How to Train Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

How to Train Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

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Most grownup cats naturally hunt down a superb sandy place to potty. “So long as litter bins are inviting and stress-free, cats typically do not should be skilled to make use of them. Simply present them the place the bins are and let nature take over,” says Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, who serves on the advisory board for Cat Life Today.

However some kittens want a bit little bit of encouragement to make use of the litter field, and a few grownup cats keep away from utilizing it. Whether or not you’re a brand new cat dad or mum otherwise you’ve adopted a special needs cat that’s going exterior of the field, these easy suggestions will make litter coaching a snap.

Discover the Proper Litter Field 

New child kittens don’t go to the toilet on their very own. They should be gently stimulated earlier than every meal. Use rest room paper or a child wipe and rub your kitten’s butt in a round movement, persevering with the motion whereas she’s pooping. 

At three or 4 weeks of age, your kitten will begin going to the litter field. Use a cardboard tray that has shallow sides. As your kitten grows, she’ll want a litter field that’s a minimum of 1.5 occasions her size. 

Your cat could really feel safer in a hooded litter field. It’s useful if she’s an aggressive digger or stands on the field’s edge to poop or pee. Although a hooded litter field can focus odor and must be cleaned every day. As a result of your cat can’t see if one other pet is lurking exterior, she could choose an open litter field. 

Plan The place to Put the Litter Bins 

Till your kitten masters utilizing the litter field, preserve her in a room that doesn’t have rugs or carpet. Unfold out her litter bins, with a minimum of one on each ground of your house. Don’t cover them in a darkish nook within the basement or storage. In case your cat spends the vast majority of her time in the lounge, that’s the place one in all her bins needs to be. 

“Keep away from putting litter bins in places the place cats could be startled by loud noises (such because the buzzers on washers and dryers) or by somebody immediately showing whereas they’re inside,” Coates says.

I thought you said pee, not pea.

Present Extra Than One Litter Field

Comply with this easy rule: one litter field per cat, plus one additional. When you have one cat, it is best to have two litter bins; two cats, three litter bins. Some cats choose to poop in a single litter field and pee within the different.

Select a Litter That’s Cat Secure  

Cats like litters that really feel like seashore sand or backyard soil. A 2018 study discovered that cats additionally choose unscented litter to scented. 

Listed here are some essential factors to think about before you purchase your cat’s litter.

  • Use dust-free cat litter. The mud in conventional clumping litter could cause your cat to sneeze, wheeze, and cough after utilizing the litter field.
  • Kittens which can be lower than three months previous could attempt to eat litter. Think about using litter constructed from paper, corn, or wheat. Although some kittens received’t use corn or wheat-based litter as a result of it smells like meals.
  • Just be sure you keep away from clumping clay litters. Because the litter hardens, it may possibly create a rock-like blockage in your kitten’s abdomen and intestines.
  • Keep away from citrus or floral-scented litters. They will trigger respiratory issues and allergic reactions in the event that they’re utilized in a hooded litter field.
  • Just be sure you can simply scoop your cat’s litter right into a disposable bag with out spilling it. To stop odor and micro organism from leaking out of the bag, double it. Then throw it right into a trash container with a lid.
  • Don’t compost your cat’s clay or crystal litter. Cat feces have 2.5 occasions the quantity of nitrogen as cow manure, which may make your crops’ leaves flip yellow or brown and wilt. It additionally has Toxoplasma gondii, a single-celled parasite that causes complications, muscle aches, and different flu signs.
  • Some cats develop sturdy litter preferences so make modifications progressively. If you happen to’re going to modify your cat’s litter, fill the field with 1.5 inches of the brand new litter. Once you sift out your cat’s waste, clumps of the previous litter will come out with it. 

Reward Good Litter Field Habits

Kittens want to make use of the litter field inside half-hour of consuming, consuming, or sleeping. Once you introduce your cat to her new field, you might have to encourage her to go in it. Gently swish across the litter. Dangle a string or teaser wand above the field for 10 to fifteen minutes, so she’ll affiliate it with a superb expertise. When she makes use of it accurately, instantly reward her and provides her treats.

If she makes a mistake, don’t yell or use a squirt bottle. Calmly clear up the mess with an enzymatic cleaner or heat water and cleaning soap. Don’t use bleach or ammonia-based merchandise. Cat urine smells like ammonia, so utilizing multi-surface cleaners will make the odor worse. Your cat can be extra prone to get rid of in the identical spot as a result of she’s interested in the ammonia odor.

And no matter you do, do not ever combine bleach with cat urine. It produces a poisonous gasoline known as chloramine, which may trigger watery eyes, a runny nostril, and coughing. 

The Litter Box is Empty Again Meme

Preserve the Litter Field Clear 

Scoop your cat’s litter field every day and alter it weekly. Fully empty the litter field and scrub it with a sponge and unscented dish cleaning soap as soon as a month. Dry it completely and add two to 4 inches of litter. If you happen to use an excessive amount of litter, your cat could be shaky because the “floor” shifts beneath her toes. She additionally could kick litter over the field. If you happen to don’t use sufficient litter, her pee received’t be absorbed. She could not even attempt to cowl her waste. As a result of plastic scratches and harbors micro organism, purchase a brand new litter field and scoop a minimum of every year. 

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