Using a GPS dog collar

Using a GPS dog collar

Every dog owner is concerned about losing their pet. Whether your dog runs away or gets lost, you may have already thought about wearing a GPS. Good news, we tested the Tractive GPS collar for you! Here are the 5 advantages of having your dog wear a Tractive GPS.

gps collar for dogs

GPS collar for dog, what is it ?

A GPS for pet is a tracker that allows you to obtain the position of your dog at any time. The tracker then sends information via the Internet to your phone. Generally, an application is used to display the location of your dog on a map. This position is updated every 3 seconds and allows you to adjust your own movements to find your dog. This way, it is easier to get your dog back and you know in which direction to go. This avoids wasting time.

Note however that a GPS tracker does not replace a microchip. Using a GPS collar with a microchip is the best way to ensure that your dog is found if he gets lost. Indeed, if your dog is found, veterinarians or associations first check if he is identified by microchip.

If you don’t know what to do after your dog is missing, follow our advice:


1/ Find your dog with a GPS collar

When you have a dog that wanders off too much on a walk or even runs away, wearing a GPS for cat / dog allows you to never lose sight of him. The GPS has an autonomy of 5 days and has a rechargeable battery.

We tested the GPS directly on the dogs of our educators in Toulouse in full training on recall. It is just fabulous not to be afraid to lose them from the eyes. Even if we remind you that a GPS will never replace the learning of recall and a lanyard will keep your dog safe.

Indeed, knowing where your dog is is no excuse for not paying attention to him. If you want to know more about recalling your dog, don’t hesitate to read our article :


2/ Protect against dog theft with a dog GPS

GPS collars for dogs include a GPS tracking device, so losing sight of your pet will no longer be a problem. This feature is also great against dog theft. If someone steals your dog, it’s easier to locate it with the tracker.

We remind you that the best way to protect your dog is to chip it, which is normally mandatory. But, to protect him, it is also not to untie him anywhere, even if he carries a GPS.

3/ Accessible on your phone

Thanks to the Tractive application you will have several possibilities:

Follow your dog, cat or any other animal liveFollow your companion by tracking itSee your pet’s location historyDefine a virtual fence (safety zone) and be alerted as soon as your dog leaves this zoneHave more peace of mind by knowing where your dog is at all timesBenefit from the tracking of your dog’s activities

With the Tractive GPS application, you will be able to see the GPS location of your pet at any time. The tracker is valid in 150 countries and therefore works worldwide. The application will accompany you in all your walks and will allow you to reassure you at any time. You will not dare to separate from it.

4/ GPS : Easy to install and use

One of the first advantages of the Tractive GPS collar is its installation. Indeed, the tracker can be installed directly on the collar of your dog.

In order to show you where your dog is, your GPS tracker for cats/dogs must be activated (with a subscription), turned on and attached to the collar or harness. Then, simply launch the Tractive application on your phone. It will tell you where your dog is.

5/ GPS collar: Pain-free device

The GPS is in the form of a box that attaches to the dog’s collar. It is not, as some might think, a chip to be implanted in your dog’s neck. No implantation, no rejection or infection that could affect your dog. It does not hurt and its sole purpose is to know where your dog is. A GPS collar does not cause any discomfort to your pet. All dogs can wear one, as there is no age or health limit. In addition, the Tractive tracker is water resistant, so your dog can continue to swim without fear of damaging the GPS.

Conclusion: Keep in mind that having a GPS on your dog at all times can give you some peace of mind about your dog’s whereabouts. Plus, you can monitor the GPS directly through your phone. If you lose your dog, the tracker will allow you to locate him. You can buy your Tractive GPS on the internet or in a partner store. But, it will never replace the work of the recall nor your vigilance.

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