What You Need to Know About Silvervine

What You Need to Know About Silvervine

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Cat with Matatabi Stick

Do you know that fifty % of cats don’t like catnip

However virtually 80 % of cats reply to silvervine, says the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts College.

Whereas catnip comprises one compound (nepetalactone) that draws cats, silvervine has two — actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide. It additionally has half a dozen different energetic components which can be just like nepetalactone.

“Chewing on silvervine sticks knocks tartar off your cat’s tooth,” says Sara Ochoa, a veterinary advisor for DogLab. Sprinkling a fourth of a teaspoon in your cat’s mattress, toys, or scratching posts will help with arthritis, anxiousness, nausea, and hypertension.

Center-aged, chubby cats that reside indoors have the next danger for idiopathic lower feline tract disease (FLUTD). Cats with FLUTD might urinate exterior of their litter containers, typically on cool, clean surfaces like a tile flooring or within the bathtub. Once they have accidents, the human-cat bond might fracture. Cats are typically put outdoor or surrendered to shelters.

Silvervine can encourage your cat to routinely play — preventing weight problems and stress.  

Because it decreases melancholy and compulsive behaviors, it can additionally assist you bond along with your cat.

What’s silvervine?

silvervine flowers

Silvervine (often known as matatabi, Japanese catnip, and cat powder) is a climbing plant that grows within the mountainous areas of China, Japan, Korea, and Jap Russia between 1,600 and 6,200 ft. 

Silvervine produces white flowers with yellow facilities from June to July after which egg-shaped, yellow-red fruit from October to November. A member of the kiwi household (Actinidiaceae), its heart-shaped leaves appear like they’ve been brushed with silvery-white paint.

In Japanese Kampo Medicine, silvervine leaves are used to deal with again ache, kidney illness, urinary tract infections, and most cancers.

In recent times, silvervine, valerian root, Tatarian honeysuckle, and Indian nettle have change into extensively used options to catnip.

What’s the distinction between catnip and silvervine? 

Silvervine Catnip
Silvervine Catnip

Scientific title

Actinidia polygama

Nepeta cataria


Matatabi, Japanese catnip, cat powder

Catswort, catmint

Grows in

Mountainous areas of China, Japan, Korea, and Jap Russia 

Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America 

Plant sort

Quick-growing, fruit-bearing vine

Herbaceous plant

Chemical compounds that entice cats

Actinide and dihydroactinidiolide


Results on cats

Sedation, hyperactivity, playfulness, rolling, drooling, and licking

Just like silvervine 

Share of cats that reply

80 %

50 %


How do cats reply to silvervine? 

When flies lay their eggs in silvervine fruit, they change into bumpy and are often called “gall fruit”. Then they’re dipped in boiling water to kill the larvae inside and dried out within the solar. In accordance with a research printed in BMC Veterinary Research, cats predominantly reply to silvervine fruit galls. They’re obtainable entire or ground into a light brown powder.  

The fruit, leaves, buds, and stems of silvervine have a candy, pungent odor. However kittens (lower than eight months previous) and pregnant females won’t have any response. Most cats will meow or reasonably drool. They’ll additionally zip by way of the home, roll round on their sides or backs, give cheek or chin rubs, and bunny kick toys. Though silvervine isn’t as well-known within the Western world, it’s so standard in Asia {that a} cat’s response to it is called the “Matatabi Dance.”

“The hallucination results often solely final 5 to half-hour. At most, you’ll see indicators for about an hour in your cat,” Ochoa says. “OJ is my inside/exterior cat.  After he has silvervine, he’ll often go exterior and discover a hen or squirrel to hunt.”

Is silvervine protected? 

Whereas silvervine chew sticks are available on the market, they’re often not the stems of silvervine vegetation however items of wooden which were infused with its scent. “When the sticks are so small that your cat might by chance swallow or choke on them. It’s finest to throw them away,” Ochoa says. 

There is no danger of toxicity. Cats can’t actually overdose on silvervine as a result of they’ll cease as soon as they’ve had sufficient. “I solely let my cat play with it as soon as every week. It may be used on daily basis with none dangerous unwanted side effects,” she says.

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