Dogs are greedy animals and they don’t always know what is good for them. Even if our dogs can eat a certain number of foods without being sick, there are some where it is necessary to be vigilant. The foods listed below are obviously dangerous for the dog if they are consumed in high doses.

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Cooked, the potato presents no danger for the dog, and we even find some in certain foods such as kibbles, but raw, it can be very risky because of the presence of starch that can cause digestive problems in the dog.


Chocolate is a very dangerous food for dogs because of the presence of theobromine. The risk of ingesting chocolate is that it can disturb the heartbeat. The dog can have vomiting, tremors and convulsions, and this can reach the nervous system and cause bleeding, until the death of the animal.dark chocolate is the most dangerous for dogs, but chocolate lanc or milk chocolate can also be toxic due to the presence of higher sugar.for a dog of 10 kg, an average ingestion of 60 g is already very dangerous, even fatal.


Our dogs are not supposed to drink alcohol, even when they are laughing with friends. The ethanol present in alcohol is a very dangerous element for the dog because a dose of 15 mL per kg of weight is fatal. It can go very fast. Symptoms can be heart problems and nervous system disorders.

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Coffee contains alkaid, which can poison your dog. A dozen spoons of coffee can poison a dog of 10 kg on average. So it can go very fast if your coffee package falls on the floor. The symptoms can be the same as those for a chocolate ingestion.


Raw bones can be ingested and digested by dogs. This is one of the elements of the composition of BARF rations (raw food for dogs). If you must give your dog bones, choose meaty bones (those with meat on them) and avoid small bones at all costs as they can also cause choking by getting stuck when the dog tries to swallow them.


These foods are toxic for dogs because they can, in high doses, trigger a destruction of red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs due to the presence of organosulfur compounds.The dose that is risky is close to 5 to 10 g per kg of weight of the dog.Symptoms of intoxication are digestion problems, vomiting, sudden fatigue and anemia that can lead to the death of the dog.Be aware, however, that garlic can have a deworming effect if it is distributed in small doses over 3 days.


Dogs cannot digest and tolerate milk at all (except their mother’s milk) because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you have to feed puppies, we advise you to buy special puppy milk to avoid any incident.

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Avocado is a very (too) fatty food for the dog which can lead to pancreatitis and vomiting in the dog.


Just like in humans, the ingestion of toxic mushrooms can be dangerous, even fatal in dogs. Be careful when walking in the forest, as it can affect the neurons and the liver. Whatever the food, if you have any doubts, consult your veterinarian immediately, who will be able to diagnose the problem and help your dog recover. You can also contact a poison control center in case of doubt.

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