Tatarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica): A Highly effective Catnip Alternativ

Tatarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica): A Highly effective Catnip Alternativ

When you have ever lived with a cat you most likely know in regards to the huge daddy of kitty highs catnip A current examine discovered that 32 of cats don t react to the stuff Scientists imagine these cats

White and silver tabby playing a tan feather.

When you have ever lived with a cat, you most likely know in regards to the huge daddy of kitty highs: catnip  

A current examine discovered that 32% of cats don’t react to the stuff. Scientists imagine these cats merely lack a “catnip gene”. It’s linked to the place your cat’s breed got here from and if catnip grew there. 

Do you know there’s a catnip alternative that may add some additional pizzazz to the lives of cats that don’t go batty for ‘nip?

In case your kitty ignores catnip toyssprays, and leaves, don’t have any concern: Tatarian honeysuckle can ship your cat to blissville. 

What Is Tatarian honeysuckle?

Tatarian honeysuckle

Tatarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica) is a multi-stemmed, upright, woody perennial bush. It’s native to Siberia and Jap Asia. 

In the USA and Canada, Tatarian honeysuckle is an invasive species and noxious weed. It might invade fence rows, open woodlands, roadsides, and thickets. Whereas the 8-to-12-foot shrub thrives in partial solar and moist, loamy soil, it might probably develop in full solar or shade and clay, rocky, or sandy soils. 

Tatarian honeysuckle has egg-shaped, bluish-green leaves. It additionally has darkish grayish-brown bark that peels in vertical strips.  

In mid-to-late spring, Tatarian honeysuckle produces pinkish-red trumpet-shaped flowers. They odor like honey with a touch of vanilla. 

After being pollinated by bees, hummingbird moths, and ruby-throated hummingbirds, they turn out to be brilliant purple berries that comprise many seeds. The 0.25-inch berries are eaten by at least 17 species of songbirds in the course of the winter months.

Is Tatarian honeysuckle protected? 

White cat biting pink fish toy.

Not like catnip and different catnip alternatives, Tatarian honeysuckle is “mildly poisonous” to people and dogs

Cats additionally ought to by no means be given honeysuckle berries, flowers, or leaves. They comprise cyanogenic glycosides. These plant toxins may cause fast heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and dilated pupils. 

Tatarian honeysuckle sprays, sticks, sawdust, and wooden slices are protected for grownup cats and kittens. Tatarian honeysuckle wooden slices usually tend to crack, sliver, or splinter than sticks. 

“Wrap honeysuckle in a sturdy piece of fabric to forestall your cat from digesting it as it may be a choking hazard,”says Nora Glover, the founder and editor-in-chief of CatademyFor instance, stuff honeysuckle sawdust right into a refillable catnip cat toy. Or shove it in a thermal sock and tie it closed. 

Misting honeysuckle with water brings out its aroma and makes it extra engaging to finicky felines. Whereas catnip solely stays recent for six months in an hermetic container, a slice of honeysuckle will hold for a minimum of a 12 months. 

“Honeysuckle toys don’t want any particular storage and may merely lay round the home to your cat to play with,” Glover says. “As for honeysuckle spray, you’ll want to retailer it in a dry, cool place with out direct daylight.”

How do cats reply to Tatarian honeysuckle?

Gray and white kitten laying a blue scratcher ball toy.

Based on a 2017 examine printed in BMC Veterinary Research, 53% of grownup cats and kittens reply to Tatarian honeysuckle. It incorporates a non-addictive neuro-stimulant referred to as actinidine. 

Nepetalactone is the lively ingredient in catnip. As a result ofnepetalactone mimics intercourse pheromones, it doesn’t work on kittens till they attain sexual maturity. Kittens below 6 months previous usually tend to react to Tatarian honeysuckle

“Tatarian honeysuckle doesn’t treatment any situations in cats and solely serves as a supply of aroma pleasure for them,” Glover says. 

Most cats reply to Tatarian honeysuckle toys the identical manner they reply to catnip. They’ll growl, drool, meow, purr, knead, roll round, and pounce on every thing in sight. “Some cats might get sleepy after enjoying with a honeysuckle toy, and that’s regular too,” Glover says. Some cats wish to hug their Tatarian honeysuckle toys whereas they’re napping. This spaced-out or dreamy temper can last as long as 2 hours. 

As some cats come down from their honeysuckle excessive, they could additionally turn out to be aggressive. Cats might turn out to be resistant to honeysuckle if they’re uncovered too typically. If the impact begins to decrease, restrict their publicity to honeysuckle to as soon as per week and rejuvenate older toys by spritzing them with water. 

What’s the distinction between catnip and Tatarian honeysuckle? 


Tatarian Honeysuckle

Scientific identify

Tatarian honeysuckle

Scientific names

Nepeta cataria

Lonicera tatarica


Catswort, catmint

Bush honeysuckle

Grows in 

Mountainous areas of China, Jap Russia, Japan, and Korea

Siberia, Jap Asia, United States, and Canada

Plant sort 

Quick-growing, fruit-bearing vine

Woody, perennial shrub

Chemical compounds that appeal to cats



Ingestion results

Aggression, sleepiness, euphoria, purring, meowing, & drooling

Inhalation results

Playfulness, hyperactivity, rolling, rubbing, & working

Share of cats that reply




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