Why do cats throw meals on the ground?

Why do cats throw meals on the ground?


Cat meals bowls usually aren’t designed with cats in thoughts. Co-Founder Loren Kulesus found this when his personal cat left meals uneaten.

Starvation strikes, scooping meals out of the bowl, and performing up are all indicators of whisker fatigue. That’s an actual situation for our feline associates, whose ultra-sensitive whiskers can get over-stimulated. It’s painful for cats and stresses them out. And in most whisker fatigue circumstances, repeatedly bumping whiskers on a meals bowl’s sides is the prime suspect.

So Loren and Co-Founder Erik Strom created their very own bowl. Their modern, chrome steel design has a shallow curve that piles meals up within the heart, and it sits on a non-skid mat for additional stability. When testing it out, they discovered that cats handled the bowl like a utensil, utilizing the slope to nudge meals into their mouths. (Cats are fairly intelligent, in any case.)

With no extra whisker fatigue, Mr. Fluffles can be feeling stress-free and properly fed, and that can make each of you happier.


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