paw pads!

When a cat rubs their face towards objects or on an individual, they launch pheromones, the place the objects rubbed upon are then deemed secure and calm to the cat.

Different cats also can odor these pheromones and is a method that cats can talk friendliness and peace to at least one one other in your individual multi-cat family.

And… synthetic pheromones can be utilized to realize the identical calming impact because the naturally-produced ones can.

Consolation Zone and Feliway merchandise are used to imitate the unfold of pheromones by releasing synthetic (man-made) pheromones into your cat’s surroundings to realize a relaxing impact {that a} cat’s pure pheromones would sometimes do, serving to to enhance some behavioral points within the dwelling.

What Forms of Conduct Issues Can They Repair?

There are not any cures or magic drugs or drugs that your cat can take to repair or treatment a habits situation.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of frequent feline behavioral points that these synthetic pheromone merchandise can work on. A lot of the behavioral points are on account of stress, aggression, nervousness, or a mixture of those causes.

Typical behavioral points that could possibly be helped by synthetic pheromone merchandise embody:

  • Urine Marking: Spraying or marking inside the home
  • Litter Field Points: Voiding (urinating or defecating) outdoors of the litter field
  • Elevated Aggression: Aggression in direction of different cats or animals or people within the dwelling
  • Seclusion/Hiding: changing into increasingly standoffish or scared to be round others
  • Chewing: chewing on gadgets in your own home corresponding to furnishings, partitions, and so forth.
  • Clawing: clawing or damaging furnishings or partitions with claws
  • Adjustment Points: corresponding to touring or transferring into a brand new dwelling or bringing a brand new pet into the home.
  • Over-grooming: the tendency to over-lick and clear themselves.
calico cat sniffing diffuser

Do Cat Calming Pheromone Merchandise Work?

They positively might help. However not at all times.

Each cat is totally different, so they will react to each totally different product otherwise.

What Is Consolation Zone For Cats?

In line with Comfort Zone’s web site, the Consolation Zone diffuser is drug-free and releases odor-less pheromones that calm your pet. A refill can last as long as 30 days and might work in a room as much as 400 sq. toes.

Straight from the corporate web site:

“It usually takes as much as every week to see leads to your cat’s habits. After that, you need to steadily see your cat scale back annoying behaviors over time.”

The web site additionally claims that it’s product has been confirmed to be efficient in 88% of instances of multi-cat rigidity, 93% of cat scratching instances, and 95% of urine marking instances.

Now how they’re measuring these numbers…?

I have no idea. I haven’t learn their research. I’d like to although.

The web site additionally states that they’ve a a reimbursement assure for purchases made inside 90 days and following a couple of parameters outlined of their web site’s FAQ part.

What Is Feliway For Cats?

Feliway is manufactured by Ceva Sante Animale in France and is out there in sprays, diffusers, and liquid (Feliscratch) to unfold this synthetic pheromone all through the house in a number of methods.

In line with the Feliway web site, cats utilizing this product can begin to see enhancements and outcomes inside 7 days however pet house owners ought to attempt the product repeatedly for one month to see outcomes.

It may well work in rooms as much as 700 sq. toes in area, with the diffuser being changed each 6 months and refills must be changed each 30 days.

The Distinction Between Consolation Zone with Feliway vs Feliway:

So what’s the distinction?

Each merchandise comprise artificial pheromones, however they’re two totally different manufacturers, regardless that some Consolation Zone merchandise are marketed as containing Feliway.

There are lots of on-line opinions and boards that say that the Feliway merchandise have the next focus of the F3 feline facial pheromones when in comparison with Consolation Zone. Nonetheless, the place are the sources behind that declare?

I can’t discover any supply for this data.

So… I don’t learn about that tidbit, however simply word that it’s on the market.

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Consolation Zone Evaluations:

Comfort Zone at the moment has over 350 opinions with a median of 4 stars on Amazon….

Feliway Evaluations:

Feliway at the moment has over 4,700 opinions with a median of three.5 stars on Amazon….

Can Cat Pheromones Have an effect on People?

Pheromones are species particular, that means that they solely work on or with one sure species, on this case, cats.

They’ll haven’t any impact in your different varieties of pets or every other animal for that matter, together with us people.

So no, your cat pheromone product ought to has no impact on you.

In line with the product description, Feliway spray is ethanol-based and the Feliway diffuser is oil-based.

Each are secure to be used within the dwelling and could also be used round animals, kids, vegetation, antiques, and absolutely anything else you might need.

I might positively do a spot examine of the product on issues like furnishings simply to just remember to received’t be ruining something in your house!

Are There Hostile Results of Utilizing These Merchandise on My Cat?

Feliway spray is ineffective when utilized to the cat’s physique. In truth, I’d extremely advocate towards it.

Not solely does the product’s instructions say NOT to do that, however placing a substance, both alcohol-based or oil-based onto the fur, pores and skin, or across the orifice of your cat could possibly be asking for some hassle if the product shouldn’t be meant to be placed on the cat.

Hassle within the technique of topical points corresponding to pores and skin irritation or allergic reactions, respiratory points if inhaling the substance, eye points, and even digestive points from licking off the product throughout grooming.

Don’t….. I repeat….

Don’t put these merchandise instantly in your pet.

So Which Cat Pheromone Product is Finest For Your Pet?

That’s for you and presumably your vet to determine.

I personally have really helpful and seen Feliway diffusers work amazingly properly with some cats with some behavioral points.

Like evening and day variations of their habits!

I’ll say that there have been a handful of cat sufferers the place neither product has labored for them.

Weight your choices, costs, rankings, varieties, and see what your cat thinks!

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