Why Do Cats Like Working Water?

Why Do Cats Like Working Water?

This put up comprises affiliate hyperlinks. Learn extra here. Not an alternative to skilled veterinary assist.A cat’s quirky conduct is a part of what makes kitties so endearing to pet dad and mom. One widespread cat behavior pet mothers and

  • This put up comprises affiliate hyperlinks. Learn extra here.
  • Not an alternative to skilled veterinary assist.

A cat’s quirky conduct is a part of what makes kitties so endearing to pet dad and mom. One widespread cat behavior pet mothers and dads typically observe is a cat’s love for operating water. Cats ingesting operating water results in lovable conduct like drinking from the faucet. However why do cats love operating water? Right here’s what the consultants must say, and a few merchandise to quench a cat’s thirst.

Is Working Water Higher For Cats?

Pet dad and mom is perhaps questioning if operating water offers any advantages for his or her cats. Supplied the nonetheless water in your cat’s bowl is clear and contemporary, operating water will not be any higher than nonetheless water in your cat, although it could entice your cat to drink extra. It is because, in accordance with the pet consultants at WebMD, cats might understand nonetheless water to be harmful (extra about this under). As a result of cats should not massive water drinkers to being with, this conduct additionally helps your cat to stay hydrated!

Why Does My Cat Like Working Water Extra?

Now that we all know the advantages of operating water for cats, let’s take a deep dive into the numerous the explanation why they prefer to drink it.



1. Cats Sense Working Water Is Safer

Your cat’s ancestors had been nice hunters and by no means had entry to a flowery water bowl! When these historical cats wanted to complement the moisture past what was already of their prey, they’d search operating water sources much less prone to be contaminated with micro organism. Consequently, as VetStreet explains, home cats preserved this intuition telling them that operating water is way safer to drink than nonetheless water.

2. A Cat’s Instincts Are Activated by the Sound

Cats are interested in the sound of operating water as a result of they depend on their listening to to search out it that approach within the wild. Based on Dr. Deb Greco at VetStreet, cats additionally don’t like nonetheless surfaces (comparable to unmoving, nonetheless water) as a result of they’re tougher to detect by sight or sound, and that’s not an issue with contemporary, operating water!

3. Cats Desire It

Similar to we love a contemporary glass of water once we’re parched, our cats can’t get sufficient of operating water after they’re thirsty! Water from a daily bowl doesn’t all the time style the way in which cats need, so that they’ll search out the freshest supply, typically out of your kitchen or lavatory faucet. Working water seems the freshest to cats, explains WebMD, so cats typically desire that over a water bowl which may collect mud and different particles.

4. Cats Don’t Like When Nonetheless Water Touches Their Whiskers

Whereas your cat’s whiskers are an lovable bodily trait, they serve an vital goal. The Cat Hospital of Tucson explains that cats’ whiskers are intricate contact receptors linked to their nervous system. When your cat goes to drink water out of her bowl, her whiskers might contact the bowl and the water itself; this could stress or overstimulate kitty and lead to what’s generally known as “whisker fatigue.” Due to whisker fatigue, cats might need operating water the place the their whiskers are much less prone to come into contact with one thing.

5. Cats Don’t Just like the Bowl Placement

Cats are recognized to be finicky, particularly about the place their meals and water bowls are situated. PetMD explains that cats would possibly really feel uncomfortable ingesting nonetheless water out of a bowl as a result of it’s oftentimes in a nook the place their backs are uncovered. They prefer to be fully accountable for their environment, so ingesting nonetheless water in a poorly situated bowl leads them to desire operating water from a faucet.

6. Cats Wish to Play With It

Cats all the time preserve you in your toes—you by no means know what they’ll do or how they’ll behave. So, some cats desire operating water as a result of it’s enjoyable to play with—should you’ve ever caught them ingesting or taking part in along with your faucet, you realize it’s a cute sight! Based on VetStreet, cats prefer to play with water as a result of they’re extra prone to drink it if it’s transferring. In addition they love the way in which it splashes and paw at it regularly.


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Ought to I Get A Working Water Fountain For My Cat?

Maybe you are actually questioning if there’s a greater method to provide water to your cat past the standard bowl. That’s the place the water fountain for cats is available in. Water fountains mimic the sound and enchantment of a operating water faucet and may entice your cat to drink. A water fountain may additionally encourage your cat to drink extra. From easy auto-filling bowls to elaborate fountains with a number of streams, there’s a water fountain to match your cat’s most popular ingesting fashion. A few our favorites embody this flower water fountain and a extra conventional steel raindrop fountain.

The Takeaway

Water is important to your cat’s well being and with out it, they can become dehydrated. When they’re thirsty, cats search out operating water for quite a lot of causes and would possibly skip ingesting from their water bowl. Should you discover your cat gravitating towards one among your taps or refusing to drink, it is perhaps time to rethink. Think about getting a operating water fountain to forestall dehydration and tempt your cat to drink extra.

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