Get to Know Spanish Pointer Which is Now Extinct Breed

Get to Know Spanish Pointer Which is Now Extinct Breed

Basic Data

Canine Title Spanish Pointer
Scientific Title Canis lupus familiaris
Breed For Hunting
Extinct Yes
Nation of Origin Spain

Bodily And Dimension


Clever Rank
Affection Degree
Social Wants
Watchdog Capability



Stranger Pleasant High
Baby Pleasant High
Cat Pleasant High
Canine Pleasant High
Workplace Pleasant High
Condo Pleasant High
Senior Residents Pleasant High
Service Canine High
Search and Rescue Canine High
Biting Potential High

Spanish Pointer is a medium-sized breed additionally recognized by different names as Burgos Pointer, Burgalese Pointer, and Perdiguero de Burgos in Spain. They had been bred for searching the place they help the hunter to hunt small birds and animals. As for now, they make good household canine and a fantastic companion for lively individuals.

They’ve brief clean coats that are usually littler bushy. They’ve two colours which have a brown coating with white spot and one other with brown with darker brown staining. The brand new breeds are taller than the Outdated Spanish Pointer and are common for searching.

Origin and Historical past

The origin of those breeds is alleged to be from the 1500s in Spain. They’re a mixture of the Pachon Navarra and the Sabueso Espanol originated for searching. As well as, they’re used to develop one other massive pointer breed. It’s mentioned these breeds’ ancestors are Outdated Spanish Pointer that was first observed by a Roman author within the first century.

Later after a number of centuries, Muslim Conquerors discovered their existence very helpful. As for now, the Outdated Spanish Pointer turned extinct within the twentieth century after the Spanish civil struggle. Nonetheless, the now Spanish Pointer nonetheless exists and is now’s the companion of a number of homeowners.

An image of Outdated Spanish Pointer.

Temperament, Habits, and Persona

Temperament: Their temperament is normally light, calm, and quiet. As a searching canine, they level to the goal as a substitute of barking that makes their proprietor’s job simpler. They keep quiet till they should or see some stranger or intruder strategy. Moreover, Spanish Pointer wants massive properties or area for coaching and bodily actions.

Habits: They’re an lively breed that wants sufficient train day by day. Additionally, this breed will need to have sufficient playtime and socialization to develop good habits. Some individuals suppose searching canine has aggressive habits however it’s not the identical case for them as they’re simple to deal with. If correct steering is given they do properly indoors nonetheless, a big area is all the time higher.

Persona: Spanish Pointer is clever, hard-working, and affectionate that do properly with the household. They’re good companions and takes excellent care of their family members. They’ve protecting nature in opposition to their household and different pet in the home.


The Spanish Pointer requires an skilled grasp for his or her coaching which gained’t be tough for each pet and proprietor. They’re curious and desperate to please their grasp so that they put in further effort throughout coaching classes. Likewise, they absorb the guidelines and tips simply so, coaching gained’t be laborious with them. All the time keep in mind to make use of constructive reinforcement throughout coaching and finish the session by praising them.

Is Spanish Pointer Baby-Pleasant?

Spanish Pointer is calm, quiet, and endurance breed that get together with kids in addition to different animal. Nonetheless, they need to be correctly socialized earlier than letting them play collectively. All the time supervise them throughout playtime particularly round toddler. Toddlers are usually mischief with them that causes accidents whereas your canine can present aggressive habits in the direction of children. Socialize your baby alongside your pet on the right way to deal with them so that they don’t hurt them unintentionally.

Spanish Pointer enjoying together with his proprietor.
Picture Supply: Instagram


  • The Outdated Spanish Pointer are the ancestor of Spanish Pointer.
  • New Spanish Pointer is saved by breeding two breeds Geardo Sardonil and Manuel Izquierdo.

Well being Points

Cherry Eye: This is among the frequent well being concern seen in canine because it happen after a tear gland. It infected the third eyelid which hopefully isn’t painful. Nonetheless, it could trigger itchy eyes that makes worse in case your canine constantly rubs it. Go to your vet for a correct advisor earlier than utilizing any product within the eyes.

Hip Dysplasia: It’s trigger when the hip bone of your canine is displaced from its authentic place. This concern could be very painful because it makes them tough to stroll and even transfer. You won’t see it however can think about some signs as your canine limping whereas strolling, unequal leg size, and so forth.


  • Brown
  • White and tan
  • White and liver


Peak: The feminine Spanish Pointer normally stands 23 to 25 inches tall whereas a male Spanish Pointer is between 24 to 26 inches tall.

Weight: The common weight of Spanish Pointers is between 55 and 66 lbs.

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