To all those women who don’t want children, but have dogs.

Today, I don’t want to talk to you about dog training in the classical way. I would like to get out of the professional context and talk to you about a subject that should be, I think, trivialized.

I don’t want children, I have three dogs and I am 30 years old.

I have been told that I spoil my dogs too much, that I invest too much in them and that they are not as important as a child, that I will change my mind, that the maternal instinct will come, that I will never be mature without being a mother, that I am missing out on the most beautiful experience in the world, etc.

And yet, the years go by and this desire doesn’t happen and will surely never happen. I have known this for a long time. And today, I assume it and I want to show all these people, all these women like me that they are not alone.

All these remarks are all the more present to me as I live with a beautiful troop of animals: four dogs and two cats!

And yet they represent much more than just animals to me.

The childfree movement was born in the United States in the 1970s.

Then it reached Europe and started to develop more and more.

The reasons for not wanting to have children are diverse and specific to each person:

Ecological concerns, feminism, the financial aspect, etc.

To all those women who don’t want kids, but have dogs.

Having a dog is a real responsibility, just like having a child.

My dogs will always need me.

To eat, to go out, to be treated, etc.

Dogs do not speak.

It is up to me to know them by heart to detect a potential health problem or other, because they will not tell me with words.

They are totally dependent on me, just like a child.

My dogs are also an important part of my financial organization.

I have chosen to give them the best life possible (at least I try to).

Because it was my decision to bring them into my life.

So I have to give it back to them properly, because they didn’t ask for anything from anyone.

Some people buy legos and dolls, I buy baskets and chew bones.

My dog won’t take care of me when I’m old.

I am well aware of that.

But I will be there for them until their last breath, I will accompany them until the end, because I am their reference point, their everything, their everyday joy.

To all those women who don’t want children, but who have dogs.

Why a dog and not a child?

My dogs return my love a hundredfold and I don’t need to have a baby to be fulfilled, far from it.

My daily life is sufficiently disrupted and organized with my troupe of animals.

I don’t try to compensate, I only choose what fulfills me and me alone.

I spend about 20/24h with my dogs because of my professional activity: I work at home, or they can come with me on my appointments customers in education.

Our relationship is therefore more than complicit.

And while I can never understand how a parent feels about their child, who can judge and guess how I feel about my dog?

Women are still the most judged about this subject unlike men.

And yet…

WE DO NOT HAVE TO JUSTIFY OURSELVES (illness, not wanting, sterile, difficult adoption, etc…)

So many reasons that are personal and nobody’s business but the individual’s.

Not wanting a child is not a defect, nor a problem, nor even a shame.

Today, in our society, there are so many reasons to be fulfilled other than by motherhood.

I would never blame anyone for making the choice to have children, so let’s respect those who don’t want them.

My dogs are not my children, but I will be their mother until the end.

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