Kitty quirks | Animal Wellness Journal

Kitty quirks | Animal Wellness Journal

Kitty quirks

From the “zoomies” to kneading, our cats have interaction in some endearing however generally puzzling behaviors. Check out some frequent kitty quirks and what they imply.

An enormous a part of a cat’s attraction is his quirky habits. Whether or not he’s “chattering” at birds exterior the window, or zooming round the home simply earlier than bedtime, your cat doubtless engages in some mystifying actions. Many of those quirks might be traced to behaviors inherited from his wild feline ancestors. Others are…effectively, simply plain quirky! Let’s take a look at the commonest kitty quirks, and what they imply.


This is likely one of the most acquainted, but amusing, feline behaviors. It usually follows a profitable journey to the litter field. Why? Properly, as a result of it feels good! The zoomies are additionally a manner on your cat to launch pent-up power, particularly if he has spent a lot of the day snoozing. Cats are most energetic within the twilight and night hours, so that is usually the time they like to have interaction within the zoomies. You’ll be able to reply by participating your kitty in a sport of hide-and-seek or by pulling out a favourite toy.

The zoomies are additionally a manner on your cat to launch pent-up power.


It is a habits kittens use once they’re nursing, and lots of cats proceed it once they’re adults. They love kneading on gentle surfaces (together with our legs or stomachs!) and their candy, blissful expressions present how a lot they get pleasure from it; some even appear to enter a trance.

Chattering at birds

Have you ever ever caught your kitty riveted to the window, staring on the birds and making humorous “aack-aack” sounds? The chattering is accompanied by alert, forward-facing ears, vast eyes, and a swishing tail. There are a number of moderately numerous explanations for this habits. Maybe it’s an expression of frustration over not having the ability to attain his prey, and/or a rush of adrenalin. Perhaps he’s mimicking chook chirps as a way to appeal to the prey…or mimicking the chew he’d give to the again of the neck as soon as he caught it.

Arching again/tiptoe greeting

When my husband comes house from work, our cat Sofiya greets him by hopping onto the counter and prancing round on tiptoe along with her again arched. They’ve a petting session after which he provides her a deal with. This frequent type of greeting additionally consists of rubbing towards the thing of affection; after all, you have to pet a cat that greets you this manner!

Head bunting

That is one other type of feline greeting. Cats have scent glands under their jaws, and on their cheeks and foreheads, and it’s thought that head bunting is a solution to “mark” you as their very own. Examine round your own home: you would possibly see some barely darkened areas at feline peak, usually on corners. That is additionally the place your cat has left his mark.

Flehmen response

You’ll have generally seen your cat sniff one thing, then appear to stare into house together with his mouth open and his lips curled. He’s participating in what’s referred to as the Flehmen response. The vomeronasal or Jacobson’s organ, positioned within the higher palate of the cat’s mouth, captures odor-rich particles. When your cat reveals this habits, he’s taking in data, maybe choosing up pheromones from different cats. Whereas amusing to look at, the Flehmen response is an integral a part of feline habits.

Sluggish blink

One other type of greeting, the gradual blink is a feline habits made recognized by cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, who makes use of it when he greets cats for the primary time. Jackson blinks at them, they usually blink again. It’s a relaxed, non-threatening manner of communicating and expressing affection. Chances are you’ll discover it in your personal cat as you speak to him and gently stroke him.

The gradual blink is a relaxed, non-threatening manner of speaking and expressing affection.

Lavatory monitor

You probably have a cat, you most likely haven’t any privateness within the lavatory. She is aware of she has a captive viewers as she weaves between your legs for consideration. Some cats can also simply really feel safer being by your aspect, regardless of the place in the home you’re. Or, in case your cat is like our Mollie, she simply desires to know what you’re as much as!

Carrying round a particular toy

Many cats appear to have a particular toy they like to hold round of their mouths with them. These toys carry out the predator in them, and assist fulfill their looking instincts. Considered one of our cats, Tekla, had one we referred to as her “tail” toy. Her furtive, virtually guttural meowing was a sign to all that her “prey” had been caught! In case your cat does the identical with a favourite toy of her personal, you’ll want to acknowledge a profitable “hunt” with a heap of reward.

Licking, biting plastic

That crinkly plastic bag left in your kitchen desk from a grocery run or takeout meal is filled with tempting smells, so there’s no actual thriller as to why your cat is likely to be interested in it. Nonetheless, he might get caught within the bag’s deal with, and ingesting plastic positively isn’t good for him. Make sure to get rid of plastic baggage safely earlier than your cat begins licking or chewing on them. Cats can also be drawn to different plastic non-toy objects, particularly if they’ve an fascinating texture or make a gorgeous sound. Sofiya likes to chew on padded mailing envelopes, for instance. In case your cat usually tries to lick or chew on plastic or different inedible objects, pica might be the issue. This situation might be brought on by stress, dietary deficiencies, or boredom, and must be mentioned together with your veterinarian.

You’ve most likely noticed at the least a number of of those quirky behaviors in your personal cat, Figuring out extra about why our kitties do what they just do makes all of them the extra interesting!

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