Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies After Using the Litterbox?

Why Do Cats Get the Zoomies After Using the Litterbox?

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Has your cat ever jetted out of the litter field sooner than Usain Bolt pushes off beginning blocks? After which raced in circles round your private home at lightning speeds?

Cats are nice at entertaining us with their strange behaviors. We scratch our heads and ask, “What on this planet… Why?”


There are various causes and theories about why cats defecate and sprint.

My private philosophy is that they’re making an attempt to flee the stench as rapidly as they probably can. There’s actually no contesting it. Cat poo shouldn’t be a pleasing expertise for our olfactory nerves.

Let’s discover some potential causes for cat zoomies publish pooping.

1. Unclean litter field

Possibly your cat is a clear freak. Similar to some individuals want to flush earlier than they go to allow them to launch in a clear bowl, cathealth.com means that cats like a clear house for pooping.

Darting out of the litter field after going might be their approach of escaping the uncleanliness at warp velocity.

It’s like when the one choice at an outside occasion is a porta-potty. You contact nothing, go rapidly and escape as quick as you’ll be able to.

2. Medical subject

In case your cat abruptly begins doing the zoomies after visiting the litter field and by no means did earlier than, there could also be an underlying medical problem to deal with.

Dr. Mike Paul, DVM informed Pet Well being Community that cat zoomies after pooping could also be triggered by discomfort caused by infections or inflammation within the urinary tract, colon or rectum.

In case your cat begins coming out and zooming round after utilizing the litter field, it’s a good suggestion to check the contents for something uncommon like:

  • Diarrhea
  • Abnormally laborious stool
  • Blood in stool or urine

Give your veterinarian a name In case you discover one thing doesn’t look fairly proper.

3. Survival instincts

One concept means that cats dart and sprint away from their dung as a primal instinct to keep away from predators. The thought is that cats within the wild bury their poop to stop predators from monitoring down their scent.

They race away for 2 causes.

The primary motive is to distance themselves from the proof.

The second motive is to flee the scent and throw predators off the path.

That is solely a concept. The very fact is that some cats get the zoomies after relieving themselves of their litter field and a few cats don’t.

And to be clear, Dr. Ilona Rodan, a veterinarian and feline specialty conduct marketing consultant, informed Pet Well being Community that there’s no evidence to support that “cats run from their waste within the wild”.

4. “Poo-phoria”

It’s actual.

Dr. Anish Sheth, a gastroenterologist and co-author of What’s Your Poo Telling You?, coined the time period. It captures the sensation of euphoria after passing a big stool.

That euphoric feeling is because of the vagus nerve, which runs from our brainstems to our colon.

Similar to people, cats have a vagus nerve.

Dr. Sheth explains, “The distension of the rectum that comes with the passing of a big mass of stool causes the vagus nerve to fireplace. The web impact of it is a drop in your coronary heart fee and blood strain, which in flip decreases blood movement to the mind. When gentle, the light-headedness can result in a way of elegant relation — the excessive.”

Thus, cat zoomies after pooping.

Different theories

There are a handful of different theories offered by Animal Planet. These theories are urged by Dr. Ilona Rodan, a veterinarian and specialist in feline conduct, and Carole Wilbourn, a cat therapist and writer.

Displaying off their independence

Wilbourn believes that when cats are not depending on their mama to scrub them after going to the lavatory, it’s trigger for jubilation.

Do you keep in mind the sensation of going in your first street journey after getting your driver’s license? You’re flying down the freeway with the home windows rolled down and the tunes blaring. It’s freedom at its most interesting.

Cats get elated by their expertise of independence too.

Looking for recognition

Going to the lavatory can really feel like a giant accomplishment. Rodan means that the zoomies after pooping are a name for congratulations from their human for a job nicely completed.

Distancing themselves from digestive issues

As talked about above, dashing out of a litter field after pooping or peeing could also be an indication of a medical subject. Each Rodan and Wilbourn supply the concept that cats darting is their approach of working away from their downside.

So, what’s the reply?

We might by no means know with 100% confidence the precise motive for our cats going wild with zoomies after a go to to their litter field. It’s enjoyable to consider, although.

There’s one factor we do know for positive. Cats are extremely entertaining—each intriguing and hilarious.

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