Why Does My Cat Drink From the Faucet?

Why Does My Cat Drink From the Faucet?

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Cats can do some baffling stuff, and their consuming habits aren’t excluded. Your cat has a cool, clear bowl of recent water, however she appears to crave operating water from the faucet.  So, why are cats drawn to the operating water of a faucet, and do you have to proceed to let her quench her thirst this fashion? Right here’s what the specialists say about why your cat desires to drink from the tap.

How A lot Water Ought to My Cat Drink?

Earlier than we trickle down the explanations your cat is perhaps consuming from the tap, let’s discover how a lot water your cat needs to be consuming day-to-day. There are many components that may play a task right here—from the type of food your cat is eating to the atmosphere you and your kitty reside in. However, says PetMD, a basic function of thumb is that your cat’s water consumption in milliliters (mL) ought to match their caloric consumption.

Cats on moist meals diets and dry kibble have totally different hydration necessities—wet cat food incorporates the next quantity of water, and naturally, dry crunchies have much less. You’ll must perform a little math to find out simply how a lot your particular person cat wants, and this PetMD article about how much water cats need to drink is a superb useful resource to discover ways to crunch the numbers.

If in case you have issues that your cat is not drinking enough water and it’s accompanied by different uncommon signs or behaviors, it’s time to seek the advice of your vet.

Tabby cat drinking water


Why Does My Cat Drink From the Faucet?

Now we all know how a lot water your cat must be joyful and wholesome, why is she selecting the operating faucet over her bowl? Listed below are 4 doable causes your cat desires to slurp from the sink.

1. It’s Your Cat’s Instincts

Consider it or not, your lounging loaf descends from fierce desert hunters. These desert hunters acquired most of their water from prey. After they wanted just a little further hydration, it’s a operating water supply that’s cleaner and safer. These feline instincts have impressed pet homeowners to supply their not-so-wild cats with kitty water fountains that mimic the operating waters their ancestors as soon as dominated.

2. Your Cat Has Whisker Fatigue

It could sound humorous (“whisker fatigue, actually?”) but when your cat is experiencing whisker fatigue, the results aren’t. Based on Cat Hospital of Tucson, “whisker fatigue can really be an issue that makes your cat act fully totally different than standard. This situation is one that may trigger issues like lack of urge for food, modifications in temper and conduct, and a number of stress in your kitty.”

Merely put, whisker fatigue is attributable to the overstimulation of the whiskers. When your cat’s whiskers brush up towards the edges of her meals or water bowl, they ship sensory messages to the mind. Too many messages, and your cat may turn out to be agitated and refuse meals or water from her standard bowls. To keep away from whisker fatigue, swap small, high-sided bowls with wide, shallow ones.

3. Your Cat’s Water Bowl Is within the Unsuitable Location

It’s not true for all kitties, however some cats prefer to drink in a location away from their food, and others don’t like eating or consuming round different cats within the family.

So, your cat would possibly choose consuming from the tap just because her water bowl is in an undesirable location.

International Cat Care recommends putting kitty’s water bowl in a low-traffic, quiet spot—and never subsequent to the litter field, or their common meals bowl.

If you wish to discourage the behavior, attempt providing your cat a number of bowls or fountains all through the home for simple entry, stress-free hydration.

4. Your Cat’s Bowl Isn’t Recent and Clear

You don’t prefer to drink stale water from a unclean glass, and the identical applies to your kitty. She could possibly be turning up her nostril at her bowl and heading to the tap for recent water, straight from the supply.

To maintain her bowl recent and germ-free, vets advocate cleaning the water bowl every day or two, utilizing scorching water and dish cleaning soap. When refreshing her bowl, International Cat Care recommends pouring room temperature water instead of chilly (cold water has less taste)—and fill it proper as much as the brim.

Cat drinking water from bowl


Ought to I Cease My Cat Consuming From the Faucet?

In case your cat isn’t displaying different modifications in conduct, there’s actually no hurt in letting her lap from the tap. For those who would somewhat her not drink from the tap, attempting mimicking the consuming circumstances. Begin by putting a water fountain close to the popular sink or bathtub.

If it appears your cat likes to be up excessive and away from her meals whereas consuming, slowly transfer the fountain to a handy location that satisfies her wants. Crucial factor is that your kitty continues to drink her allotted quantity of H2O, so remember to monitor for any modifications.

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