Why Do Cats Elevate Their Butts When Scratched?

Why Do Cats Elevate Their Butts When Scratched?

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Everyone knows that the usual greeting between canine is the great ol’, barely uncomfortable for people, butt sniff. This tells canine rather a lot about one another, together with who’s pleasant, who’s not, and even who may not be feeling so properly. Although it’s not fairly the identical factor, cats additionally use their butts to speak with us–maybe the best known method of which is the “elevator butt”. However what does it imply when cats elevate their butts when scratched–or simply for consideration? And why do they do it?

Cat communication

Cats use physique language as their major technique of communication–each with us and with different animals.


Tail: A cat’s tail is maybe essentially the most expressive a part of its physique. The movement and place of a cat’s tail can let you know many issues together with if they’re scared, excited, relaxed, or aggravated.

Posture: Just like its tail, a cat’s posture speaks as loud as phrases would if they might use them. A cat with an arched again and hair standing on finish might be able to throw down whereas one crouched and showing as small as attainable is probably going feeling scared or threatened.

Eyes: The eyes undoubtedly are home windows into the complicated souls of cats. If a cat’s eyes are dilated and huge, there’s most likely one thing actually fascinating to concentrate on, like a chicken outdoors a window. Eyes which are squinted most likely imply your cat just isn’t comfortable. Then there’s the notorious kitty slow-blink–a really quiet means of yelling, “I really like you!”

Ears: The place of a cat’s ears can also be a main indicator of what they’re pondering or how they’re feeling. A cat with ears transferring furiously round, and unbiased of one another, is probably going listening to one thing very fascinating. A cat with its ears again flat towards its head is probably going very sad–and can most likely even be emitting some spits or hisses.

Butts: And now, let’s get to the butt of it. Similar to with canine, a cats butt can inform different cats rather a lot about what’s occurring. Cat greetings usually start on the different finish, the face and neck, the place there are scent glands that may inform one other cat rather a lot about who they’re greeting. If all goes properly, a cat greeting will usually proceed down the physique, previous the edges and in the end, finish with a raised tail, butt, and a sniff. If a kitty permits one other to go in for a sniff it usually means they’ve been accepted (after all, so long as they keep on good habits).

cat raise butt elevator butt

Picture by Peter Lam CH on Unsplash

Breaking down cat “elevator butt”

There are a few completely different sorts of butt-showing in cats: the presentation and the elevator butt.

Presentation is if you’re simply sitting there minding your individual enterprise and a cat will get in your face and turns round to current…properly, you recognize. As a result of cats will enable somewhat sniff from these they belief, the presentation of a butt in your face probably means, “Good day! I belief you”. It most likely additionally means, “You should pay me some consideration. Stat”.

Elevator butt is what occurs if you’re petting your kitty they usually assume a chest lowered, hiney-raised place. This implies you might be just about a straight-up wonderful kitty petter. Many cats like being petted in particular areas and for many who like scratches, brushing, and pets on the base of their again/tail that is only a signal that it feels nice. In case you have a kitty who doesn’t like being petted on their rear-end, quit. Similar to you don’t prefer it when somebody sticks a finger in your mouth if you end up yawning, some cats simply abhor hind-end pets. The reason why can vary from it hurts to it’s annoying so…steer clear if that’s the route you might be getting.

Anyway, again to these kitties who like their rear ends scratched. Many consultants consider this habits, like others resembling “making biscuits”, comes from interactions with kitty mothers. Kittens are unable to pee or poo on their very own till they’re about 3-4 weeks previous so it’s mother’s job to lick their little areas to get them to go. Many kittens will elevate their little hineys to mother to be able to assist get the job finished and, as a result of it feels good to go, this feel-good habits continues…only a tad bit otherwise.

When a cat “rear-end elevate” can imply one thing else

The technical time period for feline butt-up habits is lordosis and if you see it in an unspayed feminine, it probably means she’s in warmth. Usually on this state woman cats will get tremendous candy and pop into this place with any consideration in any respect–on this case, it could signify she loves you nevertheless it’s extra more likely to imply she’s prepared for some loving from one other cat. In case your cat is unspayed and displaying such habits, your finest wager is to maintain her inside and get her spayed as quickly as you’re able.

One other factor that may trigger cats to imagine the butt-raise is that, properly, there’s one thing in/on there. This may vary from somewhat stray nugget simply dislodged with a heat fabric to one thing extra severe resembling intestinal bother. If you happen to sense one thing is perhaps off about the kind of butt-raising your cat is doing, verify together with your Vet. It is perhaps nothing however your kitty could have ingested one thing that’s making pooping uncomfortable, troublesome, or unimaginable.

Depart it to cats to discover a strategy to speak with their butts. Geniuses.

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