How Often Do Cats Pee?

How Often Do Cats Pee?

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You’ll be able to inform rather a lot a few cat by their urine and any modifications of their urination behaviors. Urine shade, consistency, and quantity can inform us a lot, in addition to the frequency of urination. Figuring out how typically do cats pee will provide help to monitor your individual cat and assist you already know if and when you have to be involved a few potential well being drawback.

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What’s Urine, AKA Cat Pee?

It’s known as many issues, however cat pee, is also known as cat urine, no less than within the veterinary clinic.

I’ll use these two phrases, pee and urine, interchangeably on this article.

Urine is the gathering of extra water and extra substances not getting used any longer by the physique.

The kidneys ship their extra substances to the bladder by tubes known as the ureters, to gather till this assortment is able to be voided from the physique as urine from the urethra.

Why Do Cats Pee?

Cats pee as a result of they should get rid of or take away the urine that collects of their bladders.

So why do cats acquire urine of their bladders?

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What Does Regular Cat Urine Look Like?

Regular, wholesome cat urine ought to be gentle yellow or clear in shade and with out particles, cloudiness, or something freely floating in it.

In case your cat’s urine is crimson, darkish brown, brown, or pink or red-tinged, this might imply that there’s blood within the urine, undoubtedly a medical concern that ought to be dropped at your native vet’s consideration instantly.

In case you are undecided, snap an image of your cat’s urine and present your vet what you might be seeing. Similar factor goes for in case your cat is peeing exterior of their litter field!

I’ll talk about this in additional element somewhat additional into this text.

How A lot Do Cats Urinate?

How a lot your cat urinates can rely upon plenty of components.

That being stated, it’s important that you already know what’s “regular” to your cat, when it comes to each frequency of urination, and the way a lot that your cat urinates after they pee.

If you already know what’s regular to your pet, then you possibly can know instantly when one thing simply isn’t proper, and a possible drawback arises.

The vast majority of the water that your cat takes in, leaves their physique within the type of urine…. it’s bought to return out by some means.

… however simply how a lot ought to be popping out at one time?

One article, written by my urology professor in veterinary faculty, Dr. Carl A. Osborne, DVM, PhD., DACVIM, states that:

In a single examine, wholesome grownup cats produced a mean of 28 ml/kg of urine each 24 hours.

This implies, that in a ten pound cat, that’s roughly 0.53 cups of urine a day, roughly half of a cup.

The manufacturing of elevated quantity of urine is termed polyuria.

When there’s a decreased manufacturing of urine, it’s termed oliguria.

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When Do Cats Urinate?

Cats urinate at any time when they’re awake and really feel the urge to go.

Some cats are good at at all times utilizing the litter field or ready till a clear one is accessible, and different cats are much less picky on when or the place to go.

How Typically Do Cats Pee?

Regular wholesome grownup cats often urinate between 2 and 4 instances a day. Needless to say that is simply a mean.

Some regular wholesome cats could urinate simply a few times a day. Different fully regular cats could go extra typically. That is only a easy ballpark common.

The frequency may be affected by many issues too, like every medicines your cat could also be taking, medical points akin to diabetes, their water consumption, weight-reduction plan/meals varieties, and climate (like how sizzling and humid the surroundings is).

If the frequency of your cat’s urination unexpectedly will increase, then contact your veterinarian to provide you with a gameplan on what to do subsequent as this will point out potential medical points.

Variables In Output:


Cats that drink extra water or eat extra water by their moist meals, will urinate extra.


Some cats additionally get liquids from their meals.

Moist meals has a considerable quantity of water in it to your cat to devour, serving to them keep hydrated.

So in case your cat eats moist meals, then know that also they are getting fluids from their moist meals, on high of the water that they’re ingesting from the water bowls.


Sure medicines that your cat could take, can improve the frequency or quantity of urine your cat produces.

Corticosteroids are a generally administered treatment that may make your cat (in addition to different forms of animals!) urinate greater than regular.


Some harassed cats urinate extra when tremendous harassed, and different cats pee much less when harassed.

The perfect factor to do should you really feel that your cat is harassed is to seek out out why they’re harassed within the first place and take away the stressor from their surroundings.


Any sort of medical situation, whether or not it’s acute or persistent, could have an effect on your cat’s urine output.

Within the subsequent part, I’ll talk about among the extra generally seen medical points in cats that may have an effect on their urination.

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Medical Issues & Cat Urine:

A number of the extra frequent circumstances that will make your cat urinate roughly typically or in bigger or smaller portions embrace:

  • Kidney Illness: Kidney illness can produce completely different urine manufacturing results relying on the first purpose for the kidney illness, if the kidney illness is acute or persistent, and the way a lot of every kidney is working appropriately.
  • Urethral Blockage: Typically cats buildup crystals of their techniques. This occurs generally due to their weight-reduction plan and most frequently in male cats due to their anatomy and “tubing” down “there”. When the crystals attempt to escape through the urethra (the tract from the bladder to the skin world) they’ll block the tract, inflicting the move of urine to lower or cease all collectively. It is a life-threatening emergency in case your cat is totally obstructed as a result of they haven’t any means of voiding their urine. In case your cat, particularly if they’re male, is having a tough time urinating, contact your vet directly.
  • Diabetes: You could discover your cat ingesting extra water in addition to urinating extra often or in larger quantities.
  • Bladder Infections / Irritation / Cystitis: generally bladder infections make your cat really feel like they should urinate often. In case your cat is urinating extra often than regular and/or has cloudy or discolored urine when voiding, they might have indicators of a bladder an infection or irritation.
  • Thyroid Problems: akin to hyperthyroidism may cause your cat to pee extra often.
  • Most cancers: Sure cancers of the urinary tract may cause your cat to have hassle urinating.
  • Dehydration: In case your cat is dehydrated, then they’ve little or no purpose to urinate and produce any output. If there may be nothing entering into, there can’t be an excessive amount of popping out.

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