Does your dog eat too fast?

Does your dog eat too fast?

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Does your dog eat too fast?

Canines that eat too quick are vulnerable to choking, abdomen issues, and bloat. Listed here are 5 methods to encourage your canine to eat his meals extra slowly.

You’re most likely acquainted with the expression to “wolf down” meals. The saying is an previous one — it goes again a whole bunch of years, at the least — and although not many people have ever seen an precise wolf, everyone knows that “gobbling down” means to eat ravenously, at alarming velocity.  Is that this beginning to sound like we’re speaking about your canine?

Whereas some canine rigorously chew and luxuriate in every chunk of meals, others inhale it so quick it’s important to surprise if any chewing was concerned in any respect. Sadly, having your canine eat this rapidly may be harmful.

A few of these risks are apparent. Like us, canine can choke in the event that they eat too quick, or trigger themselves vomiting and abdomen ache. However with canine, speedy ingestion of meals additionally will increase the chance of a severe medical situation known as bloat. It is a life-threatening concern that comes on all of a sudden when the stomach expands from meals consumption. The enlarged abdomen can twist and require hospitalization and surgical procedure.

There’s no higher time than the subsequent meal to start out slowing down your pup’s consuming habits. There are many methods to do that, so that you’ll be capable to discover one which works together with your canine — or combine it up and change between them.

1. Place a tennis ball in his meals bowl

A food-motivated canine is normally too busy specializing in his dinner to even take into consideration the ball. However as a result of he has to eat across the ball, it slows down his consuming.

2. Hand-feed your pup

This fashion, you management the velocity of consumption. That is additionally a good way so as to add some coaching into feeding time, utilizing meals as a reward for easy behaviors. Over time, hand-feeding normally ends in a canine that eats extra slowly when fed from his bowl.

3. Freeze your canine’s meals

This can even assist hold your pup hydrated! You may freeze his meals in sure varieties of bowl to make it simpler. I prefer to freeze my very own canine’ meals in Sleepypod Yummy bowls. That is additionally a good way to carry his meals alongside if you happen to journey collectively. If you happen to’re feeding kibble, combine in some water, goat’s milk, or bone broth to freeze it.

4. Put his meals in interactive puzzle video games and toys

Offering mental enrichment throughout feeding time is a good way to tire out these busy minds whereas making him eat slower. I additionally like stuffing a Kong with meals the canine has to work for. Toppl toys by West Paw work for this as nicely.

5. Use a gradual feeder bowl

These bowls characteristic grooves and totally different shapes that unfold the meals out and forestall your canine from taking huge bites.

I’ve plenty of enjoyable switching up mealtimes with these strategies, and hope you and your pup give them a strive. Bear in mind, slower consuming is best in your canine’s well being and well-being.


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