Decide a litter on your kitty!

Decide a litter on your kitty!

Pick a litter for your kitty!

There’s a veritable smorgasbord of cat litter merchandise in the marketplace today. Selecting the best one for you and your feline buddy means understanding the professionals and cons of every.

Cats have a status for being choosy about their litter. In actual fact, litter field issues account for 50% of all feline conduct complaints, and are the primary purpose cats are rehomed or taken to shelters. Moreover, some litters are higher than others in terms of high quality, supplies and comfort. Understanding one thing concerning the many several types of litter obtainable immediately, together with their execs and cons, will enable you to slender down your option to one thing each you and your automotive will like.

Clay litter

Clay litters have been across the longest, and are a favourite for many individuals due to their clumping talents – they take in their very own weight in liquid, making cleanup straightforward. However conventional clay litters are additionally dusty, observe simply, and don’t take in odors very properly. In actual fact, for some time, all clay litters have been frowned upon for the well being dangers attributable to the mud they produce, which may trigger or irritate respiratory issues in cats and their folks. Moreover, most clay litters aren’t biodegradable.

Low high quality clay litters ought to nonetheless be prevented, however different merchandise have improved considerably, because of producers corresponding to Arm & Hammer who’ve labored to create clumping clay litters that decrease mud and odor.

Biodegradable litters

Constructed from non-food grade wheat or corn, lumber waste, grass seed, or recycled newspaper, these cat litter selections are bio-degradable, sustainable, and do a reasonably good job at absorbing odors. As a result of these litter varieties are much less frequent than clay, they’re not as prone to be discovered at grocery or massive field shops. Look to pet provide shops or on-line purchasing for these litters.

Biodegradable litters can are available in a number of grades, from fluffy to coarse. A medium grade texture makes digging simpler, raises much less mud, and received’t depart a telltale path on the ground as your cat exits the field.

Right here’s a take a look at some biodegradable litter selections:

Coconut – All-natural, biodegradable and dust-free, these litters are constituted of the normally-discarded outer elements of coconuts. They’re absorbent, dust-free and hyperallergenic. Coconut litters will be both clumping or non-clumping and do an excellent job at absorbing odor. Two firms that provide coconut litter are Cocokitty ( and Catspot (

Wheat – A well-liked alternative for a lot of, wheat litters neutralize odors naturally and clump for straightforward cleanup and disposal.

Corn One other sustainable alternative, corn litters don’t flip to mush on the backside of the field the best way another supplies do. Simply be conscious that 92% of corn grown within the US is genetically modified, so search for non-GMO manufacturers. Litter constituted of corn cobs doesn’t clump properly; kernel corn litter clumps higher however can also entice bugs.

PineSustainable and eco-friendly, pine litter is constituted of discarded lumber processing waste and is available in pellet or shaved type. It’s an excellent various for cats with allergy symptoms to wheat or corn. With its excessive absorbency, pine litter traps urine right into a flat pancake and dehydrates strong waste for simpler cleanup.

Grass seedGood for single or multi-cat households, this litter clumps exhausting and quick, trapping odors earlier than they are often launched.

Paper These litters are constituted of recycled newspapers, magazines and different paper waste. Some firms solely use paper sources that use natural or soy-based inks. Processing additionally neutralizes the ink so none will get on the cat. The paper is compressed into pellets, is dust-free, non-toxic and really absorbent. The pellets swell when moist for straightforward monitoring.

SilicaTypically the only option for automated litter packing containers, silica litters are one other biodegradable possibility on your cat. They’re made by remodeling silica sand into crystals, pearls or half-pearl shapes with pores that take in as much as 40 occasions their weight in moisture, discouraging the expansion of mildew and micro organism and eliminating odor. Silica litters are dust-free and don’t observe from the field to your rugs or furnishings. As a result of wetness is totally absorbed, there’s no want for plastic litter field liners. Silica litters shouldn’t be used with kittens or cats with pica (a situation during which the animal eats non-food objects), since ingesting the crystals could cause sickness.

With a lot to select from, you’re positive to discover a litter that your cat loves. It could take some experimenting (see sidebar at above), however when you’ve found the fitting product, each you and your feline buddy will discover life lots simpler!

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