Who wins the Palm Dog Wamiz 2021? Yoann Latouche tells us everything!

Who wins the Palm Dog Wamiz 2021? Yoann Latouche tells us everything!

Who wins the Palm Dog Wamiz 2021?

After Brandy the dog from Quentin Tarantino and Uggie, the jack russell from The Artist, it is Tilda Swinton who wins the Palm Dog Wamiz 2021. The performance of three of her springer spaniels was noticed in the feature film in competition The Souvenir Part II. The Palm Dog Wamiz award ceremony took place at the Marriott in Cannes. We can say that the actress showed a lot of humor by receiving her award from the hands of Yoann Latouche, co-organizer of the event! Zoom on an animal lover and an artist whose appearances never leave indifferent.

How did the jury select the winner of the Palm Dog Wamiz 2021?

Out of 24 feature films selected for the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Tilda Swinton appears in five of them, including the highly anticipated Memoria. So much so that the Scottish actress is a regular on the red carpet. However, it is The Souvenir Part II that attracted the attention of the jury of the Palm Dog Wamiz. Three of the five springer spaniels of the actress are in it: Snowbear, Dora and Rosy.

Dogs used to the cameras

The jury of the Palm Dog Wamiz was seduced by the simplicity and naturalness of Joanna Hogg’s film. The producer is known for her sensitive films that resonate deep within each of us, regardless of our personal experience. The Souvenir Part I premiered at the 2019 Berlinale and the second installment was eagerly awaited. Love and the suffering it brings are dealt with in a very gentle and realistic way.

This production was an opportunity for Tilda Swinton to involve her springer spaniels. Familiar with the cameras, the dogs lent themselves to their role with great naturalness, so much so that the scenes seem more out of everyday life than really scripted.

The actress had already solicited her 4-legged companions for the realization of an opera clip in 2018. We discover there her dogs playing with pleasure and mischief on a deserted beach. Filmed in slow motion and accompanied by some rather surprising special effects, the clip shows happy animals used to the great outdoors. In The Souvenir Part II, we find the same spirit that characterizes springer spaniels.

An actress in love with the simple moments with her dogs

In a heart-to-heart interview, Tilda Swinton goes back to being a person like you and me and confides in us about what she enjoys in her daily life and the moments that make her feel good.

The presence of her children and her dogs by her side is enough to make the actress happy, and she has long claimed not to be an actress! After more than thirty-five years of filming, we doubt it, but her sincerity makes her more human and real.

Walks by the water with her springer spaniels allow her to recharge her batteries and get away from the stress of her job. Without being an actor, we share her point of view about the pleasure of spending time with her animal.

An emotional film for Tilda Swinton

The Souvenir Part II allowed the actress to share moments with her dogs, but also with her daughter. Honor Swinton Byrne who plays the lead role in the film, that of a young film student in the clutches of a manipulator addicted to drugs. In this second part of the diptych, grief and especially the devastation that can cause the loss of a great love are at the center of the plot.

Honor Swinton Byrne came to Cannes for the first time this year, but her performance shows us that she should quickly become a regular on the red carpet, just like her mother.

The jury appreciated the personal involvement of Tilda Swinton. The complicity that unites the members of the family was palpable, amply justifying the award of the Palm Dog Wamiz.

This parody of the Palme d’Or not only rewards a stage performance by a dog actor, but also helps communicate the benefits of animals in our daily lives.

Dogs in movies entertain us, surprise us, or scare us when we don’t know if they will make it out safely. Dog performances are sometimes amazing and show us the extent of their talents. Our pets bring us their affection and comforting presence every day. They help us feel better and slow down. Other dogs are involved with people at the risk of their lives, such as rescue dogs or security dogs. The Palm Dog Wamiz would like to pay tribute to all these dogs without whom the world would be a much sadder place.

How did Tilda Swinton surprise us during the Palm Dog Wamiz ceremony?

The Palm Dog ceremony is always an emotional event, as the people who attend are there to celebrate the animals they love so much.

Toby Rose came up with the idea in 2001 to create this award to rightfully thank the dogs that sometimes make a plot as thrilling as the human actors. Since 2017, the event is co-organized with Yoann Latouche, founder of the YLG agency. These two great animal lovers know how to organize an event so that it pleases both masters and dogs and becomes a must-see stage of the Cannes Film Festival for moviegoers and dog lovers!

Receiving her award on the terrace of the Marriott, Tilda Swinton declared that she has been hoping to win this award for many years, she adds with great seriousness that it is even THE award to win at the Cannes Film Festival!

Playful, the actress did not hesitate to put the necklace of the Palm Dog Wamiz around her neck to pose in front of the photographers. Of course, her face lit up even more when she immortalized the moment with the springer spaniels that accompanied her for the occasion.

The Palm Dog Wamiz usually allows us to discover actors in a new light. Whether we are famous or complete strangers, we are all the same when faced with an animal we love: distraught and happy!

If you have never attended the Palm Dog Wamiz ceremony, we invite you to join us next year in Cannes for the 22nd edition. We will discover together a new 4-legged winner and his master, a celebrity, but above all a lover of animals.

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