Tooth cleaning ball for dogs

Tooth cleaning ball for dogs

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It’s bouncy, it’s chewy, you can put treats inside, AND it beats smelly dog breath? Could this be the best dog toy ever made?

✅ Bite-Resistant

✅ Super-Bouncy Fun

✅ Non-Toxic Dental Rubber

✅ Teeth Cleaning

✅ Easy-Clean Design


Your dog will love this ball because it knows about all the yummy treats you put inside.

But what your dog doesn’t know is that this rubber ball is actually helping to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

And with research showing that 80% of dogs have some form of gum disease by age 3, giving your dogs appropriate chew toys is more important now than ever. Order a dog chewing rubber ball today and keep your pet fit and healthy for many years.

This non-toxicchew-resistant dog ball is sure to be a house favorite. The super-bouncywashable rubber is perfect for a quick game of fetch or a long chew session.

Trap your dog’s favorite treats inside the grippy rubber teeth and they’ll be challenged for hours as they lick, chew and bite their way around!

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Give Your Dog’s Brain A Workout!

This ball is specially designed to keep your dog challenged for hours. Simply put their favorite treats inside. Then watch as they work hard to lick, nibble, nudge and bite the treats out.

The challenge is sure to build self-confidence, which helps to eliminate submissive behavior like inappropriate peeing.

Cleans Your Dog’s Teeth While They Play!

Those rubber teeth help to scrub away excess food that leads to tooth decay, gum disease and foul breath.

Over 80% of dogs have some form of gum disease by age 3. Denta Feedz is the easy way to brush and scrub your dog’s teeth if your dog won’t let a toothbrush near their mouth.

Fast And Easy To Fill

Just insert your dog’s favorite treats into the teeth and you’re ready to play! You can put anything your dog likes in there: kibble, little pieces of treat, minced meat or even spread some peanut butter in there.

Then you kick back and relax while your dog chews at it obsessively (instead of your furniture!).

Don’t worry if your dog can’t get it all out. A quick rinse under the faucet and it’s clean for next time.

How To Choose The Right Size

Small (5cm) is perfect for the smallest breeds and young puppies.

Large (7cm) is roughly the size of a tennis ball and is perfect for all other breeds.

Is Your Dog A Super-Chewer? Then This Guarantee Is For You! 365 Day Replacements ?

Do you have a dog who can chew though just about anything, including “indestructable” toys? We get it. that’s why we offer 365 day replacements on Denta Chewz.

If your dog somehow manages to rip our ball to shreds within 365 days of purchase, just send a photo to and we’ll ship out a fresh one for $5.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Just hit “Add To Cart” and it’s yours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it squeak? 


What size is right for my dog? 

Small dogs: 5cm

Medium and large dogs: 7cm

How long does shipping take? 

USA: 7-13 days

Rest of the world: see our shipping policy

Is it safe for my dog? 

This ball is made of non-toxic rubber. Because it’s made of rubber, there might be a slight smell initially, but this is not harmful and will disappear quickly.

Will it fit in a tennis ball thrower? 

It depends on the model of tennis ball thrower. Our 7cm balls are slightly larger than a tennis ball and our 5cm balls are slightly smaller.

What can I put in it? 

Whatever your dog likes! Some of our customers use kibble, small pieces of treat, minced meat or even peanut butter. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it all washes off.



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